General Patent Corporation International

General Patent Corporation International

company_name = General Patent Corporation International
company_type = Private
foundation = 1987, incorporated 1996
location_city = Suffern, New York
location_country = USA
key_people = Alexander I. Poltorak, Chairman and CEO,
Paul J. Lerner, SVP and General Counsel
industry = Intellectual Property
products = Intellectual property licensing
Intellectual property litigation
Intellectual property management
subsid = [ Acticon Technologies LLC]
[ Advanced Card Technologies LLC]
[ Digital Technology Licensing LLC]
[ Leighton Technologies LLC]
[ Ryogen LLC]

company_slogan = We Create Wealth from Your Wealth of Ideas
homepage = [ General Patent Corporation International]

General Patent Corporation International (also known as GPCI) is an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing and enforcement company [A. Poltorak, “Patent Enforcement: To Sue or Not to Sue?” (Inventors’ Digest, November/December 2000); A. Poltorak, “ [ Industrywide Patent Enforcement Strategies] ” (Patent Strategy & Management. Oct. 2005) A. Poltorak, “ [ Industrywide Patent Enforcement Strategies] ” (Patent Strategy & Management, Oct. and Nov. 2005).] headquartered in Suffern, New York [ Licensing boutiques help inventors with patent claims against big companies.] (New York Times). By TERESA RIORDAN June 10, 2002] . GPCI is a private company founded in 1987 by Alexander Poltorak to assist inventors and IP owners in licensing and enforcing their IP rights. GPCI services include assertive licensing [A. Poltorak,"Fundamentals of Assertive Licensing" Workshop given at the LES 2006 Annual Meeting in New York. [] ] and enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyright on a contingency basis [R. H. Ziedonis. "Patent Litigation in the U.S. Semiconductor Industry" National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC: 2003). [] [] ] .


The company, which became General Patent Corporation International, was founded by Alexander Poltorak in 1987 as Poltorak Associates Inc., which engaged in patent licensing and technology transfer. It was incorporated in 1989 as General Patent Corporation (also known as GPC), which became a full service intellectual property management firm. GPC was selected by Marketing Computers Magazine as one of “Nine for the Nineties” – one of nine most promising technology companies for the 90sMarketing Computers, “Poltorak’s Business Incubator” Dec. 1989, p. 29, by Donna Tapellini. [] ] . The contingency IP enforcement business was spun off as a separate company, General Patent Corporation International in 1996. Since 1996, GPCI has been actively licensing and enforcing a portfolio of “smart connector” patents [Weekly News Digest “Consolidating Interest in Three Important Connector Patents Acquired” Feb. 19, 1997. [] ] . In 1997, GPCI filed two patent infringement suits against IBM and U.S. Robotics [ [ IBM, U.S. Robotics, Named in Patent Suit by General Patent Corporation International.] ] in the Southern District of New York and Against Hayes and seven modem manufacturers in the Central District of California. In 1998 GPCI sued Motorola [ [ Motorola Named in Patent Suit Filed by General Patent Corporation International.] ] . All defendants settled by taking a license under the patents [* [ General Patent Corporation International Settles Patent Suit with IBM]
* [ General Patent Corporation Licenses Patents to 3Com]
* [ General Patent Corporation International Settles Patent Suit with Maxtech and Archtek]
* [ General Patent Corporation Settles Patent Suit With Motorola]
* [ Socket Communications Inc]
* [ General Patent Corporation International Settles Patent Suit With Boca Research]
* [ General Patent Corporation Settles Patent Suit With Smart Modular Technologies] .
] . In 2000, GPCI spun off the “smart connector” business into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Acticon Technologies LLC [ [] [] ] . To date, after winning patent reexamination proceeding at the USPTO and successfully litigating 25 patent infringement lawsuits, GPCI has licensed the Acticon “smart connector” patents to 140 companies. [ [ General Patent is Successful in Its 20th Litigation to Enforce Acticon's Patents] ; [ General Patent Is Successful in Its 21st Litigation to Enforce Acticon’s Patents] ; [ General Patent is Successful in Its 23rd Litigation to Enforce Acticon's Patents.] ; [ General Patent is Successful in Litigation to Enforce 'Smart Connector' Patents] ] GPCI successfully represented Moen Technologies LLC in its litigation against The Coca-Cola Company [ [ Moen Technologies Settles its Patent Suit Against Coca Cola.] [ General Patent Scores a New Victory In Its Latest Patent Enforcement Campaign; Moen Technologies Settles Its Patent Suit Against Coca Cola.] ] and PepsiCo [ [ Lycos Retriever: Search results for pepsico ] ] ; Forward Technologies LLC vs. SBC Communications [ [ General Patent Settles with Telephone Companies On Behalf of Forward Technologies] ; [ General Patent Scores a New Victory in its Latest Patent Enforcement Campaign; Forward Technologies Settles its Patent Suit Against Pacific Bell and SBC Communications] ; [ General Patent Corporation Scores a Patent Enforcement Victory as Forward Technologies Settles Suit Against Pacific Bell and SBC Communications] ; [ General Patent Settles With Telephone Companies On Behalf Of Forward Technologies.] ] ; Scieran Technologies, Inc. vs. Bausch & Lomb [ [ Scieran Technologies Settles Law Suit with Bausch & Lomb.] ] ; Trounson Automation LLC vs. Yaskawa et al. [ [ Trounson Automation Settles Lawsuit with Yaskawa Electric General Patent Corporation Represented Trounson Automation in this Transaction] ] , and many other patent infringement cases. The idea incubator was spun off in 2000 as IP Holdings LLC. In 2008, AT&T, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung all settled patent infringement lawsuits and agreed to license a key cellphone patent from Digital Technology Licensing LLC a subsidiary of GPCI [ [ One-patent company snags deal with AT&T] EE Times by Rick Merritt 03/11/2008] .

