Manuel Uribe

Manuel Uribe
Manuel Uribe
Born June 11, 1965 (1965-06-11) (age 46)
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Known for Being heavy
Weight 560 kg (1,235 lb) (2008)[1]

Manuel "Xavier" Uribe (born June 11, 1965) is a man from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, notable for suffering from morbid obesity to one of the greatest extents known in recorded history.[2] After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg (1,320 lb) and having been unable to leave his bed since 2001, Uribe lost approximately 400 lbs (one third of his body weight, about 181.8 kg) with the help of doctors and nutritionists, and by following the Zone diet. Uribe drew worldwide attention when he appeared on the Televisa television network in January 2006, but turned down offers for gastric bypass surgery in Italy.

Uribe has also been featured on The World's Heaviest Man,[3] a television documentary about his bedridden life and attempts to overcome the disease.[4] By October 26, 2008, Uribe had reduced his weight to 360 kg (790 lb).[5] His efforts to overcome the disease continue. In mid 2009, it was falsely reported that Manuel had died.[6] Manuel Uribe is on a quest to shed another 225 kg (500 lb).[7]


Personal life

Manuel Uribe currently resides in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon.[2]. He claims that when he was growing up he was slightly obese but not to a significant extent. It wasn't until his 20s that his obesity increased to a serious extent. In 1987 he got married and moved to the United States for employment opportunities. Manuel and his wife settled in Dallas, where he was employed fixing typewriters. The nature of this profession required Manuel to spend his day sitting at a desk. He said, "Life in the U.S. is like that. You just go from your desk to your car. I used to drive my car to and from work, so I didn't get any exercise". [8]

Diet and weight loss

Manuel Uribe's weight-loss diet consists of 2,000 daily calories, with six meals (egg-white omelets, fresh salads, chicken fajitas, fish fillet in a bed of spring greens). Dr. Barry Sears, who made the diet said: "Manuel's ability to lose more than 400 pounds without resorting to weight loss surgery is a remarkable accomplishment."[9]

Uribe, on October 3, 2008, gave diet advice to a fellow Mexican, critically obese and bedridden José Luis Garza, who weighed 450 kg (990 lb). A former chef at a bowling alley, Garza, who was unable to get out of his bed for four months, said: "Manuel inspires me with courage and the will to live. I understand that this is matter of life and death and that I have to follow the instructions that are given to me." Uribe sent girlfriend Claudia Solís to Garza's home with kiwifruit, grapefruit, pears, and protein supplements, and promised to help Garza get a wheel-equipped iron bed, Unfortunately Garza died five days later on the 8th of October, 2008.[10][11][12]

Manuel has announced plans to launch the Manuel Uribe Foundation to educate Mexican people about nutrition, to combat obesity problems. He reportedly asked Guinness World Records in July 2008 to certify his second title: "The World's Greatest Loser of Weight," although this title would be held by American Jon Brower Minnoch.

Second wedding

After four years together, Uribe — who weighed in at 700 pounds after shedding 592 pounds — on October 26, 2008, married his second wife Claudia from his bed. He said: "I am proof you can find love in any circumstances. It's all a question of faith. I have a wife and will form a new family and live a happy life."[13][14] He was transported to the civil wedding on his specially-reinforced four-poster bed, draped with cream and gold and adorned in bright sunflowers, on the back of a truck. Donning a white silk shirt with a sheet around his legs, he waited to greet Claudia as she walked down a flight of stairs wearing a strapless ivory dress and a tiara before over 400 guests. Discovery Channel's The World's Heaviest Man Gets Married documentary will be the third TV show featuring Uribe.[12]

Health effects

For Uribe, the principal complication of the disease from which he suffers are lymphedemas he experiences in both legs.[15]

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