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type=Country code top-level domain
status=Active despite attempts to terminate it
registry=Russian Institute for Public Networks
sponsor=Russian Institute for Public Networks
intendeduse=Entities connected with the Soviet Union
actualuse=obsolete since fall of the Soviet Union, but taking new registrations
structure=Registrations are permitted directly at the second level
website= [http://www.nic.ru/en/ RUcenter] |

.su was assigned as the country code top-level domain for the Soviet Union on September 19, 1990. It remains in use today, even though the Soviet Union itself no longer exists, and is administered by the Russian Institute for Development of Public Networks (RIPN or RosNIIRos).

In 2001, the managers of the domain stated that they will commence accepting new .su registrations, but it is unclear whether this action is compatible with ICANN policies. ICANN has expressed intentions to terminate the .su domain, and the IANA states that the domain is being phased out, [ [http://www.iana.org/root-whois/su.htm IANA | .su - Soviet Union (being phased out)] ] but lobbyists stated in September, 2007 that they had started negotiations with ICANN on retaining the domain. [cite web |url=http://www.reuters.com/article/internetNews/idUSL1986480720070919 |title=USSR still alive on Internet and won't go quietly |accessdate=2007-12-05 |last=Kilner |first=James |date=2007-09-19 |publisher=Reuters |doi= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |quote= ] In the first quarter of 2008, .su registrations increased by 45%. [ [http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080419/soviet_union_online.html?.v=1 Back in the USSR: Soviet Internet domain name resists death] , Mansur Mirovalev, writing for Associated Press, 2008-04-19]

New .su registrations cost 3000 rubles (approximately $125), a premium over the .ru domain, as it was thought that the cachet of the .su domain could command a premium price in the free market.cn|date=May 2008 Since 2007-12-03, it has been discounted to 600 rubles (approximately $25) in an effort to increase demand to fend off elimination by ICANN.cn|date=May 2008

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* [http://stat.nic.ru/su/ Statistics of registrations under the .su domain]

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