White (surname)

White (surname)

White is a surname. In the 1990 United States Census, 'White' ranked fourteenth among all reported surnames in frequency, accounting for 0.28% of the population. [United States Census Bureau (9 May 1995). . Retrieved on 2008-07-04.]

A list of notable people and fictional characters with the surname 'White' is included below.



* Alan White (b. 1972), former drummer from the band Oasis
* Alan White (b. 1949), drummer from the band Yes
* Barry White (1944-2003), soul and disco music singer
*Brooke White (b. 1983), singer-songwriter and "American Idol" contestant
* Eden White, New York Singer/Songwriter
* Jack White (b. 1975), singer and guitarist of The White Stripes
* Jack White (b. 1940), a German producer of disco music, see also German article
* James White (musician), New York jazz-funk musician
* Jeordie White, (musician) Bassist for Marilyn Manson and A Perfect Circle
* John White (composer)
* Karyn White, (1980s-90s R&B singer)
* Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire's leader
* Meg White, drummer from the duo The White Stripes
* Peter White (musician), smooth jazz guitarist
* Portia White, a Black Canadian singer
* The Whites, (1980s country music vocal group)
* Terence Charles 'Snowy' White, guitarist
* Tony Joe White, a singer and songwriter


* Alice White (1904-1983)
* Betty White (b. 1922)
* Brian J. White (b. 1975)
* Jaleel White (b. 1976)
* Karen Malina White (b. 1965)
* Liz White (b. 1979)
* Ron White (b. 1956)
* Sammy White (1894-1960)
* Sheila White (b. 1950)


* Andy White
* Bill White, former baseball player and National League president
* Brian White (hockey)
* Bukka White
* Cameron White, Australian cricketer
* Charlie White (figure skater), American ice dancer
* Colin White (ice hockey)
* Danny White, NFL football player
* Devon White (baseball)
* Des White, New Zealand rugby league footballer
* Erin White
* Faye White (born 1978), English football player
* Frank White (baseball)
* Fuzz White
* James White (basketball) - US basketball player
* James "Deacon" White (1847-1939) - star baseball player of the 1870s and 1880s
* Jeff White
* Jimmy White, English professional snooker player
* John (Jack) Cornish White (1891-1961), England cricket captain
* John White (footballer), English football (soccer) player
* John White (squash player)
* Julian White
* Kelli White
* Kevin White (athletic director)
* Leon White
* Pat White, American football quarterback
*Percy White, Australian rugby league footballer
* Peter White (hockey)
* Randy White (basketball)
* Randy White (football player)
* Reggie White NFL Hall of Famer
* Rodney White - US basketball player
* Sammy White (born 1954) a NFL wide receiver
* Sammy White (1928 - 1991) a MLB catcher
* Shaun White, Olympic Gold Medalist
* Steven White (born 1981) American baseball player
* Todd White, ice hockey player
* Wendy White, former professional tennis player


* Andrew Dickson White, US diplomat and co-founder of Cornell University
* Barclay White (1821-1906), Superintendent of Indian Affairs during the administration of American president U. S. Grant
* Bill White (mayor)
* Bill White (neo-Nazi)
* Brian White (British politician)
* Brian White (Canadian politician)
* Byron White, College football hall of fame inductee and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
* David Patillo White
* Denny White
* Edward Douglass White
* Francis S. White (1847-1922), US Senator from Alabama
* Frank White (UK politician) (fl. 1970s), British politician
* Frank White (US Treasurer) (1856-1940), also American soldier & N. Dakota politician
* Frank Durward White (1933-2003), Arkansas governor
* Frederick D. White
* George White, Ohio politician
* George Henry White, North Carolina politician
* Harry Dexter White
* Horace White
* Hugh L. White
* Jack White, anarchist and founder of the Irish Citizen's Army
* James White (politician) (1749-1809) - Member of United States Congress
* James White (Scottish politician) MP for Glasgow, Pollok before 1987
* John Franklin White (1863-1961) Canadian politician
* John White (Halton County) (1811-1897) Canadian politician
* John White (Hastings County) (1833-1894) Canadian politician
* John White (Kentucky politician), (1802-1845), Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
* John White (Australian politician), member of the Tasmanian state parliament, (1986-1998)
* John White (administrator) (1946–), Commissioner of British Antarctic Territory and British Indian Ocean Territory, (1998–2001)
* John White (loyalist)
* Kevin White (mayor)
* Mark White
* Martha White
* Michael White (politician)
* Peter White, Canadian parliamentarian
* Randy White (politician)
* Rick White
* Samuel White, American lawyer and politician
* Sandra White
* Walter Francis White
* William Henry White (politician)
* William Thomas White

