The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Vol01 Cover.jpg
Cover of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes first volume as published by Fujimi Shobo
(Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu)
Genre Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Light novel
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Saori Toyota
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Male
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run February 25, 2002October 25, 2006
Volumes 11
Light novel
The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Saori Toyota
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Male
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run October 25, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 9
Light novel
The Legend of Legendary Heroes Anyway
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Saori Toyota
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Male
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run December 20, 2002June 20, 2007
Volumes 11
Light novel
The Legend of the Black Fallen Hero
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Saori Toyota
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Male
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run December 25, 2007September 25, 2009
Volumes 6
Nantonaku Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Saori Toyota
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run 20022009
Volumes 1
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Hiroko Chōzō
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Dragon Age
Original run July 9, 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 5
Gakuen Denyūden
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by S.Kosugi
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Dragon Age
Original run June 9, 2010 – ongoing
TV anime
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Studio Zexcs
Licensed by Canada United States Funimation Entertainment
Network TV Tokyo
Original run July 1, 2010December 16, 2010
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)
Shin Denyūden Kakumei-hen Ochita Kuroi Yūsha no Densetsu
Written by Takaya Kagami
Illustrated by Riya Hozumi
Published by Square Enix
Demographic Shōnen
Original run July 29, 2010 – ongoing
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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (伝説の勇者の伝説 Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu?) is a Japanese light novel series by Takaya Kagami, with illustrations by Saori Toyota which was published by Fujimi Shobo in Dragon Magazine from February 25, 2002 to October 25, 2006, and has 11 volumes. Its sequel, The Great Legend of the Legendary Heroes (大伝説の勇者の伝説?) began publishing on October 25, 2007 and currently has 9 volumes. The series also has 2 spin-off series, The Legend of Legendary Heroes Anyway (とりあえず伝説の勇者の伝説?), a collection of short stories which ran from December 20, 2002 to June 20, 2007 and was compiled into 11 volumes, and The Legend of the Black Fallen Hero (堕ちた黒い勇者の伝説?), which ran from December 25, 2007 to September 25, 2009 and was compiled into 5 volumes. The series has also spun off into other media including a Drama CD, a manga adaptation which currently has 3 bound volumes and a PSP video game which was released on February 18, 2010 on the PSP. A 24 episode anime adaptation was produced by Zexcs which premiered on July 1, 2010[1] and is licensed by Kadokawa in Japan and Funimation Entertainment[2] in North America.



Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's Academy. One day, the Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul, and Ryner loses his classmates in the war. After the war, Ryner sets out on a journey to search for the relics of a "Legendary Hero" at King Sion Astal's command and finds out that a deadly curse is spreading throughout the continent.


Main Characters

Ryner Lute (ライナ・リュート Raina Ryūto?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)[3]
Frequently appearing to be lethargic, sleepy, and unmotivated, Ryner is the protagonist of the story. He has black eyes and hair and is of slender build; is naturally talented in magic, hand-to-hand combat, arts of assassination, ancient lore, languages and symbols, and the bearer of Alpha Stigma (複写眼 アルファ・スティグマ?), an ocular ability which grants him the ability to analyze various forms of magic. Alpha Stigma bearers when activating their powers, have a pentagram with reddish hue appearing over their pupils. Because of this ability, in a world where magic forms differs from country to country and is a closely guarded secret, he has learned and acquired magic originating from different countries through battles with their mages. Although the Alpha Stigma are the weakest and most common type out of the five types of "Cursed Eyes (魔眼 Magan?)", primarily because the bearers don't live to adulthood to fully utilize their potential before they are slain after going berserk usually at a young age, Ryner's eyes are no ordinary Alpha Stigma.
Ryner Lute's real name is Feruna Lieutolu, and was born of the Noble House of Lieutolu, but because of a pact made with “The Goddesses (女神 Megami?)", a collective legendary power of existences that devours everything, he lost his memories of his childhood, including his real name and the names of his birth parents. Shortly after that, he was found by the military of a bandit village and is captured to be placed in the military, there he underwent training under Germer Kleisrole (ジェルメ・クレイスロール Jerume Kureisurōru?) alongside Pia and Peria.
He has been known as "The Greatest Mage of Roland" within the military since the age of thirteen, after defeating Kuwonto Kuo, who previously held that title. However, because of a lack of intention to kill, he seldom fights at full strength. His magical prowess does not stem solely from his Alpha Stigma, and he was judged by his master Germer as one who possesses a natural high level of comprehension ability and an acute sense in magic. Because of Germer's hellish training which led to serious sleep deprivations, Ryner was always looking for opportunities to catch up on his sleep whenever there was nothing to do, which later became more of a habit than a necessity.
Alpha Stigma bearers are often shunned and called "monsters" as once they go berserk and lose their sanity, they will start killing and destroying indiscriminately and never to return to their senses again. Ryner is thus grateful towards Sion, Ferris, and Kiefer because of their acceptance of him as a human being despite their awareness of him being an Alpha Stigma bearer. Ryner cares about other Cursed Eyes Bearer not wanting them to suffer as he did. He once rescued, Arua, a child bearing the Alpha Stigma from being executed by the Runa Empire. During his time with the God's Eyes group, he thought about staying there and help the children there because he feels that unlike him, they are still innocent and are worth saving.
Moreover, he is regarded as an anomaly because he is the only person to have been able to regain his sanity after losing control of his Alpha Stigma. As such, even after going berserk and killing many innocent, he was allowed to live as a rare research subject. This is mainly because he carries half of the essence ("The Lonely" portion) of the legendary demon lord known as "The Lonely Demon (寂しがりの悪魔 Sabishigari no Akuma?)", which was implanted by his own father, Lieral, in order to save him from what would normally be the doomed fate of an Alpha Stigma bearer.
Ryner has a tendency to distance himself from others because he does not wish to cause harm and grief to others due to his eyes and vice versa. He has caused multiple girls throughout his life to fall in love with him, though he is reluctant to love again after his first love sacrificed herself to save him. He has, however, formed strong attachments to both Keifer and Ferris. After encouragement by Ferris during his temporary departure from Roland, Ryner gains a will to live while accepting the fact that he is a monster, a fact that he has been avoiding.
Undertaking a quest from his trusted friend and the new King of Roland, Sion, and in the company of swordswoman Ferris, he travels across the continent of Menoris in search of the "Relics of Heroes (勇者の遺物 Yūsha no Ibutsu?)", legendary artifacts later more accurately and collectively known as "Rule Fragment (忘却欠片 ルール・フラグメ?, Rūru Furagume)" and "Rule Phajeel (忘却神器 ルール・フアジール?, Rūru Fuajīru)". The undertaking was a result of his own research report into the "Relics of Heroes", with the vision of creating a world with no wars and conflicts. After he returns from his quest, he notices a greater power eating into Sion from within. He eventually unravels a series of conspiracy throughout Roland and its neighboring countries, and discovers a greater force at work. Later, after being betrayed, and with the desire to save his friends, he escapes Roland with Ferris, carrying the hope that Sion can still be saved, eventually traveling with the Anti-Roland Coalition.
During the battle between Gastark and Geihlficlant, while on the verge of death after losing his Alpha Stigma and arms to Ril, Ryner fully awakens as "The Solver of All Equations (すべての式を解く者 Subete no Shiki o Tokusha?)". His Cursed Eyes becomes its true form, appearing as a rainbow-colored blinking tear-shapes over his eyes. This not only grants him the ability to analyze the structure of magic, but also that of human beings and other physical materials as well, and these include the "equations" (a.k.a structures) of "Rule Fragment (忘却欠片 Rūru Furagume?)" (a.k.a "Relics of Heroes"). He also acquires the ability to traverse into the spirit plane at will. When fully activated it allows him to deconstruct infinite numbers of any object living or inanimate at will, but it requires the sacrifice of the soul belonging to a loved one. And it was revealed to him by his father later on, that the soul of his mother had been the sacrifice during the awakening. Currently, in the latest installation of the novel, his ability is being clouded by Remurus's curse.
Ferris Eris (フェリス・エリス Ferisu Erisu?)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)[3]
A blonde-hair bishōjo with blue eyes, Ferris, who comes from a famous Swords-Clan (剣の一族 Tsurugi no Ichizoku?) designated to serve as guards to the King of Roland, is the heroine of the story. She carries a typically emotionless expression, is extremely proud of her own beauty, and is fanatic about dango (Japanese dumpling) and can do almost anything for the sake of dango. Her need for dango is so important that she once extended the classical expression on the three needs for survival, 'I', 'Shoku', 'Jū' (clothing ( i?), food ( shoku?),shelter ( ?)), to 'I', 'Shoku', 'Jū', 'Da', where 'Da' stands for 'dango'.
Since young, Ferris had undergone numerous torturous training and was abused as a child due to her family practicing the dark tradition of incest to keep its bloodline pure, which was a practice used to preserve the extraordinary strength and reflexes of the Eris clan. Ferris was originally supposed to marry her brother. However both Ferris and her sister were considered to be unworthy of preserving the Eris bloodline by her parents. At the age of fourteen, Ferris would have been violated by her parents with the emotionless intention of conceiving a new and possibly more suitable daughter, were it not for her brother's murdering of their parents and forever ending the Eris's family dark legacy.
Ferris is incredibly skilled in the sword, moves with inhuman speed and reflexes, and assigned by Sion to accompany Ryner on his quest to search for the "Relics of Heroes". Milk once commented that because mages require time to finish their incantations, it's impossible for them (Milk and her party) to survive their encounter with Ferris because of her inhuman speed. Ferris enjoys teasing and bullying Ryner, but in truth see him as an important and capable partner. Their associates such as Sion, Toale, and Arua, among others, see their constant bantering as unreserved interactions between close friends. Ferris once thought Ryner to be naive and foolish when shown the first page of his report by Sion before they started their travels, in which he talked about an ideal world where nobody kills anyone, experiences the loss of a loved one, or ever gets killed from wars and conflicts. However throughout their travels, and through the experiencing of multiple dangerous situations, they've formed a tight bond and developed a strong rapport and understanding of each other during fights. During this time, Ferris starts becoming capable of more emotions gradually, and started seeing Ryner as someone who cannot be left alone before he gets himself hurt again, physically and emotionally. Eventually, Ferris unconsciously develops deeper feelings for Ryner, going into tears and then into a berserk rage when she believed Ryner to be dead, attacking an opponent far superior to her with no second thoughts other than vengeance and no thought of her own well-being.
After rescuing Ryner from prison, she later defects from Roland with Ryner, Iris, Arua and Kuku and was nearly killed by Froaude if not for Lucile's intervention, before traveling with the Anti Roland Coalition. When Kiefer was later reunited with Ryner, and Ferris becomes aware of Kiefer and Ryner's feelings towards each other, she is shown to be capable of expressing jealousy and has never once called Kiefer directly by her name.
Ferris's sword possesses the "God Devouring (神喰い Kami Kurai?)" power a talisman Ryner's father placed in her sword, which can cut off the demon within Ryner, but with the price being her own life upon invocation. She was requested by Ryner's father to invoke this power to save Ryner when the time arises, and she gave him her word.

