List of Sonic X characters

List of Sonic X characters

This article is for fictional characters from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" franchise that appear exclusively in the animated series "Sonic X" and the associated comic book.For minor characters in other continuities, see Other characters in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Albert Butler

Albert Butler is the groundskeeper of Station Square's baseball stadium, Diamond Stadium, appearing in Episode 10. Albert has been the groundskeeper for thirty odd years, but the owner of the stadium plans to demolish it and replace it with a new indoors stadium, and Albert worries he'll be out of a job. At some point, Albert came into possession of one of the Chaos Emeralds. Tails is drawn to the stadium by the energy signature of Albert's emerald and the two become friends. Eggman shows up and steals the emerald, but a baseball game breaks out, Albert watching from the sidelines. Sonic's team wins the match, but Eggman escapes with Albert's emerald. The owner of the stadium arrives and offers Albert a new job in the new baseball stadium, which Albert happily accepts. Albert appears as a background character in several later episodes.


Bokkun is employed by Doctor Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in a form of a TV that blows up in the recipient's face. Bokkun gets mistreated and sometimes even abused and cries very easily, due to Eggman always hurting him. His pleasures include annoying people with bombs or eating various desserts. He is very loyal to Eggman, who he treats like a father or creator. Bokkun can fly using a jetpack (possibly bolted to his back), and has a boiling point temper. He is 50 cm (1ft 8in) tall and weighs 20 kg (43lbs). [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]

He once called upon the Egg Golem also seen in "Sonic Adventure 2". Early in the series' third season, Bokkun is forced to help Rouge the Bat, who blackmails him with a heart-shaped locket he owns, threatening to show everyone the picture of the girl inside it, whom Bokkun has a crush on. The scene where his crush is revealed to be Cream the Rabbit is cut out of the English version for unknown reasons. [ [ Sonic X Uncensored: Episode 78] ]

Bokkun looks like a black, gold eyed type of Dark Chao with blue and white patches without his bauble and red shoes and white gloves like sonic, and a pale green rucksack over his shoulder, where he keeps his privileged bombs.

There's some to debate as to whether Bokkun is a robot or an anthropomorphic animal, as he has shown a wide range of emotions including a crush on Cream the Rabbit, is capable of having his feelings hurt, and is able to become hyper from eating too much sugar as seen in the Sonic X comic. Although a caption in an issue of the "Sonic X" comic refers to him as "Dr. Eggman's delivery robot", and he is seen drinking motor oil, Chris refers to him as a robot in Episode 8, as Ella does in episode 20, although both times it was as an insult, so it may have been more of making fun of him rather than commenting on his species. He uses an "M" on his belt buckle, which refers to Dr. Eggman's name for him, "Messenger Robo".

Bokkun is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi in Japan and Andrew Rannells in the English dub.

Chris Thorndyke

Chris Throndyke is the main human protagonist of Sonic X series. He is the son of Nelson Thorndyke, the CEO of a fictional engineering corporation, and his wife, actress Lindsay Thorndyke (born Lindsay Fair). His parents do not spend much time with him due to their own hectic lifestyles and he was mostly raised collectively by his grandfather Chuck Thorndyke and the house servants Mr. Tanaka and Ella.

Chris is the first human that Sonic the Hedgehog fully interacts with after Chris saved him from drowning at his house pool. Sonic lives in his mansion for most of the series, along with his friends Tails, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese. Generally friendly and quiet, he forms a strong bond with Sonic, but often worries about Sonic's carefree and independent personality. Chris was lonely before Sonic came to his world, but after he finds out that his and Sonic's will fuse, and the time will slow to standstill, unless Sonic and his friends return to their homeworld, Chris kidnaps Sonic after his friends left. Sonic tells Chris he'll stay if Chris wants and Chris says Sonic must return, and he finally admits he was lonely before Sonic came and he's afraid Sonic won't return and Chris will be lonely again. Sonic tells Chris they'll see each other again someday. Chris vows one day he will see Sonic again.

Chris (18 years old now) builds a teleport machine identical for that what Tails and Chuck created. Chris teleports himself to Sonic's world, but he arrives as a 12-year old kid, because on Chris' world six years are past, but on Sonic's world only 6 months are gone. After listening to Cosmo about Metarex, he helps Sonic and his friends in mission to stop Metarex, find Chaos Emeralds and save the Planet Eggs in outer space. During the end of Series 2, Eggman builds for Chris a rocket what send him back home. Chris leaves without saying goodbye, but he spots Sonic running and both of them say goodbye. Chris finally leaves Sonic's world and goes back to his homeworld.

