List of Star Wars cast members

List of Star Wars cast members

A list of people who played a role in the Star Wars films, in its radio dramatizations, or provided voices in the and video games. There is an extensive list at the [ Star Wars Actors Database] .


* Patricia Acevedo (Latin American: second voice of Princess Leia)
* Franklyn Ajaye
* Joe Alaskey
* John Altman
* Bob Anderson
* Dominic Armato
* Beatrice Arthur
* Ed Asner
* Robin Atkin Downes
* Pernilla August


* Bai Ling
* Kenny Baker
* Richard A. Baker
* Jesús Barrero (Latin American: voice of Luke Skywalker)
* Michael Bell
* Jeff Bennett
* Bob Bergen
* Emily Berry
* Ahmed Best
* David Birney
* Jerome Blake
* Caroline Blakiston
* Brian Blessed
* Steven Blum
* Bruce Boa
* Wilford Brimley
* Clancy Brown
* Phil Brown
* Ralph Brown
* Jeremy Bulloch
* Corey Burton
* Eddie Byrne
* Rose Byrne


* Art Carney
* Debbie Lee Carrington
* Diahann Carroll
* Silas Carson
* Michael Carter
* Keisha Castle-Hughes
* Craig Chaquico
* Gabriel Chavez (Latin American: second voice of Boba Fett, voice of Skeletor in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, voice of Jango Fett)
* Hayden Christensen
* Cam Clarke
* Kenneth Colley
* Jeff Coopwood
* Sofia Coppola
* Alyson Court
* Jason Court
* Marton Csokas
* Michael Culver
* Peter Cushing
* John Cygan
* Mark Coulier


* Irwin Daayán (Latin American: third voice of Anakin Skywalker)
* Anthony Daniels
* Claire Davenport
* Warwick Davis
* Salvador Delgado (Latin American: voice of Qui-Gon Jinn)
* Grey DeLisle
* Peter Diamond
* John Dicks
* John DiMaggio
* Alastair Duncan


* Joel Edgerton
* Greg Ellis
* Andrew Secombe


* Nicole Fantl
* Carrie Fisher
* Oliver Ford Davies
* Harrison Ford
* Shelagh Fraser
* Stuart Freeborn
* Paul Frees


* Brian George
* Michael Gilden
* Paul Gleason
* Julian Glover
* Tetsuo Goto
* Richard Green
* Nonnie Griffin
* Maru Guerrero (Latin American: first voice of Princess Leia)
* Alec Guinness


* Garrick Hagon
* Jennifer Hale
* Mark Hamill
* Don Henderson
* Jim Henshaw
* Cristina Hernández (Latin American: voice of Padmé Amidala)
* Carlos Hugo Hidalgo (Latin American: second voice of C-3PO)
* Thomas Hill
* John Hollis
* William Hootkins
* James Horan
* Kelly Hu


* Alejandro Illescas (Latin American: minor voice)
* Celia Imrie


* Roger L. Jackson
* Samuel L. Jackson
* Nick Jameson
* Harvey Jason
* Jefferson Airplane
* Zachariah Jensen
* James Earl Jones
* Mark Jones


* Brigitte Kahn
* Tom Kane
* Paul Kantner
* Perry King
* Mark Klastorin
* Keira Knightley
* Harvey Korman


* Phil LaMarr
* Lex Lang
* Denis Lawson
* Christopher Lee
* Richard LeParmentier
* John Lithgow
* Jake Lloyd
* Daniel Logan
* Jett Lucas


* Angus MacInnes
* Christopher Malcolm
* Patty Maloney
* Vanessa Marshall
* Gary Martin
* Belinda Martinez (Latin American: first voice of Beru Lars)
* Peter Mayhew
* Alex McCrindle
* Ian McDiarmid
* Richard McGonagle
* Terry McGovern
* Ewan McGregor
* Shannon McRandle
* Enrique Mederos (Latin American: first voice of Han Solo)
* Louis Mellis
* Arturo Mercado (Latin American: voice of Yoda)
* Aubree Miller
* Alan Miró (Latin American: first voice of Owen Lars)
* Toshiyuki Morikawa
* Temuera Morrison
* Masasa Moyo
* Mugihito


* Ichirō Nagai
* Daisuke Namikawa
* Liam Neeson
* Trisha Noble
* Natalia Nogulich
* Daran Norris


* Tōru Ōhira
* Mary Oyaya
* Frank Oz


* Ray Park
* Michael Pennington
* Brock Peters
* Natalie Portman
* Greg Proops
* David Prowse
* Wayne Pygram


* Michael Ralph
* Gabriel Ramos (Latin American: second voice of Anakin Skywalker)
* John Ratzenberger
* Clive Revill
* Gerardo Reyero (Latin American: voice of Bail Organa)
* Elizabeth Rider
* Charles Rocket
* Timothy M. Rose
* Alan Ruscoe


* Osamu Saka
* Maaya Sakamoto
* Raphael Sbarge
* Leslie Schofield
* Scott Schumann
* Andy Secombe
* Peter Serafinowicz
* Kiran Shah
* Sebastian Shaw
* Michael Sheard
* Takeru Shibaki
* Bin Shimada
* Sumi Shimamoto
* Felix Silla
* Esteban Siller (Latin American: voice of Darth Vader, first voice of Anakin Skywalker)
* Jimmy Smits
* Bruce Spence
* Terence Stamp
* John Stocker
* Carel Struycken
* Cree Summer


* Cat Taber
* Gara Takashima
* Isamu Tanonaka
* Tarik (voice of Chewbacca)
* Nick Tate
* Benedict Taylor
* Courtenay Taylor
* Femi Taylor
* James Arnold Taylor
* Eduardo Tejedo (Latin American: first voice of C-3PO)
* Ricardo Tejedo (Latin American: second voice of Han Solo)
* Jack Thompson
* Malcolm Tierney
* Tik and Tok
* Tasia Valenza


* Kari Wahlgren
* Leeanna Walsman
* Larry Ward
* Colin Ware
* Chris Wiggins
* Billy Dee Williams
* Treat Williams
* Wally Wingert
* Jason Wingreen
* Matthew Wood


* Duncan Young


* Adrian Zmed

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