Roland Empire

Sion Astal (シオン・アスタール Shion Asutāru?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)[3]
Son of the previous king and a lowly commoner, Sion is the current king of Roland, located at the southern part of the continent of Menoris, just north of Estabul. He has silver hair and golden eyes. Because of his lowly birth, he was shunned and hated by his half brothers. While enrolled at the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, he got acquainted with Ryner and Kiefer. He vowed at a young age to become king so he can fix this corrupted world. During a war in the years he was enrolled in the military academy, after Ryner wiped out fifty Mage Knights from Estabul, which was mainly a result of Ryner's Alpha Stigma going out of control, Sion was given the credit and named Hero of Roland. Thereafter, together with Claugh and Calne, and with the secret backing of Lucile, he led a revolution and ascended the throne, and is often known as the "Hero King of Roland".
Sion is well loved by his people and his servants, and considers Ryner to be his best friend. However, within his own court, he has to deal with numerous antagonistic plots from the dissented nobles who preferred the old form of tyrannical rule, and when one of these plots killed Fiole, a commoner he befriended who became his personal assistant, he is filled with pain at his lack of power to prevent that. Sion is a tactical genius and perfectly willing to make sacrifices so the greater good can be accomplished, even if the method is often extreme, though he is frequently troubled when forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. During his reign as king, he is often torn by the knowledge that sacrifices had to be made as a result of his decisions to achieve his goals, which includes the conducting of inhumane experiments on other bearers of the "Cursed Eyes" to harness their powers as weapons, the killing of less to save more, and that sooner or later he must kill Ryner to secure his kingdom from within. He once remarked that while he wished for the same end as Ryner, the means by which he intends to use to secure the end greatly differs from that of Ryner's ideal. When Ryner received a note citing if he loses control of his power he will be put to death from one of Sion's soldiers, Ryner decides to join up with Tiir which cause the two to part ways. Sion become greatly distressed despite putting up a strong front toward his people until Lucille triggered the awakening of "The Mad Hero" in Sion's body.
Following the awakening of "The Mad Hero" inside Sion, he tries to kill Ryner to prevent "The Mad Hero" from devouring Ryner sending him to hell but fails to do so. Sion then gives his body to "The Mad Hero" who starts conquering other countries.
Because of a contract made with "The Mad Hero (狂った勇者 アスルード・ローランド?, Asurūdo Rōrando)", the first King of Roland, enemy of "The Goddesses", "The Mad Hero" now resides in Sion and slowly consumes him from within, gradually leading him to suddenly exhibit moments of a split personality from time to time. In order to reach the territory of "The Goddesses", Sion initiated the invasion of Roland's former allies, which includes Imperial Nelpha and Runa Empire, and conquered the southern part of Menoris. Thereafter, he was betrayed by ally Remurus Empire and lost a part of his land as well as Calne, who appeared to be captured in the battle.
Lucile Eris (ルシル・エリス Rushiru Erisu?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和 Sugita Tomokazu?)[3]
A cold, calm and reserved man, Lucile is the Head son of the Eris Swords-Clan, a position which he inherited after killing his own parents, who were also blood siblings, in order to save Ferris from their father. His action stemmed partly from his more-than-brotherly love for Ferris(though Ferris once mentioned that Lucille would have killed her if she fails to protect Sion). The Eris House is a major House of Roland and for generations had served as personal guards to the King of Roland.
Lucile's real name is Relx Eris (レルクス・エリス Rerukusu Erisu?). After the "God Devouring (神喰い Kami Kurai?)" incantation was implanted into his head by Ryner's father, Lieral, he devoured the "Demon portion" of "The Lonely Demon" which was sealed beneath the Eris's house, thereafter acquiring half of His essence and becoming Lucile Eris, "The Weaver of All Equations (すべての式を編む者 Subete no Shiki o Amu Mono?)". In addition, he also devoured ω (the Curse for erasing "The Weaver of All Equations), made a contract with a thousand demons, and devoured the simulacrum of "The Goddess", and consequently gained an immense amount of power. His body has an ethereal nature and cannot be harmed by even "Rule Fragment" artifacts. However, he is not invincible and cannot yet come close to the level of "The Goddesses" in power. To Ryner's Alpha Stigma, he exists as a void which Ryner claims that it is a binding curse placed on him.
Lucille appears to be very knowledgeable regarding the legendary powers of the past such as The Lonely Demon, The Goddesses and The Mad Hero. Throughout the story, his many actions that has proven that such as devouring the "Demon portion" of "The Lonely Demon" and the simulacrum of "The Goddesses" as well as triggering the awakening of "The Mad Hero" in Sion's body. In fact, he told Sion that both he and Ryner are the Gears that move the world in reference to "The Mad Hero" and "The Lonely Demon".
Before Sion became king, Lucile tested his "eligibility" to ascend the throne by having him entering a contract with "The Mad Hero", and thereafter backing him in the revolution, which in truth was driven by his own hidden agenda, where he will not hesitate to kill Sion if he (Sion) strays from his (Lucile) intended path. While he can apparently be at anywhere almost instantly within Roland, because of a curse, Lucile's movements are restricted and he is unable to set foot outside the Roland Empire. However, the limitations are correlated to the current boundaries of Roland, and as Roland's boundaries expand, Lucile's ability to move freely expands as well. Lucile normally stays in the shadows, close to Sion whenever he is in Roland, in order to guard him from assassins sent by "The Goddess".
He once told Ryner that they are both monsters and are not worthy of having Ferris who is a human. He further states that he only allowed Ryner to be with Ferris because he cannot obtain or reach for anything with his blood-stained hands when his life itself is of no value. In fact, Lucile cares for Ferris to the extent that Miran Froaude claims that Ferris is Lucile's weakness.
Milk Callaud (ミルク・カラード Miruku Karādo?)
Voiced by: Saki Fujita (藤田 咲 Fujita Saki?)[3]
The captain of one of the Roland taboo hunter teams. Made a promised with Ryner many years ago in their orphanage to marry him, Ryner of course does not remember this. Was sold to a noble's house soon after. Dislikes Ferris, but is willing to put up with her because she makes Ryner happy. Is actually the reincarnation of one of the goddess of fate that fell in love with the demon lord" The lonely one" thousands of years ago.
Milk is not aware that Ryner's activity is actually an order from Sion and believes that Ferris is the person forcing Ryner to break the rules. She is also unaware that Ryner is an Alpha Stigma bearer. Later, she was abducted by Miran Froaude to force Luke Stokkart to kill Ryner but was released. Thereafter she learns about the events happening around Roland.She now works for Roland as one of Sion's best agents, along with the taboo breaker squad. She also now has the determination to kill.
Claugh Klom (クラウ・クロム Kurau Kuromu?)
Voiced by: Atsushi Imaruoka (伊丸岡 篤 Imaruoka Atsushi?)[3]
A young man in his early twenties, with red hair, Claugh is a senior statesman of Roland and the right-hand man of Sion and is also known as “Claugh of the Crimson Finger (紅指のクラウ?)”, a title he gained as his bare right hand is always stained with the enemies' blood on the battlefield. He was instrumental in helping Sion succeed in the revolution to overthrow the previous tyrant, Sion's father, and today he holds the position of Field Marshal of Roland's army. Despite the fact that he is not in complete agreement on many of the tough decisions that Sion had to make out of necessity, he remains absolutely loyal to Sion. Claugh dislikes putting himself in a safe place while others are fighting, and prefers to use his muscles to handle the military side of the country, than to use his head to work out the intricacies of politics, policies, among other stuff. Because of this he is often envious of Miller for being able to reject promotions, and of Luke for being able to go on stealth missions. Aside from his battle prowess, Claugh was described by Froaude as a highly charismatic person, is well liked by both the populace and his men, and this was an essential quality to head the army during tough times.
While suppressing the rebellion from the vassal country of Estabul, Claugh saves the former princess of Estabul, Noa Ehn, from death during Froaude's extermination exercise on Estabul's nobles. While he was initially oblivious to the romantic feelings that Noa carries for him, as well his own feelings, eventually they develop a more steadfast mutual love relationship, though Claugh still carries some reservations and doubts.
There are three things that Claugh hated in his life: Roland's former tyrannical king and his nobles, Miran Froaude, which improved ever so slightly over time, and the worst of them all Tiia Rumiblue (ティーア・ルミブル Tīa Rumiburu?), the bearer of Cursed Eyes “Īno Dwōe (殲滅眼 イーノ・ドゥーエ?, Īno Dwōe)”. When he was a child, part of his right arm was bitten off by Tiia, and in order to maintain the functionality of his arm, he was tattooed with a red magical inscription on his arm. This inscription when invoked, gives Claugh the power to almost instantaneously slice anything into fine pieces with his right hand, including human beings. He mistook Tiia's eyes to be Alpha Stigma, since Alpha Stigma is much more common than other Cursed Eyes and the general awareness of the existence of other Cursed Eyes is much less, and saw him as a monster. Later, he fought a battle with Tiir and was overwhelmed easily, losing his right arm in the process. In order to exact revenge on Tiia, Claugh uses a forbidden curse under Sion's order to attain an artificial jet-black arm, and became known as “The Death God with a Black Hand (黒手の死神 Kurote no Shinigami?)”.
