Prinz (crater)

Prinz (crater)

lunar crater data
diameter=46 km
eponym=Wilhelm Prinz

Prinz is the lava-flooded remains of a lunar crater on the Oceanus Procellarum lunar mare. The formation lies to the northeast of the prominent Aristarchus crater. To the north-northwest is the flooded Krieger crater.

The rim of Prinz is the most intact in the northeast half, while a large gap exists in the southern end of the crater wall. The rim climbs to a maximum height of 1.0 km above the base. It is attached along the eastern rim by a low ridge that is part of the foothills of the small Montes Harbinger mountains to the northeast. The region of the "maria" about Prinz is marked by rays from the Aristarchus crater.

Rimae Prinz

Just to the north of Prinz crater is a system of rilles designated the "Rimae Prinz". These are sinuous in nature and extend for up to 80 kilometers. The tiny crater Vera is only a couple of kilometers to the north of Prinz crater rim, and serves as the origin of one of these rilles. Within the same rille complex is the tiny crater Ivan. The crater Vera was previously identified as 'Prinz A', and Ivan as 'Prinz B', before they were assigned names by the IAU.

To the northwest is another distinct rille system designated "Rimae Aristarchus".


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