Pacification may refer to:

;Making peace (even if used as a euphemism)
*Pacification of Berwick, signed on June 18, 1639 between England and Scotland
*Pacification Sejm, a session of the Sejm in 1736 concluding the civil war in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
*Cuban Pacification (1906 - 1909), the United States occupation of Cuba following the Spanish-American War; see Army of Cuban Pacification Medal
*Pacification of Manchukuo, a campaign during the Second Sino-Japanese War which took place from March 1932 until 1941
*Pacification operations in German-occupied Poland, the use of German military force to suppress Polish resistance during World War II
*Pacification of the Araucanía (1861–1883), the Chilean term for the actions which led to the incorporation of Araucanía into Chile
*Pacification of Ghent, an alliance of several provinces of the Netherlands signed on November 8, 1576
*Pacification of 1918, between religious and secular sects in the Netherlands
*Pacification of Castile, the re-establishment of Catholic Monarchs' rule in 15th Century Spain
*Pacification of Wujek, a strike-breaking action by the communist forces against miners in Katowice, Poland, on December 16, 1981

*"Violent Pacification", an album by Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

ee also

* Peace Treaty
* Peace
* Pacifier

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