Calne Kaiwal (カルネ・カイウェル Karune Kaiweru?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城 みゆき Sawashiro Miyuki?)[3]
A young man from the same orphanage as Claugh, Calne is described as Sion's left-hand man. He respects and is on close terms with Claugh and addresses him as senpai, and like Claugh, was an instrumental force in the revolution led by Sion against the previous tyrant of Roland. He is in charge of mainly the domestic and administrative affairs of Roland and also holds a military rank of major general.
Calne has a reputation of being a philanderer, and this appears to stem partly from his way with dealing with stress from the dissented nobles daily, as well as him holding the belief that military people like him may die any time and should not be involved in a long-term relationship. As such, and adding to this the fact that Fiole is a good friend of his, despite him being secretly in love with Eslina, he never once confesses his feelings. At the same time, he tries to push her away by being flashy in his philandering practices.
After Roland succeeded in its conquest campaign of the south, with an army of two hundred thousand strong, Calne is assigned to guard the People's District of Urd (ウルド民管区?). Subsequently, due to the betrayal of Remurus Empire, he suffered defeat and is apparently captured in battle with his fate currently unknown.
Miran Froaude (ミラン・フロワード Milan Furowado?)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)
With raven-black hair and eyes, Miran Froaude holds the rank of Lieutenant General of the Roland Imperial Army and is the adopted son of the former Marquis Karlal Froaude, bought as an orphan by the Noble House of Froaude. He rose through ranks quickly to hold the rank of Colonel at a young age of seventeen. He came to Sion to propose to work at his side and to undertake the covert ops and dark deeds of necessity, believing that Sion has the caliber of a true king, one who can make difficult decisions and understands the importance of sacrificing less to save more. Froaude (as he's referred in the story mostly by his last name) believes that the only way to attain maximum peace is to unite the whole continent under one rule. He is cold-hearted, emotionless, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals with the maximum possible efficiency. Despite his extreme methods, sometimes carried out on autonomy without the knowledge or permission of Sion, he holds a deep loyalty towards Sion, and is willing to risk his life if necessary, to achieve the grander goal of uniting Menoris under Roland.
Froaude's adopted father holds an unnatural love for him, and was killed by Froaude's own hands together with the rest of the Nobles of Roland during an annihilation trap he laid in order to stabilize Roland internally before Sion can turn his attention to external affairs. It was during that time that he first met Ril Orla and realized that other countries are already making their moves, and would have died if not for the timely arrival of Claugh. Thereafter, he was double promoted to Lieutenant General.
A descendent of Halford Miran, a legendary hero, Froaude is skilled in Roland's magic and also possesses the Rule Fragment known as "The Ring of the Dark Emperor (黒叡の指輪 Kokuei no Yubiwa?)", which grants him the ability to summon shadow beasts, which have a variety of forms and attacks, can merge to form a protective barrier for a maximum of eight seconds and reattach missing limbs. He first met Ryner and Ferris at Toale's residence and without realizing they are also working for Roland, dealt Ferris a serious wound. During their second encounter while they were fighting Sui and Kuu, he indirectly saved Kuku by dealing Sui a fatal injury. Despite then knowing they were agents of Roland, he hid his identity by claiming he is from the Stohl Empire. But because of Ryner and Ferris's beliefs, he expressed that it's a pity that eventually he would still have to kill them and left, gaining Sui's Rule Fragment, Blade of Dolueli, during that battle.
Froaude is constantly curious about the extent of Lucile's powers, and even risks his own life to test for any possible weaknesses in Lucile which he concludes that Ferris is Lucile's weakness. Within Sion's court, he is the only person besides Lucile who knows of the existence of "The Mad Hero" within Sion.
Noa Ehn (ノア・エン Noa En?)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (高橋美佳子 Takahashi Mikako?)[3]
Former princesss of Estabul Kingdom which was right at the southernmost end of Menoris, the only daughter of King of Estabul, Ruwe Ehn (ルウェ・エン?), Noa is a seventeen year old (when first introduced) beauty with navy-blue long hair tied up in a ponytail. She has a very sharp and brilliant mind, and is well-loved by the people of Estabul.
While technically, Noa was the figurehead of the rebellion against Estabul's liege country, Roland, she was actually used by a noble of Estabul, Salawel (サラウェル Saraweru?), whom she trusts and betrayed her when the rebel nearing its end. After the rebellion was suppressed by Claugh Klom and Miran Froaude, she was nearly killed by Froaude if not for Claugh's intervention. Thereafter, she was inducted into the nobility of Roland as part of a peaceful effort to stabilize Estabul which was merged with Roland, and subsequently resides within the royal compounds of Roland. She is in a romantic relationship with Claugh, who is six years older, and constantly worries about his well-being as he has a tendency to overdo things. Later, she aided Claugh to use her influence to help merge the army of Estabul with Roland.
Rahel Miller (ラッヘル・ミラー Rahheru Mirā?)
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (増谷 康紀 Masutani Yasunori?)[3]
A practical man in his thirties, Miller (as he is referred by his last name in the story) is the commanding officer of the "Taboo Breaker" squad. He holds the military rank of a Major, and is also the husband of Ryner's master, Germer Kleisrole (ジェルメ・クレイスロール Jerume Kureisurōru?). He is extremely sharp and intelligent and often called a genius, and the brains in Sion's revolution. He was originally asked by Sion to become the Field Marshal due to his abilities veteran experience and seniority in Roland's military affairs, but rejected the position, preferring to work behind the scenes, gathering and developing talent, gathering intelligence, and managing covert operations. He appears to have also developed an interest in knowing Sion and Ryner's actual relationship.
Luke Stokkart (ルーク・スタッカート Rūku Sutakkāto?)
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino (日野 聡 Hino Satoshi?)[3]
A member of the Taboo Hunter Squad that is ordered by Sion to keep surveillance on Ryner during his journey. He is very skilled fighter and is a good cook. Luke respects and concerns for his Captain, Milk Callaud. Luke is also a master in magic trap where he uses his magic in forms of trap. In fact, Luke is so skilled to the extent that he easily defeated Miran Froaude (albeit with the use of the Rule Fragment Latsel Thread which he picked up after Ryner accidentally left it behind). Luke serves Sion with loyalty and has concerns for Ryner, informing him at a time that a paper has been issued ordering Ryner's assassination in the territory of Roland. This causes Ryner's temporary escape/disappearance.
Lear Rinkal (リーレ・リンクル Rīre Rinkuru?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (岡本 信彦 Okamoto Nobuhiko?)[3]
A member of Roland's Taboo Hunter Squad alongside squad captain Milk Callaud, Luke Stokkart, Lach Velariore and Moe Velariore. Fights with a sword
Lach Velariore
A member of Roland's Taboo Hunter Squad alongside squad captain Milk Callaud, Luke Stokkart, Lear Rinkal and Moe Velariore. Fights with a sword
Moe Velariore
A member of Roland's Taboo Hunter Squad alongside squad captain Milk Callaud, Luke Stokkart, Lear Rinkal and Lach Velariore. Fights with a sword
Fiole Folkal (フィオル・フォークル Fioru Fōkuru?)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino (入野 自由 Irino Miyu?)[3]
A cheerful and hardworking young man, Fiole was a commoner and got separated from his sister, Eslina, who was abducted by the nobility of Roland to be presented to Sion. He first tried to kill the nobles responsible and attacked Sion without knowing who he was. After realizing what was happening, Sion eventually returns Eslina to Fiole, and hired him as a personal assistant. He respected and admired Sion greatly, and was grateful that he became king, and worked hard to serve Sion to the best of his ability. Not long after, he was killed by assassins from the nobles making up the Anti-King faction which plots to remove Sion during the early period of his reign.
Eslina Folkal (エスリナ・フォークル Esurina Fōkuru?)
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu (竹達彩奈 Taketatsu Ayana?)[3]
Sister of Fiole, Eslina is a girl with shoulder-length amber-colored hair. She was fourteen years of age when she made her first appearance in the story. She is very close to Fiole as she had lost her parents at the age of eight, leaving Fiole her only family. Later after Fiole's death, with the desire to inherit Fiole's will, she first served in Sion's cabinet as Calne's personal assistant. During that period, Eslina actively attempts to attract the romantic attention of Calne, and hopes to put a permanent end to his philandering practices. After Roland subjugated the south of Menoris, she is assigned to work in Runa Empire as a civil officer. When she heard about the defeat of Calne's army by the Remurus army, and Calne's whereabouts are yet unclear, she cannot sit still and returns to serve at the side of Sion, who is launching a campaign against Remurus.
Germer Kleisrole (ジェルメ・クレイスロール Jerume Kureisurōru?)
Wife of Rahel Miller. She once taught Ryner, Pia and Peria. She only appears in flashback.

