List of edible fish

List of edible fish

This is a list of fish that are considered as suited for human consumption. This list is simply a copy of list of fish common names where the most obviously inedible species are removed. Of course some of the removed species can be eaten, but the species here are regularly caught or farmed to be sold as food. 99% of fish are edible.



* American shad
* American sole
* Anchovy
* Antarctic cod
* Arrowtooth eel
* Asian carps
* Atka mackerel
* Atlantic bonito
* Atlantic cod
* Atlantic eel
* Atlantic herring
* Atlantic salmon
* Atlantic trout
* Australasian salmon


* Bar jack
* Barramundi
* Basa fish
* Black mackerel
* Blue cod
* Bluegill
* Bluefish
* Bombay duck
* Brook trout
* Butterfish


* California halibut
* California sheephead
* Capelin
* Carp
* Catfish
* Cherry salmon
* Chinook salmon
* Chum salmon
* Cobia
* Cod
* Coho salmon
* Coley
* Common carp
* Crappie
* Crawfish


* Dory
* Discus


* Eel
* European eel
* European flounder


* Flathead
* Flatfish
* Flounder
* Freshwater eel
* Freshwater herring
* Flying fish


* Giant gourami
* Gilt-head bream
* Golden dorado
* Groundfish
* Grouper


* Haddock
* Halibut
* Harvestfish
* Herring
* Hilsa
* Hoki


* Iridescent shark (labelled as basa fish when sold in the U.S.)


* Japanese butterfish
* John dory


* Kapenta
* Kingklip


* Lemon sole
* Largemouth Bass


* Mackerel
* Maori cod
* Mahi-mahi
* Marlin
* Milkfish
* Monkfish
* Mullet
* Mullus surmuletus


* Northern anchovy
* Northern pike
* Northern snakehead
* Norwegian Atlantic salmon


* Orange roughy
* Oscar


* Pacific cod
* Pacific herring
* Pacific salmon
* Pacific saury
* Pacific trout
* Panfish
* Pangasius
* Patagonian toothfish
* Pelagic cod
* Perch
* Pink salmon
* Pollock
* Pomfret
* Pilchard
* Pufferfish (only if the poison in the eyes and internal organs is removed by an expert)


* Quoy fish


* Rainbow trout
* Redfish
* Red snapper
* Rock fish
* Round herring
* Russian sturgeon (eggs only)

* Salmon
* Sardine
* Saury
* Scrod
* Sea bass
* Seer fish
* Shad
* Shrimpfish
* Silver carp
* Skipjack tuna
* Slender rainbow sardine
* Sole
* Snakeskin gourami
* Snapper
* Snook
* Snoek
* Spanish mackerel
* Sturgeon (eggs only)
* Surf sardine
* Swamp-eel
* Swordfish
* Skate
* Sunfish (Freshwater, such as bluegill.)


* Thresher shark
* Tilapia
* Tilefish
* Trout
* Tuna
* Turbot
*Talkonopaca rare Indonesian fish


* Yellowfin tuna


* Zander

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