Authors and Journalists

* Curtis White
* Doug White (news anchor)
* E. B. White
* Edmund White
* Ethel Lina White
* Horace White (writer) (1834-1916) Journalist and financial writer
* James White (author) (1928-1999) - author of science fiction novellas, short stories and novels
* John H. White, African American photographer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize
* Michael White (journalist)
* Patrick White
* Stewart White
* Ted White
* Theodore White
* Timothy White
* T.H. White, author of "The Once and Future King.
* William Allen White


* James Springer White, husband of Ellen G. White and co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
* James White (theologian), Consultant on the NASB committee
* Joseph Blanco White
* Steve White (Baptist pastor and Lexicographer), started Grace Baptist Church, Surrey, BC. Canada; authored "White's Dictionary of the King James Language"
* Thomas White (1685 to 1690), Bishop of Peterborough
* Thomas White (1593-1676), Catholic philosopher
* Ellen G. White, Prophetess and major leader of the beginnings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


* Frank G. White (general) (b. c.1916), American major general
* Jack White, First World War Victoria Cross recipient
* James White (fighter pilot) (1893-1972), World War I Royal Naval Air Service fighter ace
* Thomas E. White, (b. 1943), 18th United States Secretary of the Army
* George Stuart White, British general

Explorers and Pioneers

* Edward Higgins White - Astronaut
* James White (general) (1747-1821), American pioneer who founded Knoxville, Tennessee
* John White (surveyor), (c.1540 - c.1618), governor of the first British colony in the Americas

cience and Medicine

* Elizabeth Coleman White (1871-1954), pioneered the development and commercialization of the cultivated blueberry
* Francis Buchanan White (1842-1894), Scottish botanist and entomologist
* Gilbert White (1720-1793), English naturalist
* Gilbert F. White (1911-2006), American geographer
* Henry Luke White (1860-1927), Australian grazier and ornithologist
* John White (surgeon) (1756-1832), Surgeon-General of New South Wales
* Paul Dudley White (1886-1973), cardiologist
* Samuel Albert White (1870-1954), Australian ornithologist
* Steven R. White (born 1959) American physicist
* Tim White (anthropologist), American paleoanthropologist and professor
* William Alanson White (1870-1937), American alienist


* Carrie C. White
* Dan White
* Ellen G. White
* Jamie White - radio host
* Joe White
* Leslie White
* Margaret Bourke-White
* Onna White, choreographer and dancer
* Peter White (broadcaster), a presenter on BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio 4.
* Randy White (porn star)
* Ryan White
* Stanford White, an influential turn of the century architect and member of the firm McKim, Mead, and White.
* Sir Thomas White, founder of St John's College, Oxford
* Vanna White
* Warren White
* William Allen White
* William Henry White
* William Lindsay White
* Douglas White

* Joseph Blanco White

Native American

*Charmaine White Face

Fictional Characters

* Carrie White - title Character from the Stephen King novel and movie "Carrie".
* Frank White (fictional character) - lead character, played by Christopher Walken, in the 1990 motion picture King of New York.


* Alan White
* Bill White
* Brian White
* Colin White
* Dan White (disambiguation)
* Francis White
* Frank White
* Henry White
* Jack White (disambiguation)
* James White
* John White
* Kevin White
* Michael White
* Peter White (disambiguation)
* Randy White
* Sammy White
* Steve White (disambiguation)
* William White
* Willie White

ee also

* Whyte

White in languages other than English

For surnames meaning "White" in other European languages, see the following articles.

* Dutch: Witt, De Witt, DeWitt
* French: Blanc (surname), Leblanc
* German/Yiddish: Weiss (surname), Weisz, Weis (disambiguation)
* Hungarian: Fehér (surname)
* Italian: Bianco (surname), Bianchi, Bianchini
* Portuguese: Branco
* Spanish: Blanco
* Welsh: Gwyn


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