In the Japanese version of the anime, Chris is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi, and in the English version, his voice was performed by Suzanne Goldish. As an adult, Chris is voiced by Masakazu Morita in the Japanese version, and in the English version, his voice is performed by Matthew Charles.

Chuck Thorndyke

Chuck Thorndyke is the paternal grandfather of Chris Thorndyke. He is a scientist and inventor. He always is helping Chris, Sonic and the gang out whenever they need help. He is 165 cm (5ft 5in) tall, weighs 60 kg (131lbs), and is 55 years old. [ [ Thorndyke information card from "Sonic X"] ] Chuck is voiced by Bin Shimada in Japan and Jerry Lobozzo in the English dub.

Much in the same way that Chris bonds with Sonic the Hedgehog during the latter's stay with the family, and the maid Ella bonds with Cream the Rabbit, Chuck forms a close friendship with Tails, who shares his love of inventing.

Many fans believe his name is a reference to the "SatAM" and "Archie" Sonic continuities as his nickname "Chuck" and his full name "Charles" are shared by "SatAM" and "Archie" Sonic's uncle.

He bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Emmett Brown of the "Back to the Future" films.


Cosmo, first appearing in the fifty-third episode, is an eight-year-old child of a plant-like alien species, whose homeworld was destroyed by the villainous Metarex, and an ally of Sonic and friends. She was raised on a space colony; there she lived peacefully, until the Metarex destroyed her home and family, including her mother Hertia and sister Galaxina, and planted a tracking device inside her brain before she escaped to Sonic's homeworld. As the last survivor of the planet, this often leaves her suffering low self-esteem. A plant herself, Cosmo is shown to have the ability to empathize with plants, trees, or the planet and determine their state of life, while her skirt allows her to jump to high heights, and gently float down to the ground. [ ["Sonic X" Episode 53 Screen Capture 137.jpg] ] As an adult of her species, Cosmo would have been able to turn into a tree, and weaken other planets.

Her true purpose is later revealed when a Metarex labels her an unwitting spy, and her friends find they are unable to remove the device without seriously harming her. The seventy-seventh episode sees Cosmo sacrifice herself to weaken the Dark Oak planet, so that Tails, Super Sonic and Super Shadow can destroy it. Their attempt to use a process known as Chaos Regeneration to revive her largely fails, but does produce a small seed, which Tails places in a plant pot in his workshop.

Cosmo has made two cameo appearances in the comic series of the same name; in the fifth issue, when Chuck Thorndyke talks about possibilities of extraterrestrial life, and in the twenty-first issue, where a toy in her likeness can be seen at the top of the cover. [ [ City comics] ]

The seed in Tails' workshop is seen in "". It is unknown if it will fully grow. However, it is not likely; the plant is probably just another cameo appearance.

Cosmo is voiced by Amy Birnbaum [cite web|url=|title=Amy Birnbaum|publisher=IMDb|accessdate=2008-07-08] in the English version and Etsuko Kozakura in the Japanese version.


Danny, full name Daniel, is an 11-year-old African-American boy and one of Chris Thorndyke's friends and classmates. He helps Sonic and his friends at occasions, and also fights and loses to Chris during the Battle Tournament in episode 45. He is voiced by Naomi Shindoh in the Japanese version and Rachael Lillis in the US.

Dark Oak

Dark Oak is the power hungry leader of the Metarex. He is actually the same species as Cosmo, but is in battle armor. Little is known about his ambitions at first, but more and more is discovered later. For instance why he steals plant eggs. Cosmo supposedly gives her life to stop him.

Dark Super Sonic

Decoe and Bocoe

Decoe and Bocoe are Dr. Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots. Decoe is a tall, slim and gold-colored, while Bocoe is short, stubby and silver. They are almost constantly seen with Eggman, helping him pilot his machinery among other things. The two do not have much in the way of personalities, but are somewhat clumsy and stupid, similar to Scratch and Grounder from "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" in sense that only provide comic relief. Decoe is 198cm (6ft 6in) tall and weighs 200 kg, [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ] while Bocoe is 145 cm (4ft 9in) tall and weighs 220 kg. [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]

Both tend to constantly reflect on their constant failures and both tend to insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and are constantly irritated by Bokkun. In one episode when Eggman's base is attacked, they mistake Eggman for an enemy and try to shoot him down.