Gastark Empire

Refal Edia (レファル・エディア Refaru Edia?)
He is the ruler of the Gastark Empire and a powerful warrior. He, like Sion, dislikes the idea of waging war, and tries to reduce casualities as much as possible, as he believes there is no other way to prevent war, than waging war itself. He eventually meets Kiefer, in a battle against Stohl, and shows a liking for her, after she tried to protect two defenseless children, and eventually invites her to his side, to which she declines for the moment. He possesses the Rule Fragment known as Glouvil, which is a large one bladed sword, which upon sacrificing something, grants him great destructive powers that can easily surpass those of a large-scale spell. So far he has sacrificed his right leg, sense of smell, and his left eye for this.
Before invading the central of Menoris continent, Refal release Kiefer who was suspected to be a Roland spy informing her of Sion's betrayal on Ryner and asking her to rescue him.He is Voiced By Kazuya Nakai in the Anime

Rigwaltz Pentest (リーグルワーズ・ペンテスト Rīguruwāzu Pentesuto?)
Commander of the mage knight battalion of Gastark.
Ril Orla (リル・オルラ Riru Orura?)
The eldest of the Orla family, Ril has short peach colored hair and a cool and calm disposition. He wields the Rule Fragment, “The Ring of Thunder Beasts (來獣の指輪?)”, allowing him to summon magical beasts of light. The Ring is said to be on the same level of power as Froaude's “Ring of the Dark Emperor”. He also possesses the Rule Fragment, "Rock Devourer (石喰い スパンクエル?, Supan Kueru)" which is use to extract out crystals from Cursed Eyes. In addition to that, he possesses a number of crystallized “Cursed Eyes” which he can invoke as weapons. Ril also appears to be knowledgeable in Cursed Eyes, Rule Fragment and the Legendary existence, noted when he could tell that Ryner has "The Solver of All Equation" implanted inside his body which his brother failed to notice. When he first fought Froaude, he was demonstrated to be a quick-witted and cunning opponent, and almost killed Froaude if not for the timely arrival of Claugh. Unlike his siblings, he operates alone and carries out infiltration and assassination missions for the Gastark Empire. Later, during the battle with Geihlficlant, as Ryner was covering for Ferris, he took advantage of an opening and stole Ryner's Alpha Stigma. Thinking that Ryner's death was imminent, as to a Cursed Eye bearer, the eyes are as important an organ as the brain or the heart, he left the battlefield together with his siblings without realizing what he did was part of Voice's plan in triggering off Ryner's complete awakening.
Sui Orla (スイ・オルラ Sui Orura?)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima (寺島 拓篤 Terashima Takuma?)[3]
A tall lanky guy with peach colored hair with a comb attached to his hair, Sui is Kuu's elder brother and frequently travels together with Kuu. He is a young aspiring author with a seemingly friendly personality. However, underlying, he carries a strength and power beyond that of a normal human being. He possesses the Rule Fragment known as "The Comb of Elemio (エレミーオの櫛 Eremīo no Kushi?)". The artifact is shaped like a comb and can be used to fire a powerful shockwave against the enemy, and is said to be an ideal weapon to counteract a berserk Alpha Stigma bearer's pentagram-shaped deconstruction power. In the anime, instead of firing a shockwave, it appears to emit an anti-magic forcefield. He also picked up the Rule Fragment that Ryner discarded after accidentally summoning a dragon from it. This Rule Fragment, "Blade of Dolueli (ドルエリの剣鱗 Dorueri no Kenrin?)", is in the form of a dagger with a blue blade, and upon invocation by stabbing the sword into something, grants the invoker the power to call forth flames, which varies depending on the user and his will. In Sui's case, it took the form of a dragon encompassing his whole arm. The only anomaly was that, Ryner summoned a dragon the first time he misused it. Later, Sui revealed this phenomenon occurred because the ground has no will unlike humans as such it summoned out a dragon.
Like Refal and Ril, Sui is an expert in the subject on "Cursed Eyes" and has a "hobby" of killing "Cursed Eye" bearers, crystallizing their eyes and adding them to his collection, which were later utilized as weapons by the Gastark Empire. In his second encounter with Ryner and Ferris, he forced Ryner into berserking, without realizing that Ryner's Alpha Stigma is not any other Alpha Stigma, and was seriously wounded by the berserk Ryner, losing his hand and the "Comb of Elemio" in the process, before being whisked away by Kuu's inhuman speed. Later he was fatally wounded by Frouade in another battle, and would have been finished off if not for Ferris's interception, before being carried away again by Kuu. Eventually, during the battle with Geihlficlant, he was tasked by Refal to retrieve Kiefer, which led him to another fight with Ryner, who was eventually apparently "slain" by Ril. During that battle, he wields a new Rule Fragment that looks like the Blade of Dolueli, except that it has a red blade rather than a blue one.
Kuu Orla (クゥ・オルラ Ku Orura?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise (伊瀬 茉莉也 Ise Mariya?)[3]
A fourteen year old girl with long peach colored hair, Kuu is the youngest of the Orla family and is often seen wearing a completely black dress. While she has a bishōjo appearance, she carries a wicked tongue, and appears to be more mature than Sui, often complaining that she has to look after him, and may never to be able to become a bride because of this. Like her brother Sui, she wields a Rule Fragme known as "The Scythe of Ailuchrono (アイルクローノの鎌 Airukurōno no Kama?)". The artifact is in the shape of a large scythe, and rapidly increases the wielder's strength and speed, allowing Kuu to easily match up to Ferris's speed. The blade also has the ability to freeze anyone who comes into contact with it, and Kuu manages to use this ability to stop Sui from bleeding to death. As a side effect, the artifact "freezes" the wielder's heart as well and Kuu will lose all her emotional capacity when she's wielding it.

God's Eyes Group

Enne Lune (エーネ・ルネ Ēne Rune?)
Leader of the God's Eyes Group, Enne has the body of a young girl, but is really of unknown age. The bearer of Torch Curse (未来眼, トーチ・カース, Tōchi Kāsu), when her powers became active, her body was cursed to stop growing. Invoking her eyes causes red-colored flying birds to appear over her eyes and allow her to see accurately into the future. She directs the God's Eyes Group, and from her ability she sees Lieral as a threat to the world. She also wants Ryner to act as a medium between the God's Eyes bearers and humans and become their king.
Tiir Rumibul (ティーア・ルミブル Tīa Rumiburu?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井 孝宏 Sakurai Takahiro?)[3]
A bearer of Cursed Eyes Īno Dwōe (殲滅眼, イーノ・ドゥーエ, Īno Dwō) who is a devourer of flesh, Tiir Rumiblue has black hair and eyes. To satiate his unnatural hunger and at the same time power up, he consumes flesh and absorbs magic. He is also shown to have amazing athletic abilities, strength, and regenerative ability through the devouring. When he invokes his cursed eyes, a cross-shaped symbol appears over his pupils, allowing him to absorb magic of any form. Because of his cursed eyes, he is unable to use magic of any form, and before birth, he devoured his mother from the inside, killing her in the process. According to Tiir himself, this was said to be how Īno Dwōe bearers come forth into this world.
He has a past encounter with Claugh Klom. He spared Claugh's life prior to the events of the story, devouring Claugh's arm but not killing him. Claugh later regrew his arm through a forbidden curse developed by the former Roland. The two fight again later on and Tiir easily defeats Claugh, who loses his right arm again in the process. Claugh later uses forbidden cursed magic developed by the 'new' Roland under the secret orders of Sion, to once again regrow his arm, which is covered in pitch-black color this time round.
While Tiir is depicted as a ruthless murderer, he has shown sincere care for other Cursed Eyes or in his case God's Eyes bearer. He has a deep hatred towards Gastark due to their actions of hunting them and killing them to gouge out crystals.
Tiir and his comrades see themselves as special, being granted with special powers not available to others. Thus they refer their eyes as God's Eyes, rather than Cursed Eyes. Every now and then, he will seek out a cursed eye bearer to add to their group under the direction of Lafra, bearer of Ebula Crypt (夢置眼, エブラ・クリプト, Ebura Kuriputo). By using these eyes, red dots appear over the eyes and Lafra can see into the dreams of others and uses it to find other cursed eyes bearer. He was forced to leave Ryner to rescue two children in his care from Lir Orla.
Later, Tiir is tasked by Enne to hunt down and kill Lieral. Since Lieral's whole body was infused by magic, as an Īno Dwōe bearer, Tiir is his perfect bane.

Anti-Roland Coalition

Voice Feurel (ヴォイス・フューレル Voisu Fūreru?)
A young man and a self-proclaimed hentai, Voice is the Supreme Commander of the Anti-Roland Coalition, and appears to be under the influence of the Goddesses. He possesses four pieces of the “Derunio (Death Displacement Stone) (死の転移 デルニオ?, Derunio) Rule Fragme, which can be used to heal even the gravest of injuries of a person on the brink of death. In return, the stones need to suck up blood to replenish their powers and this is a slow process. He rescued Toale's army and people from extermination by Roland, and saved the lives of the seriously wounded Toale, Ryner and Ferris with the stones. Later he made use of Ryner and his companions in the war between Gastark and Geihlficlant. While originally at loggerheads with Pia, he eventually sought her alliance to support Ryner as the new king of the Coalition and fight against Roland and the Mad Hero.
A jester most of the time, in serious circumstances, Voice was also demonstrated to be a practical and emotionless person. This could be seen when he decided to throw away Reyluca's life to save up the limited Derunio stones for more important and critical usage during the war with Gastark.
Reyluca Redner (レイルカ・レデーナ Reiruka Redēna?)
With brown hair and black eyes, Reyluca is a young, talented bishōjo. She is in love with Voice and bears absolute loyalty to him. During the war between Gastark and Geihlficlant, she shielded Voice from Ril's attacks and in spite of being on the verge of death, she did not seem to mind even when Voice wanted to sacrifice her to save up the Derunio stones. She was ultimately saved when Voice was pressured by Ryner and his companions.
Harmit Voluph (ハーミット・ヴォルフ Hāmitto Vorufu?)
With long deep blue hair, Harmit, like Reyluca, is a close aide to Voice, and serves as a lady warrior.

