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subdivision_name = Armenia
subdivision_type1 = Marz (Province)
subdivision_name1 =Armavir
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population_as_of = 2001
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Bagaran (Lang-hy|Բագարան; formerly Haji-Bayramli) is a town and former fortress in the Armavir Province of Armenia, located 5 kilometers west of the right bank of the Akhurian River, and formerly a capital of Armenia.

Bagaran, literally meaning "God's Place", was founded at the end of the 3rd century BCE by the Armenian King Orontes IV (212 BCE - 200 BCE) to house the images of the gods and royal ancestors brought from the earlier holy city of Armavir. Orontes established his brother Eruaz there as high priest of the Armenian pantheon [Moses of Khorene, 2.40] During his reign, Bagaran became the religious center and holy city of Orontid Armenia. In the time of Artaxias I (190 BCE - 160 BCE) the idols of Bagaran were transferred to the new capital of Artaxata. [Moses of Khorene, 2.49] Nevertheless, Bagaran remained an important religious center of Armenia until its conversion to Christianity in 301. [ Article in] ]

When the Bagratids took control of the region in the 9th century, Bagaran was briefly their first capital. After the consecration of Ani as the new capital of Armenia, the town flourished as a stop on the transit trade route from there to the West.

Bagaran was noted for the fine church of St. Theodore (built 624-631). The old city was destroyed in the Mongol period but its remains were still visible in the early 20th century. Since, a new town has arisen on the site.



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