Aces High (video game)

Aces High (video game)

"Aces High" is a combat flight simulator and massively multiplayer online game for the PC. It was created by HiTech Creations and released on May 8, 2000.


"Aces High" takes the science and art of World War II aerial combat and places the player at the controls of various WWII-era aircraft, vehicles, and ships. "Aces High" is a massively multiplayer online game. The main focus and heart of the game is air combat, but it does not end there. In addition to a large assortment of aircraft, players may control naval units, boats, tracked tanks, mobile gun platforms, gun batteries, amphibious vehicles, and many more. [ [ Welcome to Aces High II ] ]

While "Aces High" is a combat flight simulator, there is also a community to go along with the game. On the bulletin boards, the player can interact with many other players in conversation on just about any topic you choose. Those who wish to also have the opportunity to join a squadron. Most squadrons have a night where they all fly together to complete a goal. "Aces High" also has ways for the community to make an input in the game. There are several features that allow players to help the game, such as skinners who make new paint schemes for aircraft. Players also have the opportunity to create custom sound packs, request changes and voice opinions about the game, and create custom maps using the "Aces High II" Terrain Editor. [ [ Aces High II Downloads Page ] ]

For those who desire fuller immersion into on-line WWII combat, there are special events [ [ Aces High Special Events ] ] , such as scenarios, snapshots, squad nights, and CAPs. Scenarios are simulated aerial campaigns. They are multi-week events, typically with one or more multi-hour sessions called "frames" per week. They typically involve 100-200 players divided up into two sides with definite objectives, available aircraft, command staff, and mission orders for each side. Snapshots are like one-frame scenarios but more informal, with many fewer participants. Squad nights are like snapshots but available only to members of squads. CAP's or "Combat Air Patrols" are like a series of snapshots, but the outcome of one frame affects the setup for the next, and each successive frame is meant to represent a next time segment of WWII.

The current version is "Aces High II", released in June 2004. It implemented a new graphics engine along with many updates from the previous versions. All Aces High programs receive periodic updates. The updates happen automatically when the player logs into the game for on-line play.


The following aircraft are available in the game.

American aircraft: A-20G, B-17G, B-24J, B-25C, B-25H, B-26B, C-47A, F4F-4, F4U-1, F4U-1A, F4U-1C, F4U-1D, F4U-4, F6F-5, FM2, P-38G, P-38J, P-38L, P-39D, P-39Q, P-40B, P-40E, P-47D-11, P-47D-25, P-47D-40, P-47N, P-51B, P-51D, SBD-5, TBM-3.

British aircraft: Boston Mk III, Hurricane Mk I, Hurricane Mk IIC, Hurricane Mk IID, Lancaster III, Mosquito Mk VI, Seafire Mk II, Spitfire Mk I, Spitfire Mk V, Spitfire Mk VIII, Spitfire Mk IX, Spitfire Mk XIV, Spitfire Mk XVI, Tempest Mk V, Typhoon Mk I.

German aircraft: Ar 234B, Bf 109E-4, Bf 109F-4, Bf 109G-2, Bf 109G-6, Bf 109G-14, Bf 109K-4, Bf 110C-4b, Bf 110G-2, Fw 190A-5, Fw 190A-8, Fw 190D-9, Fw 190F-8, Ju 87D-3, Ju 88A-4, Me 163, Me 262, Ta 152H.

Italian aircraft: C.202, C.205.

Japanese aircraft: A6M2, A6M5b, B5N2, D3A1, Ki-61-I-KAIc, Ki-67, Ki-84-la, N1K2-J.

Russian aircraft: Il-2 Type 3, La-5FN, La-7, Yak-9T, Yak-9U.


American vehicles: Jeep, LVT(A)2, LVT(A)4, M-3, M-8, M-16, Sherman VC.

German vehicles: Ostwind, Panzer IV Type H, Tiger I, Wirbelwind, SdKfz 251.

Russian vehicles: T-34,T-3485 .


Aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, destroyers, and Elco 80' PT Boats.

Gun positions

All gunner positions in aircraft are mannable.

Also mannable are antiaircraft guns at bases, 8" guns on cruisers, 8" shore batteries, 5" guns on various ships, and quad 40 mm and other cannon on various ships.


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