Bird of prey (disambiguation)

Bird of prey (disambiguation)

Bird of prey may refer to:

*Bird of prey, several species of carnivorous birds
*Bird of Prey (Star Trek), a type of spacecraft in the fictional Star Trek universe
*"Bird of Prey" (TV serial), a 1982 BBC drama series starring Richard Griffiths
*Boeing Bird of Prey, a black project Boeing aircraft
*Boeing EC-135E, nicknamed "Bird of Prey"
*"Bird of Prey" (Jim Morrison song), appeared on the 1995 remastered edition of "An American Prayer"
**"Sunset (Bird of Prey)", a song by Fatboy Slim, which is a remix of the song by Jim Morrison
*"Bird of Prey" (Uriah Heep song), appears as their first song on their second album, "Salisbury"
*"Bird of Prey" (Zozobra album), the second album of Zozobra

Birds of Prey may refer to:

*"Birds of Prey" (video game), a 1992 flight simulator for the Amiga and IBM PC by Argonaut Games
*"Birds of Prey" (comic), a comic book published by DC Comics
*"Birds of Prey" (TV series), produced by the WB and loosely based on the comic book
*"Birds of Prey" (David Drake novel), a 1984 novel by David Drake
*"Birds of Prey" (Wilbur Smith novel)
*"Birds of Pray", an album by rock band Live
*"Birds of Prey" (album), the fifth album by English band Godley & Creme
*"Birds of Prey" (TV movie) (1973), starring David Janssen
*Birds of Prey (1985 film), starring Jorge Montesi, Joseph Patrick Finn and Linda Elder
*Birds of Prey (BoP) A table top air combat game from Ad Astra Games
*Birds of Prey Downill, The World Cup downhill race held every year at Beaver Creek

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