Decoe and Bocoe can also "combine" in various ways. The first one, where Bocoe sits on top of Decoe, gives them the ability to summon Bokkun via a light signal sent from Decoe's eyes (seen in Episode 49). The second one is somewhat more useful in combat, as they combine into a rocket launcher (seen in Episode 75). They also have a common dream that they can combine into a powerful battle robot, but it is merely a fantasy (seen in Episode 48).

They also have unseen fighting skills able to defeat an army of Metarex with their bare hands according Doctor Eggman.

In the Japanese version of "Sonic X", Decoe is voiced by Ken Yamaguchi, while his American voice actor is Andrew Rannells. Bocoe's Japanese and English voices are provided by Bin Shimada and Darren Dunstan, respectively.

Edward Tanaka

Edward Tanaka is Chris Thorndyke's Japanese butler. He is tall, thin, looks very stern and wears glasses. He is a skilled martial artist and develops a relationship with Topaz in the first series. He somehow discovered the presence of Sonic and the others long before Ella did and revealed his secret to Chris when he found him scolding Cream. Tanaka entered the Emerald Fighting Tournament and was defeated by Emerl. In the French dub, his first name is revealed to be Edward. Tanaka is 35 years old, 175cm (5ft 9in) tall, and weighs 72kg (155lbs). [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]

In the English dub, he speaks with a stereotypical Japanese accent and is voiced by Darren Dunstan


Ella is Chris Thorndyke's large and jolly maid. Ella seems to enjoy her job, but she dislikes dirt. Ella meets Sonic and the others quickly, after Cream blows her cover at Chris' dinner party. Ella quickly made a close relationship with Cream and Amy. She can become hotheaded at times and can practically do anything when in a bad mood, even piloting the X-Tornado. Ella is 38 years old, 163cm (5ft 4in) tall, and weighs 102 kg. [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]

Ella entered the Emerald Fighting Tournament, battling Big the Cat with a frying pan. Froggy hopped out of Big's fur and jumped on Ella, causing her to faint. However, Big was disqualified for going out of the ring while running from Ella. This entire fight was removed from the American 4kids dub version.

In the English dub, Ella speaks with a stereotypical Spanish accent. She's voiced by Mike Pollock, who also provides Dr. Eggman's voice. In the original Japanese version, she is voiced by deep-voiced female seiyuu Kujira.

In the comic series, Dr. Eggman has a crush on Ella, though she hasn't seemed to notice.

Emer Johnson

Emer Johnson is a famous businessman who owns Station Square's Diamond Stadium. He is 62 years old, 185cm (6ft 1in) tall and weighs 92kg (215lbs). [ [ Johnson information card from "Sonic X"] ] Emer is good friends with the stadium's groundskeeper, Albert, but recently he hasn't spoken to him. Emer wishes to demolish the stadium to replace it with a new indoors stadium, but he wants Albert to be its groundskeeper too. Emer sponsors the battle tournament involving Sonic, Emerl and others. He is seen as a background character throughout the series.


Frances is one of Chris Thorndyke's girl classmates. She is 11 years old, 125 cm (4ft 1in) tall, and weighs 40 kg (88lb). [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ] She has ginger hair and wears red overalls. Frances is voiced by Kerry Williams in the English dub.


Galaxina is Cosmo's older sister, shown to worry a great deal about her and their mother, Hertia. She is physically similar to Cosmo, but with teal features, and is portrayed as very smart, sophisticated, and down-to-earth - the opposite of the dreamy Cosmo. In the original Japanese version, Galaxina has no name; she was referred to as onee-sama ("big sister") by other members of her clan. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in English.


Hawk is a somewhat portly Asian man befriended by Knuckles in episode 17. He recovered the red Chaos Emerald and Shovel Claws on an archaeological dig, both which he later gave to Knuckles. He later helped him destroy the E-91 robot out to get the Emerald as well. While Hawk seemed very weak in his debut performance, it was later shown he was very skilled in the martial arts, when he reappeared in the Battle Tournament for the red Chaos Emerald in episode 45. Despite his skills, he was no match for Tails, and was knocked out of the first round in the tournament. Hawk is 173 cm (5ft 8in) tall and weighs 92 kg (215lb) [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]


Helen is Chris Thorndyke's classmate, who is disabled. She sometimes accompanies Sonic and his friends on their adventures, and most of episode 14 is about her. Helen is 126 cm (4ft 2in) tall, weighs 36 kg (78lb), and is 11 years old. [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ] When they are young, she shows no signs of having romantic feelings toward Chris, but in the future, Helen and Chris are romantically involved with each other. Helen's Japanese voice actress is Noriko Hidaka, and in the dub she is voiced by Amy Birnbaum.


