List of Dutch language films

List of Dutch language films

This is a list of films in the Dutch language (Dutch titles in brackets).
* "Alice in Glamourland" (Ellis in Glamourland)
* "All Things Pass" (Voorbij, voorbij)
* "The Alzheimer Case" (De Zaak Alzheimer)
* "Antonia's Line" (Antonia)
* "Black Book" (Zwartboek)
* "Business Is Business" (Wat zien ik?)
* "Character" (Karakter)
* "Cloaca"
* "Don"
* "Father's Affair" (De Passievrucht)
* "Flodders in America" (Flodder in Amerika!)
* "Floris"
* "The Fourth Man" (De Vierde Man)
* "Full Moon Party" (Volle maan)
* "Godforsaken" (Van God Los)
* "Grimm"
* "Gruesome School Trip" (De Griezelbus)
* "Hostel"
* "Hush Hush Baby" (Shouf Shouf Habibi!)
* "I Love You Too" (Ik ook van jou)
* "Kameleon 2"
* "Katie Tippel" (Keetje Tippel)
* "Keep Off" (Afblijven)
* "Kneeling on a Bed of Violets" (Knielen op een bed violen)
* "Loonies" (Loenatik - De moevie)
* "Everything is love" (Alles is Liefde)
* "Love to Love" (Liever verliefd)
* "Moscow, Belgium" (Aanrijding in Moscou)
* "Peter Bell" (Pietje Bell)
* "" (Pietje Bell II: De jacht op de tsarenkroon)
* "Phileine Says Sorry" (Phileine zegt sorry)
* "Polleke"
* "The Preacher" (De Dominee)
* "De Schippers van de Kameleon"
* "Schnitzel Paradise" (Het Schnitzelparadijs)
* "Soldier of Orange" (Soldaat van Oranje)
* "Someone Else's Happiness" (Iemand anders zijn geluk)
* "Spetters"
* "Tow Truck Pluck" (Pluk van de Petteflet)
* "Turkish Delight" (Turks fruit)
* "Undercover Kitty" (Minoes)
* "The Vanishing" (Spoorloos)
* "Waiter" (Ober)
* "Zoop in Africa" (Zoop in Afrika)
* "Zoop in India"

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