Falcon (disambiguation)

Falcon (disambiguation)

A falcon is a bird of prey.

Falcon may also refer to:


* F-16 Fighting Falcon, a fighter aircraft
* Dassault Falcon, a family of business jets manufactured by Dassault Aviation
* Rolls-Royce Falcon, a World War I era aircraft engine used in the Bristol F.2 Fighter
* Force Application and Launch from Continental United States (FALCON), a spaceplane capable of missile launch in development by Lockheed Martin
* Curtiss O-1 Falcon a post-World War I Observation biplane


* Falcon 1, Falcon 5 and Falcon 9, space launch vehicles made by SpaceX
* AIM-4 Falcon, the first operational guided air-to-air missile of the US Air Force
* AIM-26 Falcon, a U.S. nuclear capable air-to-air missile
* AGM-76 Falcon, an experimental US high speed nuclear strike air-to-surface missile
*"Falcon", the callsign of the "Apollo 15" Lunar Module


* Ford Falcon, an automobile produced by Ford
* Dennis Falcon, a bus model manufactured by Dennis Specialist Vehicles
* Falcon Shells, a British automobile manufacturer
* Falcon Cycles, a British bicycle manufacturer
* British Rail Class 53 "Falcon", a class of lightweight electric-diesel locomotives made in 1961
* "Falcon", a South Devon Railway Comet class 4-4-0ST steam locomotive involved in a crash


* Falcon Air, a defunct airline from Sweden
* Falcon Air Express, a defunct airline from Miami, USA
* Falcon Air (Slovenia, an airline from Slovenia
* Falcon Express Cargo Airlines, an airline from the United Arab Emirates
* Falcon Air (Michigan), an air operator from Flint, Michigan
* Falcon Airline, an airline from Nigeria



* Falcon (comics), a comic book superhero
* The Falcon (literary character), a detective created by Michael Arlen in 1940; later featured in a series of motion pictures
* Lt. Falcon, a Green Beret character from the "G.I. Joe" series
* Falcon, a locomotive character, later renamed Sir Handel, in "The Railway Series" by Rev. W. Awdry


* "Falcons (film)", a 2002 film starring Keith Carradine
* "The Falcon and the Snowman", a 1985 film starring Sean Penn
* Falcon Entertainment, the parent corporation of a group of gay pornographic film studios


* an operatic Voice type first exemplified by Cornélie Falcon
* Falcon Records, a record label
* The Falcons, an American rhythm and blues band in the 50s
* Christian "Falcon" Falk, a Swedish Musician and Producer
* Gretsch White Falcon, a legendary guitar.
* The Falcon (band), a Chicago punk rock band

Video Games

* "Falcon" (computer game), a series of combat flight simulator computer games
* Edward Falcon, a character in the "Power Stone" series of video games
* Falco Lombardi, a character in the "Star Fox" series of video games
* Captain Falcon, a racer in the "F-Zero" video game series


* Atlanta Falcons, an NFL (American) football team
* Springfield Falcons, an American Hockey League team
* West Perth Football Club, West Perth WAFL team
* Falcons (rugby team), a South African rugby team who play in the Currie Cup
* Newcastle Falcons, a rugby team based in Newcastle, England
* The New Zealand national Australian rules football team, called the Falcons
* Falcon (sport), a humorous term for being hit on the head by the ball
* Iris Falcón (born 1973), a Peruvian volleyball player
* Polish Falcons of America, a Polish fraternal and sporting organization
* USA Falcons, a rugby team that plays in the North America 4 tournament
* Bowling Green Falcons, an American university's athletic teams
* St. Catharines Falcons Jr. B, a Junior "B" hockey team based out of St. Catharines, Ontario
*United States Air Force Academy Falcons, the name for all athletic teams represented by the school
*American Cooperative School of Tunis Falcons, the high school mascot and name for all athletic teams represented by the school


* Falcón, a state in Venezuela
* Falcon, Western Australia, a suburb of Mandurah;United States
* Falcon, Colorado
* Falcon, Mississippi
* Falcon Heights, Texas
* Falcon Mesa, Texas
* Falcon Village, Texas
* New Falcon, Texas

Other uses

* FALCON (cable system), a submarine communications cable connecting several countries in the Persian Gulf and India
* Atari Falcon, Atari's last released general-use computer
* Christopher John Boyce, nicknamed "Falcon", an American traitor and walk-in Soviet spy
* Bryggeri AB Falken, a brewery in Falkenberg, Sweden
* The Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's spaceship in the "Star Wars" universe
* The International Falcon Movement IFM-SEI a children and young peoples Socialist Education International movement
* Falcon (storage engine), a MySQL storage engine
* HNC Falcon, a fraud-detection system for credit or debit card transactions, now owned by Fair Isaac
* Falcon Northwest, a high-end computer manufacturer in the US, specialising in gaming PCs
* Falcon (rifle) a large caliber sniper rifle
* Black Falcon Media Group Oy publisher of WorldCarFans [http://www.worldcarfans.com]

ee also

*Falcón (disambiguation)
*Falcon (surname)
*Falcone (disambiguation)

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