Italy at the 2004 Summer Olympics

Italy at the 2004 Summer Olympics

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games=2004 Summer
competitors=373 (236 men, 137 women)
flagbearer=Jury Chechi

Italy competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.


Results by event


Marco Galiazzo earned the first archery gold medal in Italy's history. On his way to the final, he defeated countryman Ilario di Buo in the round of 16. The three men did well enough in the ranking round to receive a bye in the first round of team competition, but were defeated by the United States in their first team match.




Men's 100 metres:
*Simone Collio - Round 2, 10.29 s (did not advance)

Men's 200 metres:
*Marco Torrieri - Round 2, 20.89 s (did not advance)
*Andrew Howe - Round 2, 21.17 s (did not advance)

Women's 400 metre hurdles:
*Monika Niederstätter - Round 1: 55.57 s
*Benedetta Ceccarelli - Round 1: 56.28 s

Men's 800 metres:
*Andrea Longo - Semifinal, 1:46.0 (did not advance)

Men's 3000 metre steeplechase:
*Giuseppe Maffei - Round 1, DNF (did not advance)

Men's 4x100 metre relay:
*Marco Torrieri, Simone Collio, Massimiliano Donati, and Maurizio Checcucci - Round 1, 0:38.79 (did not advance)

Men's decathlon:
*Paolo Casarsa - 7404 points (28th place)

Men's marathon:
*Stefano Baldini - 2:10:55 (gold medal)
*Alberico di Cecco - 2:14:34 (9th place)
*Daniele Caimmi - 2:23:07 (52nd place)

Women's marathon:
*Bruna Genovese - 2:32:50 (10th place)
*Rosaria Console - 2:35:56 (16th place)

Men's 20 km walk:
*Ivano Brugnetti - 1:19:40 (gold medal)
*Marco Giungi - 1:23:30 (13th place)
*Alessandro Gandellini - DNF

Women's 20 km walk:
*Elisa Rigaudo - 1:29:57 (6th place)
*Rossella Giordano - 1:30:39 (11th place)
*Elisabetta Perrone - 1:32:21 (18th place)

Men's 50 km walk:
*Giovanni de Benedictis - DQ

Men's long jump:
*Nicola Trentin - Round 1, 7.86 metres (did not advance)

Women's long jump:
*Fiona May - Round 1: 6.38 metres

Men's triple jump:
*Fabrizio Donato - Round 1, 16.45 metres (did not advance)

Women's triple jump:
*Magdelin Martinez - Round 1: 14.57 metres, Final: 14.85 metres (7th place)
*Simona la Mantia - Round 1: 14.39 metres

Men's high jump:
*Alessandro Talotti - Final, 2.25 metres (12th place)
*Nicola Ciotti - Round 1, 2.25 metres (did not advance)

Men's pole vault:
*Giuseppe Gibilisco - Final, 5.85 metres (bronze medal)

Women's javelin:
*Claudia Coslovich - Round 1: 60.58 metres
*Elisabetta Marin - Round 1: 56.34 metres

Men's hammer:
*Nicola Vizzoni - Final, 74.27 metres (10th place)

Women's hammer:
*Ester Balassini - Round 1: 65.58 metres
*Clarissa Claretti - Round 1: 65.06 metres


The Italian baseball team tied for 7th in the preliminary round and did not advance to the semifinals.
*Players: Luca Bischeri, James Buccheri, Francesco Casolari, Mario Chiarini, Davide Dallospedale, Seth la Fera, David Francia, Daniele Frignani, Claudio Liverziani, William Lucena, Marcello Malagoli, Michael Marchesano, Anthony Massimino, Giuseppe Mazzanti, Fabio Milano, Peter Nyari, Kasey Olenberger, Giovanni Pantaleoni, Vincent Parisi, Jairo Ramos-Gizzi, Carlo Richetti, David Rollandini, Riccardo de Santis, Igor Schiavetti
*Manager: Giampiero Faraone
*Coaches: Claudio Corradi, Manuel Cortina, Salvatore Varriale


Men's: silver medal
*Preliminary round: 3-2
*Quarterfinal: Defeated Puerto Rico, 83-70
*Semifinal: Defeated Lithuania, 100-91
*Final: Lost to Argentina, 84-69


Italy sent six boxers to Athens, winning a bronze medal to join a five-way tie for 16th place in the boxing medals count. Both boxers that had matches in the round of 32 won those bouts, (two more had byes). Four boxers won in the round of 16 to advance to quarterfinals, while two fell in that round. Only the super heavyweight Roberto Cammarelle survived the quarterfinal round, not falling until the semifinals to win the bronze medal. The combined record of the Italian boxers was 7-6.

