Love Is the Only Master I’ll Serve

Love Is the Only Master I’ll Serve

Infobox Film
name = love is the only master I'll serve

caption = A promotional poster for the film
director = Nicholas Lens
producer = Nicholas Lens
(executive producer: Brigitte Baudine)
writer = Nicholas Lens

starring = Louise Peterhoff
Claron McFadden
Clara-Lane Lens
music = Nicholas Lens
cinematography = Renaat Lambeets
editing = Simone Rau, Stefan Rijcken
distributor =
released = June, 2006
runtime = 22 min.
language = Swedish / English / Latin
budget =
amg_id =
imdb_id =

love is the only master I'll serve is a symbolical art film (22') written and directed by Nicholas Lens.

Festival selections

*(Worldpremiere) Brooklyn International Film Festival, New York -June 2006 []
*Media and Dance, Tokyo - Japan, 2006

*Napolidanza, Italy, 2006
*The American Dance Festival, USA, 2006


ref. []
One entity, divided in two women addresses himself to an imaginary love-god (represented by a pipe-smoking child).
Body and voice of the divided entity are used to utter a spectrum of opposed sensations -caused by the division- and heightened sensitiveness related to the subject.
The divided entity is seeking a unification, which will not happen without the approval and support of the imaginary love-god.


"(reference Festival program BIFF New York 2006) [] [] "

*The Whisper Kid, symbolizes a personalized love-god.

**she looks with a certain distance and neutrality at the 2 creatures who address themselves to her;
**her image is of pureness and young innocence;
**to cut across this well-spread definition she smokes a big curled hanging pipe;
**sometimes she blows and creates air bubbles of soap with the inhaled smoke;

**by these actions the child character reveals a mysterious, elusive background of her own timelessness, of someone who could possibly be aged but appears this time in a gentle, different form.

*Luna, a human female mortal addressing herself indirectly (and sometimes directly) to the imaginairy love-god.
**she figures as a sculpture, perplexed by the whisper kid, but finally she looks straight in a static camera while she sings her ode to love, she expresses her devotion to the subject (“love is the only master I’ll serve”) by her self-chosen verbal communication;

**her body almost doesn’t move, we only see a severe, sometimes frightened, sometimes completely desperate-for-love face expression.
*Serena, a human female mortal, addresses herself indirectly (and sometimes directly) to the imaginairy love-god.
**she communicates her devotion to the subject by physical expression;

**she dances, using a whole spectrum of facial and body statements, interrupted with spasmodic blitzes of short falling moves and/or like electric shocks, like face and body are crying of pain and uncontrolled passion originated by the subject (as it appears sometimes when long periods of a constant energetic and inner peaceful mood is suddenly effected from outside, unexpectedly and on first sight unnecessary, like the pain of a needle in a body which is in a gentle, lovely sleeping state, a pain, abrupt and short, but more hurting, much deeper as one isn’t prepared for it).

Credits Production

*"Written & Directed by" Nicholas Lens

**Louise Peterhoff, "(Serena)"
**Claron McFadden, "(Luna)"
**(Introducing) Clara-Lane Lens, "(The Whisper Kid)"

**Photography and Camera, Renaat Lambeets
**Choreography, Louise Peterhoff
**Music & Libretto, Nicholas Lens
**Art Director, Pierre-François Limbosch

**Editing, Simone Rau
**Additional Editing, Stefan Rijcken
**Location: Karnak room, Axel Vervoort, Wijnegem, Belgium
**Shooting Days: April 16-17, 2005
**Executive Producer, Brigitte Baudine

**Presented by Tabaran Company
**Produced by Nicholas Lens(reference Festival program BIFF New York 2006) []


Music Production:

The Accacha Chronicles 3rd part, Amor Aeternus -Hymns of Love, Nicholas Lens

** Claron McFadden, Ian Honeyman, Henk Lauwers, Derek Lee Ragin, Elka Simeonova, Galya Haralambieva, Paul Gérimon, Clara-Lane Lens, Angelite -Bulgarian Voices

*"recording & mixing"
**acoustic vs studio's -Sofia, tabaran studio -Brussels, icp -Brussels, villaïda -Casablanca, bleu nuit -Brussels, villalou -Cape Town
*"distributed" (2005) by Sony BMG Classics cd 82876 66238 2
*"published" by Schott Music International, Mainz/New York

External links

* Biff, New York []
* Official website [ Nicholas Lens' Website]
* Schott Music International [,3527.html]
* Internet Movie Data Base []
* Sony BMG []

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