Azure Princess Group

Pia Vaaliey (ピア・ヴァーリエ Pia Vārie?)
Sprouting light blue long hair and possessing a flighty nature, Pia is the Queen of the Azure Princess Mercenary Group, which is employed by Geihlficlant Empire to crush small countries in Central Menoris. She has a hereditary talent in magic, and originally, with Peria and Ryner, she underwent hellish training in the Germer Kleisrole Institute, before running away with Peria and Zorra. Currently she is allied with the Anti-Roland Coalition with a common goal of defeating the Mad Hero, but is still at odds with their supreme commander, Voice Feurel, stating that she is only helping Ryner. Sees herself as an older sister to Ryner and the rest.
Peria Peruela (ペリア・ペルーラ Peria Perūra?)
A young man with blond hair and possessing a competitive nature, Peria left Roland together with Pia, and serves her as a close aide and also performs covert ops such as intelligence gathering. He is in love with Pia.
Zorra Rom (ゾーラ・ロム Zōra Romu?)
Zorra is a magician formerly employed in Roland's Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squad and was tasked to hunt down Pia and Peria. On meeting Pia, he fell in love with her on first sight. Eventually, at a later date, he joins Pia's group and serves as an assassin.


Kiefer Knolles (キファ・ノールズ Kifa Nōruzu?)
Voiced by: Fuyuka Ōura (大浦 冬華 Ōura Fuyuka?)[3]
With scarlet hair and eyes, Kiefer is described to be a young pretty lady and stands slightly shorter than Ferris. She debuted in the story with short crop hair, but later in “The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend”, three years after meeting Sion and Ryner in the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, she now sprouts shoulder-length hair. While appearing to be soft-spoken, she is bold in her feelings and has a caring heart. She is also portrayed as intelligent and relatively more skilled in magic than the average mage.
Kiefer is of Estabul origins, and at the age of fourteen, after Estabul had already become a vassal country of Roland, she witnessed the death of her elder sister under the hands of Roland's mage knights during the rule of the former tyrannical King of Roland, while her elder sister tried to protect Kiefer and her younger sister. In order to save her younger sister, the last of her remaining family, she agreed to become a spy for Roland while her younger sister was taken hostage. While pretending to work as a spy for Estabul and infiltrating the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, she is in fact a double agent working for Roland, and as such is versed in both Estabul and Roland magic.
Despite falling in love with Ryner during the days in the academy, Kiefer had no choice but to betray her classmates to the Estabul mage knights in an elaborate internal plot to kill Sion. Unknowingly, her younger sister had already been killed. Kiefer holds a strong love for Ryner and is grateful to both him and Sion for not holding the deaths of their classmates against her. After Sion ascended the throne, she proclaimed a desire to travel around the world, but in truth, she was seeking more knowledge on Alpha Stigma with the hope of saving Ryner. Her journey took her to the north of Menoris where she eventually met Refal, King of Gastark, who was attracted to her romantically. There, she learned more of the Cursed Eyes, Rule Fragment, and the legendary powers, The Priest, The Goddesses, The Demonlord, and The Hero. She was subsequently accused of being a spy for Roland, locked up, and finally released by Refal and tasked to bring Ryner to Gastark.
After reuniting with Ryner, Kiefer met Ferris and sees her as a strong love rival. Thereafter, together with Ryner, Ferris, Toale, Iris, Arua, and Kuku, she travels with the Anti-Roland Coalition. During the battle with Gastark in Geihlficlant, she refused to return to Refal's side with the Orla siblings and aided Ryner and Ferris in their battle with them.
Toale Nelphi (トアレ・ネルフィ Toare Nerufi?)
Voiced by: Yūto Suzuki (鈴木 裕斗 Suzuki Yūto?)[3]
Bearing brown hair and eyes, Toale is the grandson of Gread Nelphi, the previous King of Nelpha. Similar to Sion, he was born of the union between Prince Starnel and a lowly commoner. He is around the age of Ryner, has a gentle disposition, always thinks of others first, and works hard to take care of his “brothers and sisters”. As such, he is well-loved by the populace of former Imperial Nelpha.
Toale first met Ryner and Ferris when they just started their journey to search for “Relics of Heroes”, and did not know that they were from Roland initially, but treated them as important friends nevertheless. Without knowing of the incident initially, he was almost assassinated by Froaude then, if not for Ryner and Ferris. He also met with Sion in person briefly without realizing his true identity.
When Roland invaded Nelpha, he killed Prince Starnel during the confusion, and dispatched a letter of surrender in the name of his grandfather to Roland in order to minimize the loss of human lives. Subsequently, he led ten thousand troops together with commoners and flee the capital from a possible massacre. Later, Ryner, with the intention of rescuing his friend, came up a plan of escape for Toale and his people, and joined up with Toale together with Ferris, Kiefer, Iris, Arua, and Kuku. The plan backfired when Sion did not react the way Ryner expected, and the company was under heavy attack from Roland's troops, and much of Toale's forces perished. Toale carries feelings of love towards Kiefer, and during a large scale magical attack, as Toale tried to shield Kiefer, he was fatally wounded, having a third of his body destroyed, and would have died if not for the regenerative powers of the Rule Fragment, “Derunio (Death Displacement Stone) (死の転移 デルニオ?, Derunio)”, provided by Voice, when the company was saved by the Anti-Roland Coalition. Thereafter, the remnants of Toale's forces join up with the Coalition.
Iris Eris (イリス・エリス Irisu Erisu?)
Voiced by: Tomosa Murata (村田 知沙 Tomosa Murata?)[3]
Iris is the younger sister of Ferris and Lucile, with blonde hair sprouting twin tails, and wears dresses with frills. She greatly admires Ferris and can be somewhat over-protective of her, especially from Ryner. Despite her looks she is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and like her sister, is capable of moving at inhuman speed. She's also skilled in stealth missions and can often bypass the tightest of security.
In the story, Iris is shown to be a naive and innocent child, often believing, without any shadow of a doubt, in the little lies Ferris tell her, such as "you'll die if you sigh three times", or that "Ryner awakens as a wild beast in the night to assault girls". As a result, her name for Ryner is "Wild Beast". She always tries her best to please Ferris, and thrives on praise from both Ferris and Sion.
In the initial part of the story, Iris serves as a messenger between Sion, and Ryner and Ferris, and likes to illustrate the messages with drawings, which Sion often has to rack his brain to decode them. Later, after Ryner and Ferris escape from Roland, she goes after them and, together with Ferris, was nearly killed by Froaude, if not for the intervention of Lucile. Together with Arua and Kuku, she joins up with Ryner and Ferris's company and travels with the Anti-Roland Coalition.