Light Flyweight (48kg)
*Alfonso Pinto
*# Round of 32 - Defeated Effiong Okon of Nigeria, outscored
*# Round of 16 - Defeated Carlos José Tamara of Colombia, 49-35
*# Quarterfinal - Lost to Atagun Yalcinkaya of Turkey, 33-24

Lightweight (60kg)
*Domenico Valentino
*# Round of 32 - Bye
*# Round of 16 - Defeated Mohammad Asheri of Iran, 37-18
*# Quarterfinal - Lost to Serik Yeleuov of Kazakhstan, 29-23

Light Welterweight (64kg)
*Michele di Rocco
*# Round of 32 - Defeated Patriz Adelis Lopez Rojas of Venezuela, 37-30
*# Round of 16 - Defeated Anoushirvan Nourian of Australia, 33-25
*# Quarterfinal - Lost to Ionuţ Gheorghe of Romania, 29-18

Light Heavyweight (81kg)
*Clemente Russo
*# Round of 32 - Bye
*# Round of 16 - Lost to Andre Ward of United States, 17-9

Heavyweight (91kg)
*Daniel Betti
*# Round of 16 - Lost to Viktar Zuyev of Belarus, injured

Super Heavyweight (over 91kg)
*Roberto Cammarelle - bronze medal
*# Round of 16 - Defeated Gbenga Oluokun of Nigeria, 29-13
*# Quarterfinal - Defeated Oleksii Mazikin of Ukraine, 23-21
*# Semifinal - Lost to Alexander Povetkin of Russia, 31-19



Men's K1 500 metres:
*Andrea Facchin - final, 9th place

Women's K1 500 metres:
*Josefa Idem - final, silver medal

Men's K1 1000 metres:
*Andrea Facchin - semifinal, 20th place

Men's K2 500 metres:
*Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi - final, 8th place

Men's K2 1000 metres:
*Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi - final, silver medal


Men's C2 slalom:
*Andrea Benetti and Erik Masoero - final, 6th place

Men's K1 slalom:
*Pierpaolo Ferrazzi - semifinal, 19th place

Women's K1 slalom:
*Maria Cristina Giaipron - final, 8th place


Road cycling

Men's road race:
*Paolo Bettini - gold medal, 5:41:44
*Daniele Nardello - 38th place, 5:42:03
*Luca Paolini - 39th place, 5:42:03
*Cristian Moreni - 46th place, 5:44:13
*Filippo Pozzato - 67th place, 5:50:35

Women's road race:
*Noemi Cantele - 13th place, 3:25:42
*Tatiana Guderzo - 26th place, 3:25:42
*Giorgia Bronzini - 37th place, 3:28:39

Men's time trial:
*Filippo Pozzato - did not start

Women's time trial:
*Tatiana Guderzo - 21st place, 34:14.47

Track cycling

Men's points race:
*Angelo Ciccone - 8th place, 49 points

Women's points race:
*Vera Carrara - 4th place, 8 points

Mountain biking

Men's cross country:
*Marco Bui - 10th place, 2:20:45
*Yader Zoli - 35th place, 2:31:39

Women's cross country:
*Paola Pezzo - did not finish


Men's 3 metre Springboard:
*Nicola Marconi :*Prelim: 384.63 (→ 20th place)

*Tommaso Marconi:*Prelim: 378.72 (→ 24th place)

Women's 3 metre Springboard:
*Tania Cagnotto :*Prelim: 298.77:*Semifinal: 231.15:*Final: 319.23 (→ 8th place)

*Valentina Marocchi :*Prelim: 243.45 (→ 23rd place)

Men's 10 metre Platform:
*Francesco Dell'uomo :*Final (→ 9th place)

*Massimiliano Mazzucchi :*Preliminary (→ 20th place)

Women's 10 metre Platform:
*Tania Cagnotto :*Final (→ 8th place)

*Valentina Marocchi:*Preliminary (→ 32nd place)


Individual eventing:
*Giovanni Menchi riding Hunefer - final, 24th place
*Stefano Brecciaroli riding Cappa Hill - third round, 35th place
*Fabio Magni riding Vent d'Arade - third round, 48th place
*Susanna Bordone riding Ava - third round, 56th place

Team eventing:
*Bordone, Brecciaroli, Magni, and Menchi - 10th place, 257.2 penalties

Individual jumping:
*Juan Carlos Garcia riding Albin III - final round B, 17th place
*Bruno Chimirri riding Landknecht - final round B, 21st place
*Vincenzo Chimirri riding Delfi Platiere - final round B, 26th place
*Roberto Arioldi riding Dime de la Cour - qualifier, 56th place

Team jumping:
*Arioldi, Chimirri, Chimirri, and Garcia - final, 8th place


Men's épée individual:
*Alfredo Rota - defeated in round of 16

Women's épée individual:
*Cristiana Cascioli - defeated in round of 16

Men's foil individual:
*Salvatore Sanzo - silver medal
*Andrea Cassara - bronze medal
*Simone Vanni - defeated in quarterfinals