Hertia (called Earthia in the English 4kids dub) is the mother of Cosmo and Galaxina. She is presumably the leader of Cosmo's clan, and chose to flee after the Green Planet was destroyed. Surviving on a fake Planet Egg, she transformed into her true self; a giant tree. The seeds that come from this tree make new offspring, depending if cared for or not. After that, she gives birth to the last of her offspring, which is Cosmo. She then grew weaker and died when the Metarex landed on their ship. She later appears in a holographic image on the abandoned Green Planet, showing how the planet fell. At the final moment of the forestation project, Hertia appears to Cosmo and tells her what to do, and suddenly, Cosmo's amulet shatters. Her last appearance is when Dark Oak has been defeated; suddenly a light (which is Hertia) appears to him and says that they have a second chance. They both then disappear in a flash of light and are never seen again.

Jerome Wise

Jerome was the President's aide, and proved that he would do anything to maintain his lofty position, even going as far as calling in the military in one occasion out of fear the President will be kicked out of office and he will lose his job. He is 175cm (5ft 9in), weighs 68kg (151lbs) and is 42 years old. [ [ Wise information card from "Sonic X"] ] In Episode 14, he calls the military to bring Sonic to the White House for a party (who refuses because of a planned outing with Chris' friend, Helen), and goes as far as to get the reporters purposely drunk (in the dub, it's toned down) so they'll stay. In Episode 21, he initially decides to call the military in (since Sonic refuses to race against Chris's uncle, Sam Speed), but decides against it and secretly calls Eggman and asks for his help. At the end, Jerome is exposed for making the deal, and is fired. Occasionally, one will see him as a homeless man in later episodes.

In the comic series, Jerome returns as a ranking figure in the anti-Sonic organization S.O.N.I.C.X., and is credited with creating their (somewhat ridiculous) name, having spent hours on the Internet to come up with it.


Lily is a small blue female Flicky bird that Amy takes care of during the "Sonic Adventure" adaptation. It wears a locket that contains a Chaos Emerald along with a picture of what Amy assumes to be its brother and sister; a brown and a pink Flicky that turns out to be trapped in E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma, respectively. By the end of the adaptation, the two E-100 robots are destroyed, and Lily is reunited with her siblings. Lily is 20cm (8in) tall and weighs 100 grams [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ]

The bird also appeared in the game, but was only known as "Birdie" and referred to as male. In addition, its relationship with the other two Flickies in the game Amy assumes they are the Blue Flicky's parents.

Linsey Thorndyke

Linsey Thorndyke (born Linsey Flair) is a beautiful famous actress and the mother of Chris Thorndyke, the father being Nelson Thorndyke, she is 37 years old, 170 cm (5ft 7in) tall, and her weight is secret. [ [ Thorndyke information card from "Sonic X"] ] . She is voiced by Naomi Shindoh in Japan, and Jennifer Blood in the US.


E-77 Lucky is a ridiculous looking E-Series robot, created by Eggman to find the 7th Chaos Emerald in Season 1. His main body is a large bell with two visible eyes and the number 7 painted on in red, and he is covered in good luck charms, including 4 leafed clovers and rabbits' feet, he is exactly 100cm (3ft 3in) tall and weighs 100kg [ [ information card from "Sonic X"] ] . Lucky was created because Eggman believed that with a little more luck, he could obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds. At first, Lucky seems to have bad luck, and he is constantly falling down and getting into trouble. But later he is revealed to have good luck when he finds the seventh Chaos Emerald. After the first season, Lucky isn't seen again for a while, until the Emerald Tournament, where for a few rounds he remains on a good luck streak and continues to win by default, but finally loses against Emerl when he falls down during their fight. Lucky's only form of communication is through beeping, similar to R2-D2 of "Star Wars" fame.


Metarex are an army of cyborgs and robots are led by their leader, Dark Oak. They have traversed the galaxy, stealing the ,"Planet Eggs", and objects of great power, leaving whole worlds dead or dying in their wake. Among their victims are Cosmo's homeworld, along with every member of her species except her. They also implanted Cosmo with a hidden sensor in her brain, turning her into an unwilling spy. Their true identy are betrayers of Cosmo's clan on "Zelkova strikes back". In the episode, when his armor fell off, it was really a bretrayer of Cosmo's clan. The member of Cosmo's clan that became Dark Oak was named Lucas.


