White House (disambiguation)

White House (disambiguation)

White House can refer to:


* White House, Washington, D.C., the official residence of the President of the United States of America.
** The staff and offices of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, by metonymy
* White House, Moscow, a government building in Moscow, Russia
* White House, Bishkek, the presidential palace of the Kyrgyz Republic
* White House, Budapest, the office building of Hungarian MPs.
* "White House of the Confederacy", Virginia, USA, a grey mansion built in 1818, now part of the Museum of the Confederacy
* The White House, a department store owned by the American retail company Dunlaps
* White House, Greenwich, London, England, the retirement house of George Biddell Airy, it is not far from the Royal Observatory
* "White House," a nickname for the Winnipeg Arena, an indoor arena in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
* "The White House," code among the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990's for a house nearby their practice facility where some partook in illegal activities.
* The residence of Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai


*"White House", a song by "The American Analog Set" from their 1997 album "From Our Living Room to Yours"


* White House, Tennessee, a city in the United States
* Whitehouse is a subcity of Jacksonville, Florida

Computer games

* White House (Zork), a landmark in the Zork series of computer games

ee also

*Whitehouse (disambiguation)
*White Houses (disambiguation)

Other languages

* The Spanish expression for "White House" is "Casa Blanca", and the US White House is called thus in that language. Casa Blanca (or Casablanca) also has other meanings, cf. Casablanca (disambiguation).

* The Italian expression for "White House" is "Casa Bianca", and the US White House is called thus in that language. Casa Bianca (or Casabianca) also has other meanings, cf. Casabianca.

* The French expression for "White House" is "Maison Blanche", and the US White House is called thus in that language. Maison Blanche also has these other meanings:
** The "Maison Blanc", formerly a section of the 24 Hours of Le Mans motor racing circuit in France,
** The Maison Blanche, a former department store in New Orleans,

* The Turkish expression for "White House" is "Beyaz Saray", literally the "White Palace". The equivalent expression "Ak Saray", which is also the name of a city (Aksaray), is not used in this context.

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