List of secret police organizations

List of secret police organizations

This is a list of current secret police organizations. Fictional secret police organizations and historical secret police organizations are listed on their own respective pages.

The organizations in this list have been alleged to have the characteristics of a secret police organization: operating without judicial oversight and other accountability mechanisms. In some cases, the status of the organization as a "secret police" organization may be debated.

"Domestic Intelligence Agency" is a common euphemism for organizations with broadly similar goals and methods.

Agencies by country


*Presidential Guard
*State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus


*Brigade Mixte Mobile (BMM) (Mixed Mobile Brigade)

Central African Republic



* Agence nationale de sécurité (ANS) (National Security Agency)

Republic of China (Taiwan)

*Taiwan Garrison Command

People's Republic of China

*Guojia Anquan Bu (Guoanbu) (Ministry of State Security)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

*Détection Militaire des Activités Anti-Patrie (DEMIAP) (Military Detection of Anti-Fatherland Activities)

Republic of the Congo

*Direction Générale de la Sécurité d'État (DGSE) (Directorate-General of State Security)

Côte d'Ivoire

*Presidential Investigations Unit


*Brigade Spéciale de Recherche de la Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Special Research Brigade)
*Service de Documentation et de Sécurité (SDS) (Documentation and Security Service)


*Central Revolutionary Investigation Department (CRID)


*National Intelligence Agency (NIA)


*Gestapo (1932-1945)
*Stasi (East Germany) (1945-1991)


*Bureau of National Investigations (BNI)
*SPD (Ghana) State Police Department (SPD)


*Vezarat-e Ettela'at va Amniat-e Keshvar (VEVAK) (Ministry of Intelligence and Security)
*Sepah Pasdaran Enghaleb Islam-e (Sepah or Pasdaran) (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps)Fact|date=October 2007


*Mudiriyat al-Amn al-Amma


*National Security Service (NSS)


*State Security Service (SSS)
*Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA)

North Korea

*State Safety and Security Agency

=Russian Federation=

*Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti (FSB) (Federal Security Service)
*Formerly the KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti)
*Formerly the NKVD (Narodnyi Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del)


*Ministry of State Security


*Internal Security Organisation


*Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU) (Security Service of Ukraine)

United Kingdom

*Military Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5)


*Dirección de los Servicios de Inteligencia y Prevención (DISIP)
*Dirección de Inteligencia Militar (DIM)


*Central Intelligence Organization (CIO)

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