Arua (アルア Arua?)
Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (矢島 晶子 Yajima Akiko?)[3]
A six year old boy when he debuted in the story, with black hair and black eyes, Arua is an Alpha Stigma bearer from Runa Empire. Runa, a religious empire, branded him as a monster, and captured him for experimentation. He witnessed his parents being killed in front of his own eyes, and almost went berserk if not for Ryner. After being saved by Ryner and Ferris, he learned magic from Ryner and trained his physical body under the tutelage of Ferris, all this to save Kuku from the Orla siblings. Thus he sees himself as their disciple. Ryner remarked that even the most talented magic user would require at least a year before he is able to see the particles of light that are used for magic. But for an Alpha Stigma bearer, this becomes an inborn ability, thus enabling Arua to start learning spells immediately.
After saving Kuku, together with Kuku and Iris, he defected to Roland and lived in the Eris mansion. Later, after Ryner and Ferris escaped, together with Kuku and Iris, he joined up with Ryner's company. When Ryner and Ferris were blitzing Roland's camp, Arua assisted them and displayed his ingenuity by blending in Roland's magic with Nelpha magic to launch a surprise ranged magical attack. Throughout the story, Ryner shows a lot of concern to Arua's growth mainly because they are both Alpha Stigma bearer.
Kuku (クク Kuku?)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (早見 沙織 Hayami Saori?)[3]
Kuku, an orphan, is the childhood friend of Arua. She was the first person to be willing to talk to Ryner and Ferris when all the villagers were running away from them. After Arua was saved by Ryner, Sui and Kuu abducted Kuku and lie in wait for Arua in an attempt to crystallize his eyes, without knowing that Ryner and Ferris were the rescuers. She was almost killed as a hostage by Sui if not for the intervention of Froaude. Thereafter, together with Arua, she defected to Roland and lived in the Eris mansion.
As Arua has promised to protect her for life, she sees herself as the fiancee of Arua despite her age. Later, she then travels together with Arua, and Ryner's company with the Anti-Roland Coalition.
Lieral Lieutolu (リューラ・リュートルー Ryūra Ryūtorū?)
Formerly Duke Lieutolu of Roland, Lieral is the father of Ryner (Feruna Lieutolu). The House of Lieutolu, also called the "Overseer of Magic House Lieutolu", was a major Noble House of Roland, and had a standing matching up to that of the Eris House. Lieral is a genius who created much of the fundamentals of Roland's magic today, and he manages a number of scholars and academics in wizardry to further the advancement of magic. Lieral's flesh body has been infused and permeated with magical energy and like Lucile, he has an ethereal body which made him immune to any form of physical attack. He can alter his physical appearance to assume any age, create simulacrums and projections of himself, and is well versed in various of forms of magic inscriptions and incantations, making him so formidable and powerful that Ferris's strength and movements are like child's play to him. Currently, he is a practitioner of ancient magic and true word magic. However, because his body is almost completely made up of magic, his natural bane are the bearers of the Īno Dwōe (殲滅眼 イーノ・ドゥーエ?, Īno Dwōe). When Īno Dwōe's power is invoked by its bearer, a cross-shaped symbol appears over their pupils, allowing the bearer to absorb magical energy to increase their powers.
Since young, Lieral has no interest in anything but magic. However, due to a stroke of coincidence, he bumped into a village girl, Iluna Laswhale (イルナ・ラースウェル Iruna Rāsuweru?), and fell in love at first sight. Subsequently, they were married despite the objections from both families. When he discovered his newly born son was born with the Alpha Stigma, he immersed himself deeply into the research in magic to save Feruna from the doomed fate of an Alpha Stigma bearer. Consequently, he split "The Lonely Demon" into two parts, placing the "Lonely" fragment into Feruna, and the "God Devouring" incantation into the head of Rex Eris. Furthermore, in order to protect Ryner from "α", the Curse of "The Goddess" for erasing "The Solver of All Equations", he infused Iluna's body with magic, and implanted the resulting spiritual existence, "The Charm of Ātofāru (アートファールの呪い Ātofāru no Maginai?)", into Ryner. Furthermore, he first tested the feelings of Ferris for Ryner before affixing the "God Devouring" talisman to her sword.
Due to Lieral's action of splitting and implanting the Lonely Portion into Feruna's body, he is deemed a traitor and has an issued order of assassination by "The Mad Hero". He is also hunted by Tiir of the God's Eyes group as their leader, Enne Lune, states that Lieral will destroy the world.
Iluna Lieutolu (イルナ・リュートルー Iruna Ryūtorū?)
Maiden name Iluna Laswhale (イルナ・ラースウェル Iruna Rāsuweru?). Formerly a village girl who fell in love with Lieral Lieutolu and later marries him. She eventually gives birth to Feruna Lieutolu (Ryner Lute). When Feruna is discovered to be a bearer of Alpha Stigma, she becomes very depressed blaming herself for falling in love with Lieral who is of high birth. She even attempted a murder and suicide but was stopped by Lieral. She died after having her soul sacrificed during Feruna/Ryner's first awakening.
Despite being dead, she lives inside Ryner as "The Charm of Ātofāru (アートファールの呪い Ātofāru no Maginai?)". When Ryner was stabbed by Lieral, Ryner enters his inner world and meets Iluna. They spent mother and son time as Iluna looks on how much Ryner has grown before being devoured by Alpha after telling Ryner the method of escaping Alpha. She later reappears when "The Mad Hero" attempted to devour Ryner telling him that the time has not arrive. She disappears after Ryner awaken as "The Solver of All Equation" as "α" escapes from Ryner's body.
The Goddesses (女神 Megami?)
A collective legendary power of existences that devours everything. The Goddesses have a very immense amount of power, Lucille Eris who made a pact with a thousand demons and devoured their simulacrum is said to be still inferior to them in terms of powers. The Goddesses once made a pact with Feruna erasing his memories. The supreme commander of the Anti-Roland Coalition, Voice Feurel appears to be under their influence.
The Mad Hero (狂った勇者 アスルード・ローランド?, Asurūdo Rōrando)
The first king of Roland, Aslude Roland, and the enemy of "The Goddesses". He sought the broken power to save the world and was sealed, devouring "The Lonely Demon" to break the seal. He currently resides in Sion's body after Lucille sets up a contract between them as he slowly devoures Sion from within to become the dominant personality. "The Mad Hero" is commonly known in myth as "The Black Broken Hero" or "The Black Hero who Fell"
The Lonely Demon (寂しがりの悪魔 Sabishigari no Akuma?)
A legendary demon lord. Devoured by "The Mad Hero" and has his essence split with Lucille Eris holding the "Demon" portion and Ryner having the "Lonely" portion. "The Lonely Demon" appears in Ryner's inner world after Ryner awakens his power informing Ryner of Iluna's death.


