List of environmental issues

List of environmental issues

This is a list of environmental issues that are due to human activity. These articles relate to the anthropogenic effects on the natural environment.

*Climate changeGlobal warmingFossil fuelsSea level riseEffects of the automobile on societies

*ConservationGenetic erosionHolocene extinction eventInvasive speciesSpecies extinctionHabitat destructionHabitat fragmentationPollinator declineCoral bleachingWhaling • Beached whale

*Dams - Environmental impacts of dams

*Energy - Energy conservationRenewable energyEfficient energy useRenewable energy commercialization

*Genetic engineeringGenetic pollution

*Intensive farmingOvergrazingIrrigationMonocultureEnvironmental effects of meat production

*Land degradationLand pollutionDesertification::SoilSoil conservationSoil erosionSoil contaminationSoil salination


*Nuclear issues Nuclear falloutNuclear meltdownNuclear power

*Ozone depletion

*PollutionAir pollutionLight pollutionNoise pollutionThermal pollution::Water pollutionAcid rainEutrophicationOcean dumpingOil spillsWater crisis

*Resource depletionExploitation of natural resources::FishingBlast fishingBottom trawlingCyanide fishingGhost nets • Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishingOverfishingShark finning::LoggingClearcuttingDeforestationIllegal logging::MiningAcid mine drainageMountaintop removal mining

*ToxinsChlorofluorocarbons • DDT • DioxinHeavy metalsHerbicidesPesticidesToxics use reductionToxic waste

*Urban sprawl


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