Shaft (2000 film)

Shaft (2000 film)

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name = Shaft

caption = Theatrical Release Poster
director = John Singleton
producer = Mark Roybal
Scott Rudin
Eric Steel
writer = Ernest Tidyman (novel)
John Singleton
Shane Salerno
Richard Price
starring = Samuel L. Jackson Vanessa L. Williams Jeffrey Wright Christian Bale Busta Rhymes Dan Hedaya Ruben Santiago-Hudson Josef Sommer Lynne Thigpen with Toni Collette Philip Bosco Pat Hingle Lee Tergesen Daniel Von Bargen Francisco 'Coqui' Taveras Sonja Sohn Peter McRobbie and Richard Roundtree
Cameo appearances: Mekhi Phifer
music =
editing =
distributor = Paramount Pictures
released = June 16, 2000 (USA)
runtime = 99 min.
language = English
budget = $44,000,000 US (est.)
imdb_id = 0162650

"Shaft" is a 2000 movie that was directed by John Singleton, story by Shane Salerno and John Singleton, screenplay by Shane Salerno, John Singleton and Richard Price, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Toni Collette, Busta Rhymes, Vanessa L. Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Mekhi Phifer and Christian Bale. This film is based on the 1971 film of the same name, and features Richard Roundtree briefly reprising his role as the original John Shaft. Jackson's John Shaft character is the nephew of the original John Shaft [ [ IMDB main record] ] . The film received fairly positive reviews and opened #1 at the box office when it debuted.


NYPD Detective John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) is called in to investigate the racially motivated murder of Trey Howard (Mekhi Phifer), committed by Walter Wade Jr. (Christian Bale), the son of a wealthy real estate tycoon. Shaft briefly meets a potential eyewitness to the murder, Diane Palmiere (Toni Collette), but she disappears soon after and cannot be found for the trial. Wade Jr. is let off on bail and flees to Switzerland.

Two years later, Wade Jr. returns and Shaft rearrests him for leaving the country. During his temporary incarceration at police headquarters, Wade Jr. meets Peoples Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright), a Dominican drug lord. Wade Jr. is let off on bail again, and in frustration Shaft resigns from the police force, promising to bring Wade Jr. to justice on his own terms. Worried that Shaft might find the missing eyewitness, Wade Jr. hires Peoples to find and kill her first.

Shaft continues his search for Diane, enlisting the help of his friends Detective Carmen Vasquez (Vanessa L. Williams) and taxi driver Rasaan (Busta Rhymes). While visiting Diane's uncooperative mother, Shaft and Carmen realise they're being followed by officers Jack Roselli (Dan Hedaya) and Jimmy Groves (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), who have been paid by Peoples to follow Shaft and get to Diane.

Shaft manages to find Diane Palmieri, but before they can talk, they are attacked by Peoples' men. In the shootout, Shaft kills People's younger brother. Shaft, Diane, Rasaan and Diane's brother manage to escape to Rasaan's apartment, but they are followed by Roselli and Groves. While at the apartment, Diane confesses that she saw the entire murder, and took money for her silence.

Samuel L. Jackson uses the line, "That's some [fucked up] repugnant shit," which is from the scene "The Bonnie Situation" in Pulp Fiction.

When Peoples arrives at the location, another shootout takes place. Roselli and Groves, outed as corrupt, are killed by Carmen. In a face-off between Shaft and Peoples, Peoples insinuates that he's been working for Wade, and Shaft kills him.

Wade Jr.'s trial finally arrives. Before it can begin, he is shot in the chest by Trey's mother, Carla Howard (Lynne Thigpen), and dies on the spot.

The film ends with a scene in the police station, where Shaft reiterates to Carmen that he prefers to be a private detective. A woman arrives, asking for Shaft to help her, claiming to have an abusive boyfriend. Shaft is initially reluctant, but when he sees her injury, he decides to help her anyway.


* Samuel L. Jackson as John Shaft
* Vanessa L. Williams as Carmen Vasquez
* Jeffrey Wright as Peoples Hernandez
* Christian Bale as Walter Wade, Jr.
* Busta Rhymes as Rasaan
* Dan Hedaya as Jack Roselli
* Toni Collette as Diane Palmieri
* Richard Roundtree as Uncle John Shaft
* Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Jimmy Groves
* Josef Sommer as Curt Flemming
* Lynne Thigpen as Carla Howard
* Philip Bosco as Walter Wade, Sr.
* Pat Hingle as Judge Dennis Bradford
* Lee Tergesen as Luger
* Daniel von Bargen as Lt. Kearney
* Mekhi Phifer as Trey Howard

The director of the original "Shaft", Gordon Parks, appears in a cameo at the Lenox Lounge party as "Mr. P," as an homage by director John Singleton to the original film.


The soundtrack album entitled "Music from and Inspired by Shaft" was released by LaFace Records on June 6, 2000. Releases include audio cassette, LP record and compact disc, either with explicit or edited lyrics. The music of this album comprises of contemporary R&B, neo-soul and dirty south rap tracks.

"Whoa" by Black Rob is featured in the film according to IMDB, but not included into the album [ [ IMDB OST] ] .

Although the legendary theme has the lyric "...a sex-machine to all the chicks..." the only sex scene was cut and edited into the opening credit montage.


# by Isaac Hayes
# Bad Man by R. Kelly
# Up and Outta Here by R. Kelly
# Do What I Gotta Do by Donell Jones
# Rock Wit U by Alicia Keys
# We Servin' by Big Gipp
# Tough Guy by Outkast
# 2 Glock 9's by T.I.P.
# Summer Rain by Carl Thomas
# Automatic by Sleepy Brown
# Pimp Shit by Too Short
# Cheatin' by Liberty City
# Fix Me by Parle
# How You Want It? by Mil
# Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow by Mystikal
# My Lovin' Will Give You Something by Angie Stone
# Serenata Negra by Fulanito



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