Sakado Station (Saitama)

Sakado Station (Saitama)

infobox japan station
namerom= Sakado
name= 坂戸

caption= Sakado Station south exit
pref= Saitama
city= Sakado
address= 1-1 Hinode-chō
jaloc= 坂戸市日の出町1-1
postal= 350-0225
open= 1916
oldname= Sakado-machi
presentname= 1976
operator= Tōbu Railway
line= Tōjō Line, Ogose Line
stats= 27,150
statsnote= cite web|url=|title=Sakado Station information|language=Japanese|publisher=Tobu Railway|accessdate=2008-07-12]
bus= y

nihongo|Sakado Station|坂戸駅|Sakado-eki is located in the city of Sakado, Saitama, Japan, operated by Tobu Railway. It serves the Tōbu Tōjō Line and also forms the starting point of the Tōbu Ogose Line branchline to Ogose. All services, ("TJ Liner", Rapid Express, Express, Commuter Express, Semi Express, Local) stop at this station.Tōbu Tōjō Line Timetable, published 7 June 2008]

tation layout

The station consists of two sets of island platforms numbered from south to north with exits on the north and south sides. The commuter ticket office is situated on the south side.

A siding on the north side of the station is used for storing track maintenance machines. A stabling track for Ogose Line trains lies to the east of the station, next to the permanent way depot. This was created in 2008.


The Ogose Line platforms (1 and 2) are 4 cars long, and the Tōjō Line platforms (3 and 4) are 10 cars long.


The station first opened on 27 October 1916, named Nihongo|Sakado-machi Station|坂戸町駅, coinciding with the extension of the Tōjō Railway from Kawagoe. At the time of opening, the journey time from Ikebukuro was approximately 1 hour 40 minutes (compared to 45 minutes by express in 2008).cite journal | last = Yamamoto | first = Tomoyuki | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = 東武東上線の神話時代(1)| journal = Japan Railfan Magazine| volume = 48| issue = 570| pages = 126-131| publisher = | location = | date = October 2008] The station was renamed Sakado on 1 September 1976 when Sakado became a city. In 1986, the locomotive depot at the east end of the station was closed, although the sheds remain to this day, used as a track maintenance depot.

Mirrors and platform edge sensors were added to the Ogose Line platforms in 2008 ahead of the start of driver-only operation from June 2008.

Work is scheduled to start in fiscal 2008 to rebuild the station with an elevated concourse providing a link between the north and south sides of the station. Completion is scheduled for fiscal 2010.

Bus services

There is a direct express bus service to/from Narita Airport (via Kawagoe Station). [Narita International Airport Official Website [ "Airport Access Information: Buses & Taxis"] . Retrieved on 8 July 2008] The bus stop is on the south side of the station.


Mount Fuji is visible from one point on this station: the top of the escalator from the Ogose Line platforms at the western end of the station.

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