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Francis is an English and Scottish first name and a surname ultimately descended from the Latin name Franciscus, the name of Francis of Assisi.

Francis is a name that has many derivatives in most European languages, the most common in English being Frank. The female version of the name in English is Frances, with emphasis on the letter e, and (less commonly) Francine. The name Fran is a common diminutive for Francis, Frances and Francine. In Italian and Spanish, the form Fran is mostly used for boys and men, while Franci is more common for girls and women.

Related names in other languages

Related names are common in other Western European languages, in countries that are (or were before the Reformation) Catholic. These names include:
*Catalan: Francesc, Cesc, Cesco
*Croatian: Franjo, Frano, Frane
*Czech: František
*Dutch: Frans, Frank (Francis or Francien is used to signify the female version in Holland)
*French: Francis, François, Françoise (female version), France, Francine, Frank,
*German: Franziskus, Franz, Franziska (female version)
*Greek: Frangiskos
*Hungarian: Ferenc
*Irish: Pronsias, Proinsias, Proinnsias (all variants are valid for both males & females, rare for a female to adopt this name in Irish)
*Italian: Francesco, Franco, Francesca (female version)
*Latin: Franciscus
*Lithuanian: Pranciškus
*Polish: Franciszek
*Portuguese: Francisco, Chico, Xico, Francisca (female version), Chica (female version), Xica (female version)
*Scottish: Frangag
*Slovene: Frišek
*Spanish: Francisco Paco, Fran, Quico, Pancho, Cisco, Chisco, Francisca (female version), Paca (female version)
*Welsh: Ffransis


Francesco was the name given to Saint Francis of Assisi by his father in memory of the boy's mother, a Frenchwoman, who died when the child was still in his early years. It means 'Little Frenchman'. The name of France itself comes from the Germanic people known as the Franks; the origin of their name is unclear but is thought to mean "free".

People with the surname Francis

* Anne Francis (born 1930), American actress
* Arlene Francis (1907-2001), American actress
* Clare Francis (born 1946), British author
* Colan C. Francis, Sr. (1906-1983), American banker and philanthropist
* Colan C. Francis, III (born 1968), American technologist and author
* Connie Francis (born 1938), American pop singer
* David Rowland Francis (1850–1927), American politician, Mayor of Saint Louis, Governor of Missouri, U.S. Secretary of the Interior.
* Damien Francis, (born 1979), English-born Jamaican footballer
* Freddie Francis (1917-2007), English cinematographer and film director
* Jane Francis, Winner of Polar Medal, 2002
* Genie Francis (born 1962), Actress
* Gerry Francis (born 1951), English footballer and manager
* James Francis (1819-1884), Australian colonial politician
* Jeff Francis, Major League Baseball pitcher
* Joe Francis (born 1973), Founder of Mantra Films
* Kay Francis (1905-1968), American actress
* Kevin Francis, Game Programmer
* Missy Francis (born 1972), American child actress
* Norman Francis (born 1931), President of Xavier University of Louisiana
* Ranganathan Francis (born 1920), Indian hockey player
* Ron Francis (born 1963), Canadian professional ice hockey centerman
* Roy Francis, British rugby league footballer and coach
* Sage Francis (born 1977), Hip-hop artist
* Sam Francis, (1923-1994), American painter and printmaker
* Sam Francis, Professional American football player
* Samuel Kensinger Francis, Fitness trainer
* Samuel Francis, Columnist
* Steve Francis (born 1977), American professional basketball player
* Thomas Francis, Jr. (1900-1969), American physician, virologist, and epidemiologist
* Trevor Francis (born 1954), English footballer

Monarchs named Francis

* Francis I, Duke of Brittany (1414–1450)
* Francis I, Duke of Lorraine (1517–1545)
* Francis I of France (1494–1547)
* Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (1708–1765)
* Francis I, Emperor of Austria (1768–1835)
* Francis I of the Two Sicilies (1777–1830)
* Francis II, Duke of Brittany (1433–1488)
* Francis II of France (1544–1560)
* Francis II, Duke of Lorraine (1572–1632)
* Francis II Rákóczi, Duke of Transylvania (1676–1735)
* Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor (1768–1835)
* Francis II of the Two Sicilies (1836–1894)
* Franz, Duke of Bavaria (born 1933), called "Francis II" by Jacobite supporters
* Francis III, Duke of Lorraine and Holy Roman Emperor (1708–1765)
* Francesco III d'Este, Duke of Modena (1737–1780)
* Francis IV, Duke of Modena (1779–1846)
* Francis V, Duke of Modena (1819–1875)
* Francis, Infante of Portugal (1691–1742), 7th Duke of Beja, 2nd son of King [Peter II of Portugal
* Francis of Spain (1822-1902), Duke of Cádiz, Consort of Queen Isabella II

People known as Saints Francis

* Francis Borgia (1510-1572)
* Francis Caracciolo (1563-1608)
* Francis de Geronimo (1642-1716)
* Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
* Francis Ferdinand de Capillas (1607-1648)
* Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)
* Francis of Paola (1416-1507)
* Francis Solanus (1549-1610)
* Francis Xavier (1506-1552)
* Vietnamese martyrs known as St. Francis

Other uses

*Francis, Saskatchewan, Canada
**Francis (electoral district)
*Francis Griffin, a fictional character from animated TV comedy "Family Guy", voiced by Charles Durning
*Francis, a character from American TV comedy "Malcolm in the Middle" played by Christopher Masterson
*Francis the Talking Mule, a mule celebrity, featured in seven movie comedies in the 1950s
*"Francis" (1950 film), a 1950 comedy film that launched Francis the Talking Mule

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