Rex is the Latin word for "king" (see also King of Rome). Rex is an English male given name.

Rex may also refer to:



* Rex Connor (1907-1977), Australian politician
* Rex Hunt (governor) (1926), former British Governor of the Falkland Islands
* Rex E. Lee (1937-1996), former U.S. Solicitor General

Entertainment and arts

* Rex Allen (1920-1999), American entertainer
* Rex Beach (1877-1949), American novelist and playwright
* Rex Smith (1955), American entertainer
* Rex Stout (1886-1975), American author
* Rex Hunt (1949), Australian television and radio personality and former football player
* Rex Murphy (1947), Canadian commentator
* Rex Navarrete (1969), Filipino American comedian

Film, TV and stage

* Rex Cherryman (1897-1928), American stage and screen actor
* Rex Harrison (1908-1990), British actor
* Rex Ingram (actor) (1855-1969), American actor
* Rex Ingram (director) (1893-1950), Irish-born American film director
* Rex Lease (1903-1966), American actor
* Rex Linn (1956), American actor
* Simon Rex (1974), American actor


* Rex Brown (1964), former bassist of heavy metal band Pantera
* Rex (band), an alternative rock band
* Rex Gildo (1939-1999), German singer
* Rex Goudie (1985), Canadian singer and 2005 Canadian Idol runner-up
* Rex Liu (1982), British-Canadian classical bassoonist
* Rex (Live at the Fillmore) - a 2008 album by Keller Williams, Keith Moseley and Jeff Austin


* Rex Barney (1924-1997), American baseball pitcher and announcer
* Rex Chapman (1967), American basketball player
* Rex Grossman (1980), American football player
* Rex Hughes, American basketball coach
* Rex Hudler, American baseball player
* Rex Wilson (1960), New Zealand long-distance runner


* Rex Humbard (1919-2007), American television evangelist
* Rex Paterson (1902-1978), British Agriculturalist

Fictional dogs

* Rex, a dog in the animated (claymation) television show, "Rex the Runt"
* Inspector Rex, an Austrian police dog
* Rex the Wonder Dog, a canine DC Comics superhero
* Rex, the sheepdog from the 1995 Academy Award winning film "Babe"
* Rex, scmrak at Epinions, top reviewer and category lead for cars

Other fictional characters

* Rex, a locomotive on the fictional Arlesdale Railway in "The Railway Series" books
* Rex, a Coelurosauravus-like reptile on the television series "Primeval"
* A character from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive"
* A character from the game "Rex" by Martech
* A dinosaur-like enemy from the Super Mario video game series
* Metal Gear REX, a mecha from the video game, "Metal Gear Solid"
* A toy character from Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story" movies
* Rex (NX Files), a character in the action adventure web-show "NX Files"
* Rex Raptor, a character in the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series (known as Dinosaur Ryuzaki in the original version)
* Rex Goodwin, a chracter in the "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's" series
* Rex Van de Kamp, a character in the TV series "Desperate Housewives"
* Clone Captain Rex a clone trooper in Star Wars.


* "Tyrannosaurus rex", often called "T. rex", a species of dinosaur of the genus "Tyrannosaurus"
* The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex cat breeds
* The Rex and the Mini Rex, rabbit breeds and type of fur in rabbits
* Rex (dog), a dog once owned by Ronald Reagan
* Rex the Wonder Horse, star of 15 Hollywood motion pictures
* Rex Murphy, a parrot owned by Tom Green, named after the Canadian commentator


* Regional Express Airlines (aka Rex), an Australian airline
* Rex, a Carnival Krewe in New Orleans that hosts the Rex parade
* Rex Records, the name of at least three different record labels
* Rex Energy, an independent energy company
*Rex Investment Group, LLC, a commercial real estate investment company based in Hingham, Massachusetts


* "Rex, King of Carnival", the de facto "monarch" of the Carnival Season in New Orleans
* rex (language), a programming language used for teaching purposes at Harvey Mudd College
* REX, an IATA airport code for the General Lucio Blanco International Airport in Reynosa, Mexico
* Rex, the dinosaur mascot of the University of Calgary
* Rex (video game), a 1988 game for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC
* "Rex" (musical), a stage musical, with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
* Subaru Rex, a Japanese Kei car
* Subaru Impreza WRX (colloquially pronounced as "Impreza Rex"), a car referred to as "Rex"
* REX, a series of PDAs, including the REX 5000 and REX 6000
* SS Rex, an Italian luxury ship, sunk by Allied bombers off the coast of Slovenia in 1944
* Rex (chair), a foldable chair

ee also

* "Oedipus the King" (aka "Oedipus Rex"), a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles
* ""Oedipus rex" (opera), an opera by Igor Stravinsky
* REXX (originally named Rex), a computer programming language
* Rexism, the fascist political movement in Belgium and the ideology of the Rexist Party (officially called "Christus Rex")
* T.Rex (band), an English rock band
* R.E.X. Records, a record label

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