Democratic Republic of the Congo Senate election, 2007

Democratic Republic of the Congo Senate election, 2007
Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Elections to the Senate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo were held on 2007-01-19, though they had originally been scheduled for 2007-01-16.[1] The members of the Senate were chosen through indirect election by the members of the provincial assemblies; the delay was a result of the difficulties in choosing traditional chiefs to fill the places reserved for them in the provincial assemblies.[2]


e • d Summary of the 19 January 2007 provisional Senate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo election results
Parties Alliances Leader Seats
People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie) AMP Joseph Kabila 22
Movement for the Liberation of Congo (Mouvement pour la Liberation du Congo) UpN Jean-Pierre Bemba 14
Forces for Renewal (Forces du Renouveau) AMP Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi 7
Congolese Rally for Democracy (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie) 7
Christian Democrat Party (Parti Démocrate Chrétien) AMP José Endundo Bononge 6
Convention of Christian Democrats (Convention des Démocrates Chrétiens) 3
Social Movement for Renewal (Mouvement Social pour le Renouveau) AMP 3
Unified Lumumbist Party (Parti Lumumbiste Unifié) AMP Antoine Gizenga 2
Alliance of Congolese Democrats (Alliance des Démocrates Congolais) 1
United Congolese Convention (Convention des Congolais Unis) AMP 1
Democratic Convention for Development (Convention Démocrate pour le Développement) 1
Coalition of Congolese Democrats (Coalition des Démocrates Congolais) Jean-Claude Muyambo 1
Convention for the Republic and Democracy (Convention pour la République et la Démocratie) UpN 1
Federalist Christian Democracy (Démocratie Chrétienne Fédéraliste–Convention des Fédéralistes pour la Démocratie Chrétiene) AMP Venant Tshipasa 1
Social Front of Independent Republicans (Front Social des Indépendants Républicains) 1
Liberal Christian Democrats Union (Union des Libéraux Démocrates Chrétiens) Raymond Tshibanda 1
National Alliance Party for Unity (Parti de l’Alliance Nationale pour l’Unité) AMP André-Philippe Futa 1
Democratic Socialist Party (Parti Démocratique Socialiste) 1
Democratic Social Christian Party (Parti Democrate Social Chretien) André Bo-Boliko Lokonga 1
Rally for Economic and Social Development (Rassemblement pour le Développement Économique et Social) 1
Rally of Congolese Democrats and Nationalists (Rassemblement des Congolais Démocrates et Nationalistes) UpN 1
Rally of Social and Federalist Forces (Rassemblement des Forces Sociales et Fédéralistes) 1
Congolese Union for Liberty (Union Congolaise pour la Liberté) 1
Union of Mobutuist Democrats (Union des Démocrates Mobutistes) AMP Nzanga Mobutu 1
National Union of Christian Democrats (Union Nationale des Démocrates Chrétiens) 1
National Union of Federalist Democrats (Union Nationale des Démocrates Fédéralistes) Mwando Nsimba 1
Independent N/A N/A 26
Total 108
Source: "Portant Annonce des Resultats Provisoires de l'Election des Senateurs du 19 Janvier 2007 en Republique Democratique du Congo"], Commission Electorale Independante, 20 January 2007.

Bemba, who had placed second in the 2006 presidential election, won a Senate seat from the capital, Kinshasa.[3]