Officers of GPCI

* Alexander I. Poltorak — Chairman and CEO
* Paul J. Lerner — Sr. Vice President and General Counsel

ubsidiaries and Affiliates

Acticon Technologies LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GPCI. [ [] [] ]

Other subsidiaries of GPCI include:
* Advanced Card Technologies LLC [ [ MyWire | PR Newswire: General Patent Wins Reexaminations for ACT's Patents ] ]
* Digital Technology Licensing LLC [Page 18 of]
* Leighton Technologies LLC [ [,_S.A/DS_1_04024961.html NYSD White Plains 7:04-cv-02496 Leighton Technologies LLC v. Oberthur Card Systems, S.A ] ]
* Ryogen LLC [ [ Ryogen Licenses Human Aminopeptidase P Gene Patent To OriGene Technologies ] ]
* IP Holdings LLC
* General Patent Corporation (GPC)

General Patent Corporation

General Patent Corporation (GPC) is an Intellectual Property (IP) management company [A. Poltorak, [ Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Intellectual Property Law but Couldn’t Afford to Ask] (American Venture magazine, August 2003)] . GPC services include: IP strategy [A. Poltorak and P. Lerner. Essentials of Intellectual Property John Wiley & Sons, 2002 ISBN 0471209422.] , IP audit, IP valuation [A. Poltorak, [ What You Need to Know About Patents and Their Value] (, April, 2005); A. Poltorak, [ Valuing Patents as Market Monopolies] (Patent Strategy & Management, September 2003); A. Poltorak, [ Valuing Individual Patents Comprising a Portfolio] (Patent Strategy & Management, October 2003); A. Poltorak, [ A 'Real World' Risk-Adjusted Patent Valuation Model] (Patent Strategy & Management, November 2004 and January 2005).] , patent portfolio mining, patent triage, patent portfolio management [A. Poltorak and P. Lerner. [ Corporate Officers and Directors Can Be Liable for Mismanaging Intellectual Property] (Patent Strategy & Management, May and June 2000).] , patent licensing [A. Poltorak and P. Lerner. Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property John Wiley & Sons, 2004 ISBN 0471432334] , technology transfer, and other Intellectual Property related services. According to Steven M. Cherry from the IEEE Spectrum, General Patent Corporation is perhaps one of the oldest and most successful patent enforcement company [ [ "The Patent Profiteers"] by Steven M. Cherry, IEEE Spectrum, June 2004 issue] .

GPC is the consulting arm of General Patent Corporation International and is headquartered in Suffern, New York.

IP Holdings LLC

IP Holdings LLC is an IP-centric merchant banking organization affiliated with General Patent Corporation International. IP Holdings provides patent brokerage services assisting clients in acquiring or selling patent and other IP assets. IP Holdings operates an idea incubator, which invests in, develops, incubates, and assists in the commercialization of novel and promising technology, with a particular emphasis on the development and protection of intellectual property. The idea incubator, which was started by General Patent Corporation and was featured in 1989 Marketing Computers Magazine’s cover story “Poltorak’s Business Incubator” was spun off from GPC in 2000. IP Holdings’ portfolio companies include: Advanced Card Technologies LLC, Moen Technologies LLC, Leighton Technologies LLC, Digital Technology Licensing LLC, Advanced Video Technologies LLC [ [ IP Holdings' Portfolio Companies] ] , Ryogen LLC [ [ Dr.Ryan and IP Holdings Form Ryogen LLC] ] , Trounson Automation LLC, Interactive Telegames LLC and Home Equity Exchange LLC.

IP Holdings is headquartered in Suffern, New York.


External links

* [ General Patent Corporation International]

In the Media

* [ GPCI's Media Coverage]
* [ CBS Evening News. Feb. 24, 2006]
* [ General Patent Corporation Wins Reexamination for Acticon Patents]
* Tech Law Journal [ District Court Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Patent Litigation] , February 16, 2004
* [ Licensing boutiques help inventors with patent claims against big companies.] (New York Times). By Teresa Riordan June 10, 2002

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