Ted White (author)

Ted White (author)

Ted White (born February 4, 1938) is a Hugo Award-winning American writer, known as a science fiction author and editor as well as a music critic. In addition to books and stories written under his own name, he has also co-authored novels with Dave van Arnam as Ron Archer, and with Terry Carr as Norman Edwards.

Author, editor, critic and DJ

Fandom origins

Since the time he was a teenager, White has been a prolific contributor to science fiction fanzines, and in 1968 he won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. His skill as an essayist is evident in [http://jophan.org/mimosa/m12/white.htm "The Bet"] , an evocative memoir of a tense day in 1960 when a dispute over a record owned by music critic Linda Solomon prompted fellow sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison to foolishly bet his entire record collection against a single record in White's collection, and then churlishly reneg on the deal.

Despite his considerable professional credits, White maintains that his achievements in fandom mean more to him than anything else he has done. In 1953, he edited and published " [http://fanac.org/fanzines/SF_Five_Yearly/sffy6-22.html Zip] ", the first of many fanzines he published over the following decades. In 1956-57, he co-edited "Stellar" with Larry Stark, followed by "Void" (1960), "Minac", "Egoboo" and others. In addition to helping others publish their own fanzines, he was a regular columnist in "Yandro" and Richard E. Geis' "Psychotic/SF Review". He also has been active in numerous fan events, such as organizing the 1967 World Science Fiction Convention in New York as co-chairman.


From 1977 into 1979, as Dr. Progresso, he did the Friday afternoon "Dr. Progresso" radio show on WGTB-FM (90.1).

Music critic

In 1959, at the age of 21, White moved from Falls Church, Virginia, to New York City with his first wife, Sylvia Dees White. That year, he began writing music criticism for "Metronome" and a column for Tom Wilson's "Jazz Guide" (later "33 Guide"). As a music critic, he expanded into jazz writing and journalism for "Rogue", along with LP liner notes, concert reviews and interviews. He was the only person to record an interview with Eric Dolphy (who died in 1964). Moving online, White became the music editor of the Collecting Channel [http://collectingchannel.com/] website in 1999, and he maintains his own website of music commentary under his Dr. Progresso pseudonym.

cience fiction author

"Phoenix", a 1963 collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, was White's first professionally published story, which he later expanded into the "mal-evolution" novel "Phoenix Prime", beginning the "Qanar" series of books. His first novel, "Invasion from 2500" (1964), was written in collaboration with Terry Carr under the pseudonym Norman Edwards. Between 1964 and 1978 he wrote two science fiction series and 11 standalone novels, including one "Captain America" novel. Two of the novels were written in collaboration with Dave van Arnam, one with David Bischoff and one, using White's "Doc Phoenix" character, with Marv Wolfman.

White was a 1966 Nebula nominee for his short story, "The Peacock King," written with Larry McCombs. He was also instrumental in kick-starting the professional careers of other writers, notably Lee Hoffman.

Fiction editor

White held the position of assistant editor at "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" from 1963 to 1968. From October 1968 until October 1978, he edited "Amazing Stories" and "Fantastic", upgrading the quality of the fiction while showcasing a variety of talented illustrators. He also edited two 1973 anthologies, "The Best from Amazing Stories" and "The Best from Fantastic". His reputation as an editor impressed the publishers of "Heavy Metal" who hired him to introduce non-fiction and prose fiction into the magazine which featured mainly graphic stories until White's arrival in 1979.


Ted also plays keyboards and saxophone. Currently, he performs with the Washington, DC area improvisational group Conduit (http://www.myspace.com/conduitdc).




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Android Tanner

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tandalone novels

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Anthologies edited by Ted White

*"The Best from Amazing", Manor Books, 1973, 192p.
*"The Best from Fantastic", Manor Books, 1973, ISBN 0-532-95242-1, 192p.

ee also

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External links

* [http://www.holeintheweb.com/drp/Dr.P1a.htm Dr. Progresso]
* [http://www.efanzines.com/Fanzines/ Fanzine reviews by Ted White]
* [http://jophan.org/mimosa/m12/white.htm "Mimosa": "The Bet" by Ted White (full text), illustrated by Peggy Ranson]
* [http://fanac.org/fanzines/SF_Five_Yearly/sffy6-22.html "Science-Fiction Five-Yearly" 6 (1976): "Twenty-Five Years? That's--" by Ted White (full text)]

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