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06 September 18, 2010[41] ISBN 978-4-8291-3563-1


No. Release date ISBN
01 March 9, 2009[42] ISBN 978-4-04-712594-0
02 July 9, 2009[43] ISBN 978-4-04-712616-9
03 November 9, 2009[44] ISBN 978-4-04-712636-7
04 July 9, 2010[45] ISBN 978-4-04-712675-6
05 October 9, 2010[45] ISBN 978-4-04-712690-9

Drama CD

Web Radio

The web radio show, The Legendary Radio of the Legendary Heros, was hosted on Onsen Internet Radio Station and Animate TV,[46][47] and starred Jun Fukuyama, Ayahi Takagaki, and Daisuke Ono acting as their fictional counterpart Ryner Lute, Ferris Eris, and Sion Astal respectively. The first episode aired on May 21, 2010 and last one on December 24, 2010, spanning 32 episodes and sub-divided into 8 chapters. Each chapter is accompanied by a theme and usually, with one or more special guests who are usually either another voice actor from the cast, the anime director or the author of the original series, Kagami Takaya.[46] Summary of each radio show episode can be found on Presepe.[48]

Video Game

Legendary Saga a PSP game based on the first 3 novels was released on February 18, 2010 in Japan.[49]


In January 2010 was announced an anime adaption of the series.[50] The series was adapted into a 24 episode run by studio Zexcs, directed by Itsuro Kawasaki, the music confided to Miyu Nakamura and the character design done by Noriko Shimazawa.[51][52] The anime started broadcast on TV Tokyo on July 1, 2010, followed by TV Osaka, TV Aichi and AT-X.[53][54] The first Blue Ray and DVD of the anime was released on October 22, 2010.[55]

For episodes 1 to 12, the opening and ending theme singles are "Lament: Joy Soon" (LAMENT~やがて喜びを~"LAMENT ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~"?) performed by Aira Yuuki, produced by Lantis and released on July 21, 2010 with catalog number LACM-4732,[56] and "Truth Of My Destiny" performed by Ceui, produced by Lantis and released on August 11, 2010 with catalog number LACM-4734,[56] respectively. "Lament: Joy Soon" peak ranked 64th on Oricon singles charts,[57] and was an Oricon "Pick" on their 2010 Anime Theme Songs/Summer editorial.[58] "Truth Of My Destiny" peak ranked 75th on Oricon singles charts.[59]

