Boogie (video game)

Boogie (video game)

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caption=North American cover
developer=EA Montreal
publisher=Electronic Arts
released= Wii:
flagicon|USA August 9, 2007cite web|url= |title=EA Press Release|]
flagicon|EU August 31, 2007
PS2/Nintendo DS:
modes= Single player, Multiplayer, Story
ratings=ESRB: E+10
PEGI: 3+
media=Wii Optical Disc
input=Wii Remote, Mic

"Boogie" is a music video game developed by Electronic Arts for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Being touted as a party-game, it enables players to create their character, then use the Wii Remote and a microphone to sing and dance through it. [cite web|author=Rob Purchese|title=EA reveals Boogie|publisher=Eurogamer|date=2007-03-22|url=] Each song within the game can be performed either as a karaoke or as a dancing game. The game is based around an alien theme. It was one of the first games released in Brazil for the Wii.

The game will be followed by a sequel, "Boogie Superstar", in 2008.


The karaoke gameplay is similar to other singing games such as "SingStar" and "Karaoke Revolution". The game comes packaged with a USB microphone. [ [ IGN: Boogie Hands-on] ] To score, the player must sing in time and in tune with the lyrics as they scroll at the bottom of the screen, with a musical staff to indicate the correct pitch and where the player's current pitch is. Rather than using phonetic detection, the game bases the score on how well the player matches the rhythm and pitch.

The dancing portion uses the Wii Remote and optionally the Nunchuk attachment. As the song plays, the player must move the remote left, right, down or up in time with the beat of the song to earn points. Like EA's SSX games, repeating the same movements will reduce the player's score, so the player must continually string together different orders of movements, as well as changing the dancing style. [ [ Boogie Hands-On, New Screens] ] A "boogie meter" fills with successful dance steps and strings of dance steps. While filled, the player can attempt a special dance move by holding down a button on the remote and then following the exact order of steps (4 to 6 steps long) that comes up. Successful execution of these steps in order and in time with the music will perform that move, while failure will detract some of the boogie meter. The player can move about the dance floor, picking up tokens, score multipliers, and boogie meter boosts when they appear. If the Nunchuk is used, the player will be given special solo sections where they can control the character's facial expression while a phrase of music goes by. Additionally, the user can enter a "Strike a Pose" mode, requiring them to tilt the Nunchunk to have the on-screen character point at an ever-decreasing set of targets for additional points. While the player can also use the basic dancing controls in karaoke mode, these do not affect the score there.

During the story mode, covering five chapters for each of the five characters in the game, the player can only advance after achieving a minimum score on the game. In regular play mode, their score is rated against pre-set scores for performances, and are rewarded with tokens for how good the performance was. Tokens can be used in the in-game store to unlock additional songs, stages, and outfits for character customization.

Players have the ability to create music videos of regular performances, which can include switching camera positions and adding screen effects.

"Boogie" features competitive and co-operative local multiplayer modes.


It was announced by EA on July 10, 2007 that there will be 39 confirmed songs. [ [ IGN: Pre-E3 2007: Boogie Blasts out its Tunes ] ] All songs are covers of the original tracks.

* ABC - The Jackson 5
* Baila Me - Gipsy Kings
* Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste of Honey
* Brick House - The Commodores
* Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
* Celebration - Kool & The Gang
* Dancing in the Street - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
* Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5
* Don’t Cha - Pussycat Dolls / Busta Rhymes
* Fergalicious - Fergie
* Get Right - Jennifer Lopez
* Get the Party Started - Pink
* Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
* Groove Is in the Heart - Deee-Lite
* I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
* I'm a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears
* It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
* Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
* Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
* Le Freak - Chic
* Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
* Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
* Love Shack - The B-52's
* Mambo No. 5(A Little Bit of…) - Lou Bega
* Milkshake - Kelis
* One More Time - Daft Punk
* One Way or Another - Blondie
* Oops!... I Did It Again - Britney Spears
* Pop Muzik - M
* SOS - Rihanna
* Stars - Simply Red
* That's the Way (I Like It) - KC and the Sunshine Band
* Tú y Yo - Thalía
* U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
* Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai
* Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
* We Are Family - Sister Sledge
* Y.M.C.A. - The Village People
* You're The One That I Want - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John


Boogie features the following distinct characters or "Boogs":



"Boogie" allows the user to customize their character in a variety of ways. Characters can have their clothing, shoes, skin, hair, and accessories customized. [ [ Wiitube: Boogie Character Customization Trailer] ]

Alternate Lea Characters

When you pick Lea on the Chatacter creator screen it will show you three versions of Lea which are the regular Lea, Angela and Naomi, but this doesn't show up on story mode.


Despite positive early reviews from the Official Nintendo Magazine and Gamepro, who gave it an 81% and a 4 out of 5 respectively, "Boogie" received mostly negative reviews. gave Boogie a 3 out of 10, saying it was fun for only 20 minutes and criticizing the shallow gameplay. Gamespot rewarded "Boogie" 5.5 out of 10, citing that the karaoke does not work right (e.g. If you make any noise it would give you full points) and that the single player mode was "flat-out lame". IGN awarded Boogie with a 4.5 out of 10, complaining about overly simplified controls and the whole control system in general. Nevertheless, IGN also stated that they would like to see a sequel with a much more solid gameplay since Boogie had potential. The Nintendo Power magazine awarded this game a 5.5 out of 10, saying that the game's difficulty was much too easy. They gave the DS though a 7.0 saying it was more difficult. X-Play gave Boogie a 1 out of 5 because it "lacks a challenge" and that the metronomes from both the Wii Remote and the TV speakers were out of sync.

"Boogie" currently holds a 57.9% ranking on Gamerankings. [ [] ]

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