Molly is a human girl seen in season 3. She hails from a nameless planet (named "Cascade" in the English dub), where she is rescued from the Metarex by Shadow. Shadow notes how much she reminds him of Maria Robotnik, but she later sacrifices herself during a Metarex attack. Shadow then builds a memorial to her honor, and is seen standing by it in the final episode (This scene is cut in the english dub). Molly is voiced by Bella Hudson in the English dub, which notably did not show her death, instead making it seem like she fled Cascade.

Molly flies an aircraft that resembles a futuristic version of the F7U Cutlass, a 1950s US Navy jet fighter. She was flying this fighter when she was killed by the Metarex.

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart is a government agent posing as a school teacher assigned to watch Sonic and his friends by the President. He is a fan of Chris' mother Linsey Flair. He always looks out for him and the kids in his class. He is voiced Andrew Rannells the actor who also voices Decoe in the English dub. His Japanese actor is unknown.


Nazo is an unused character in Sonic X. When Sonic Team released a trailer for the Japanese Sonic X series, a brief image of a silver, glowing hedgehog was shown. The name "Nazo" means "Mystery" in Japanese, and is not official but fan given because a screenshot name was "Nazo.jpg". Nobody knows why Nazo was not in Sonic X, but he was intended to play a large role in the series, according to Sonic Team.

Nelson Thorndyke

Nelson Thorndyke is the wealthy owner of a computer business, he is 43 years old, 180 cm (5ft 11in) tall, weighs 82.5 kg (185lb) [ [ Thorndyke information card from "Sonic X"] ] and is the father of Chris Thorndyke. He is married to Lindsay Thorndyke, and his father is Chuck Thorndyke. He is voiced by Ted Lewis in the English dub.

am Speed

Sam Speed is Chris Thorndyke's maternal uncle and the leader of the Speed Team, a special unit of the Station Square police force that uses high-performance automobiles. His rivalry with Sonic is a recurring theme throughout "Sonic X"'s first two seasons. Sam Speed is 28 years old, 183 cm (6ft) tall, weighs 80 kg (176lb), [ [ Speed information card from "Sonic X"] ] and he is voiced by Souichirou Tanaka in Japan and Frank Frankson in the US.

A running gag in the original Japanese version of the show involves Sam having a different nickname in each of his appearances, some examples being "Highway Star" and "Love Express". In the English version, his only nickname was "Speed King".

carlet Garcia

Scarlet Garcia is a reporter for SSTV news in Station Square and is praised by other journalists. She is in almost every episode of seasons 1 and 2 but is absent from the third. She is 32 years old, 167cm (5ft 6in) tall, weighs 58 kg (130lb) [ [ Garcia information card from "Sonic X"] ] and (as her name suggests) is red haired. Her clothes usually consist of an orange jacket, a skirt to match and a red blouse. Mr. Stewart (going by the name Franklin) teams up with Scarlet posing as a news director to get information on Project Shadow. Because Scarlet's father, who was also a journalist, died researching Project Shadow she was at first reluctant but eventually agreed to help Mr. Stewart. She is voiced by Megan Hollingshead in English.

She has also made appearances in the "Sonic X (comic)" where she is revealed to be the host of a local talk show called "Station Square today".


Topaz is a GUN agent and the human partner of Rouge the Bat. Though at first the regimental Topaz disapproves of the scheming Rouge (who keeps calling her an old lady), the two become friends fast. Their main assignments involved striking at Dr. Eggman and retrieving the Chaos Emeralds, as well as serving as envoys between Sonic and his friends and the government.

Topaz also seems to have romantic inclination towards Chris Thorndyke's butler, Mr. Tanaka. The two have worked together on several occasions, and when Topaz lost in a tournament over the red Chaos Emerald, Tanaka gave her a necklace, a sign of a growing relationship between them.

Topaz's last appearance was when Sonic and his friends were returning home. She said farewell to her partner Rouge, who gave her a ring as a goodbye gift. This is quite unusual, as Rouge usually covets any jewel she comes across. She is voiced by Kayzie Rogers in the English version.

Topaz's outfit is very similar to that of the character Virtua City's female protagonist Janet Marshall from "Virtua Cop 2" and "Virtua Cop 3" and Anne Lewis from "".

Topaz still makes a few appearances in the Sonic X comic book, being once again, Rouge's partner, and their relationship is the same as in the show.


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