For episodes 13 to 24, the opening and ending theme singles, are "Last Inferno" performed by Ceui and released on October 27, 2010,[60] and (光のフィルメント?) performed by Riya and released on November 17, 2010, respectively.[60]

In English the series is licensed by Funimation in North America and had a simulcast release.[61]

Episodes list

# Title Original airdate First English airdate
01 "The Napping Kingdom's Ambitions"
July 1, 2010[62] July 2, 2010[63]
Ryner together with Feris are searching for the legendary treasures of the heroes. On their way, they are ambushed by knights from another country; they fend off the knights and entered a place that isn't on the map (its also shown that Ryner is being followed by a group and arresting him as a fugitive) 
02 "The Hero and the Sleepy Man"
July 8, 2010[62] July 9, 2010[65]
In military school, Ryner's life was complicated by his role as the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. His classmate, Ferris, had her own troubles - like stopping assassination attempts and uncovering conspiracies.[64] 
03 "Alpha Stigma"
July 15, 2010[62] July 16, 2010[67]
Fifty Estabul Magic Knights ambush Sion and Ryner's school troop. Ryner uses his forbidden power, the Alpha Stigma, to defeat them - until his power goes out of control. Meanwhile, Ferris's brother Lucile wonders if Sion has what it takes to be king.[66] 
04 "Ryner Report"
July 22, 2010[62] July 23, 2010[69]
Lucile summons Sion to test his suitability as king. A wrong answer could be fatal. Ryner bides his time in prison studiously. Impressed by Ryner's research, the new king assigns Ryner and Ferris to seek the hero relics. [68] 
05 "A World That Has Begun to Awaken"
July 29, 2010[62] July 30, 2010[71]
Ryner and Ferris run into Prince Toale while researching the hero relics in the Nelpha Royal Library. Dissent in Roland escalates to the assassination of King Sion's secretary Fiole. Soon Miran arrives, offering to aid Sion in dark, desperate times.[70] 
06 "Those Lurking in the Darkness"
August 5, 2010[62] August 6, 2010[73]
Sion takes his new assistant, Miran, to a meeting with King Nelpha to put a halt to another assassination. After a clash with Ryner and Ferris, Miran targets the pair as potential threats.[72] 
07 "Don't Let Go of That Hand"
August 12, 2010[62] August 13, 2010[75]
Lt. Milk continues her pursuit of Ryner right into the heart of a battle between Ryner, Ferris, and the Nelphan Army. In the midst of confusion a hero's relic is released and wreaks havoc across the countryside. [74] 
08 "The Estabul Revolt"
August 19, 2010[62] August 20, 2010[77]
Miran provokes mutiny in Roland's neighboring kingdom Estabul - the same kingdom that unleashed its Fifty Magic Knights on Sion's school troop years ago. The rebellion's leader, Lady Noa Ehn, faces the cruel reality of a life of politics. [76] 
09 "Rule Fragment"
August 26, 2010[62] August 27, 2010[79]
Ryner and Ferris are sent back to the Nelpha forest, where they run into the devious duo, Sui and Kuu. In the confrontation, Sui forcefully triggers Ryner's deadly Alpha Stigma. [78] 
10 "Twilight"
September 2, 2010[62] September 3, 2010[81]
Witness to Ryner's monstrous transformation, Ferris is forced to challenge the Alpha Stigma's devastating power. Back in Roland, Miran urges the king to make his next move to address potential attacks on the kingdom. [80] 
11 "Devil's Child"
"Akuma no ko" (悪魔の子) 
September 9, 2010[62] September 10, 2010[83]
Sion promotes several of his supporting nobles to bolster loyalty amongst his allies. Rumors of an experiment involving a child who bears the Alpha Stigma have Ryner and Ferris on a rescue mission. [82] 
12 "The Great Housecleaning Banquet"
September 16, 2010[62] September 17, 2010[85]
Treachery against Roland continues to breed. Affluent and coveted by many nobles, Miran holds a party at his home to lure in those conspiring against Sion. Ryner and Ferris trek back to Regit with two children in tow. [84] 
13 "The Hero King of the North"
September 23, 2010[62] September 24, 2010[87]
The king of the Gastark Empire continues aggressive tactics of invasion, claiming that he is waging wars to ultimately end the fighting. The vicious Sui and Kuu track Ryner and Ferris down again, inciting another battle. [86] 
14 "A World Where No One and Nothing Is Lost"
September 30, 2010[62] October 1, 2010[89]
As Ryner and Ferris wrestle with Sui and Kuu, Miran - in the Runa Empire on business - makes an unexpected appearance at the battle scene.[88] 
15 "Kill the King"
October 7, 2010 [91] October 8, 2010[92]
Ryner and Ferris get lost at sea. After they wash up on land, they set out to assassinate the king who caused all their troubles. [90] 
15.5 "Iris Report"
October 14, 2010[91] October 15, 2010[94]
Iris examines the adventures her fearless older sister Ferris and the indomitable Ryner have endured since King Sion assigned them to find the legendary hero relics.[93] 
16 "The Goddess Who Doesn`t Smile"
October 21, 2010[91] October 22, 2010[96]
While visiting the rescued Alpha Stigma child at House Eris, Ryner's concern about Ferris' family history sparks a confrontation with Lucile. [95] 
17 "Iino Doue (Annihilation Eye)"
October 28, 2010[91] October 29, 2010[98]
Manhunts begin as both Ryner and Lt. Milk disappear, and a task force pursues a supposed Alpha Stigma bearer in Estabul. Meanwhile, Kiefer's research in Gastark leads to a second rendezvous with the king. [97] 
18 "Cursed Eyes"
November 4, 2010[91] November 5, 2010[100]
Tiir, the magic-consuming man who brutally defeated Claugh, is now after Ryner - to offer him an escape from a life of struggle. [99] 
19 "The Directionless Ingrate"
November 11, 2010[91] November 12, 2010[102]
Tiir takes Ryner to a refuge for people and children who possess what he calls the eyes of God. Tiir swears vengeance against the heartless humans who murder their kind. In Gastark, King Riphal is blunt about his plans for Kiefer.[101] 
20 "A Mind Not Filled With Despair"
November 18, 2010[91] November 19, 2010[104]
As Ryner fends for his life against a Roland assassin in a field near the hideout, a warrior from Gastark takes the opportunity to strike the slumbering magic-eyed refugees inside. [103] 
21 "Roland's Darkness"
November 25, 2010[91] November 26, 2010[106]
Lt. Milk finally awakens from Miran's spell, only to find she has lost some people very dear to her. Many of Roland's nobility are secretly being purged - Miran confronts an overworked Sion. [105] 
22 "The Beast Called Alpha"
December 2, 2010[91] December 3, 2010[108]
Ferris fails to save Ryner from the mysterious Duke Leiral. Trapped in a bizarre world, Ryner faces the Weaver of All Formulas - then wakes up in a bed with his companion. [107] 
23 "The Last Day"
December 9, 2010[91] December 10, 2010[110]
Ryner works his fingers to the bone for Sion's birthday celebration. As the party dies down, Sion and Ryner share a moment of reflection - but the nostalgia turns into fiery conflict. [109] 
24 "A Distant Day's Promise"
December 16, 2010[91] December 17, 2010[112]
A dark spirit consumes Sion as he nearly takes Ryner's life. After Ryner and Ferris narrowly escape peril, Ryner vows to save his friend from the turmoil he endures on the twisted path to achieve his dream. [111] 


As of 28 January 2011, the light novels have sold over 4,300,000 copies.[113]


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  • The Cantos — by Ezra Pound is a long, incomplete poem in 120 sections, each of which is a canto . Most of it was written between 1915 and 1962, although much of the early work was abandoned and the early cantos, as finally published, date from 1922 onwards.… …   Wikipedia

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