Women's foil individual:
*Valentina Vezzali - gold medal
*Giovanna Trillini - silver medal
*Margherita Granbassi - defeated in round of 16

Men's sabre individual:
*Aldo Montano - gold medal
*Luigi Tarantino - defeated in round of 16
*Gianpiero Pastore - defeated in round of 32

Women's sabre individual:
*Gioia Marzocca - defeated in round of 16

Men's foil team:
*Salvatore Sanzo, Simone Vanni, and Andrea Cassara - gold medal

Men's sabre team:
*Luigi Tarantino, Gianpiero Pastore, and Aldo Montano - silver medal

=Football (soccer)=

Men's Team Competition

*Preliminary Round (Group B):* Italy - Ghana 2-2:* Italy - Japan 3-2:* Italy - Paraguay 0-1
*Quarterfinals:* Italy - Mali 1-0
*Semifinals:* Italy - Argentina 0-3
*Bronze Medal Match:* Italy - Iraq 1-0
*Team Roster:* Andrea Barzagli:* Daniele Bonera:* Cesare Bovo:* Giorgio Chiellini :* Simone Del Nero :* Daniele De Rossi :* Marco Donadel :* Matteo Ferrari :* Andrea Gasbarroni :* Alberto Gilardino :* Giandomenico Mesto :* Emiliano Moretti :* Angelo Palombo :* Ivan Pelizzoli :* Giampiero Pinzi :* Andrea Pirlo :* Giuseppe Sculli


Men's artistic: 12th place team
*Igor Cassina - advanced in one exercise
** Horizontal bar - gold medal
*Jury Chechi - advanced in one exercise
** Rings - bronze medal
*Matteo Morandi - advanced in one exercise
** Rings - 5th place
*Matteo Angioletti - did not advance in any exercise
*Alberto Busnari - did not advance in any exercise
*Enrico Pozzo - did not advance in any exercise

Women's artistic:
*Monica Bergamelli - did not advance in any exercise
*Maria Teresa Gargano - did not advance in any exercise

Women's rhythmic:
** Laura Zacchilli - 13th place
*Team - silver medal
** Elisa Blanchi
** Fabrizia D'Ottavio
** Marinella Falca
** Daniela Masseroni (hoops and balls)
** Elisa Santoni
** Laura Vernizzi (ribbons)

Men's trampoline:
*Flavio Cannone - 13th place


Men's 81 kg:
*Roberto Meloni - defeated in round of 16; repechage round of 16

Men's 90 kg:
*Francesco Lepre - defeated in round of 32; repechage round of 32

Men's 100 kg:
*Michele Monti - defeated in round of 16

Men's 100+ kg:
*Paolo Bianchessi - defeated in semifinals; lost in repechage finals

Women's 48 kg:
*Giuseppina Marci - defeated in round of 16

Women's 57 kg:
*Cinzia Cavazzuti - defeated in round of 32; repechage quarterfinals

Women's 63 kg:
*Ylenia Scapin - defeated in round of 32

Women's 78 kg:
*Lucia Morico - bronze medal; defeated in quarterfinals; won repechage finals

Women's 78+ kg:
*Barbara Andolina - defeated in quarterfinals; repechage round of 16

=Modern pentathlon=

*Andrea Valentini - 19th place
*Enrico Dell'Amore - 26th place

*Claudia Corsini - 4th place
*Federica Foghetti - 32nd place


Women's Team Competition

*Preliminary Round:* Lost to United States (0:7):* Defeated PR China (7:5):* Lost to Greece (1:2):* Lost to Australia (0:8):* Lost to Taipei (0:1):* Lost to Japan (0:1):* Lost to Canada (0:1)
*Semifinals:* Did not advance → 8th place
*Team Roster:*Marta Gambella:*Daniela Castellani:*Susan Bugliarello :*Francesca Francolini:*Nicole Di Salvio :*Eva Trevisan:*Sabrina Del Mastio:*Natalia Cimin:*Jennifer Spediacci:*Natalie Anter:*Samanta Bardini:*Ilaria Pino:*Stefania Vitaliani:*Leslie Malerich:*Annalisa Turci


Italy was again represented by three triathletes at the 2004 event, but unlike in the first competition in 2000 all the Italians in 2004 were women. Gemignani, who had been the nation's best finisher four years earlier, dropped one place in the rankings. However, the two Olympic rookies both placed better than Gemignani had in the first race.

*Nadia Cortassa - 2:05:45.35 (5th place)
*Beatrice Lanza - 2:07:59.26 (15th place)
*Silvia Gemignani - 2:08:56.94 (21st place)


Men's Indoor Competition

*Preliminary Round (Group B):* Defeated United States (3-1):* Lost to Brazil (2-3):* Defeated Australia (3-0):* Defeated Netherlands (3-0):* Lost to Russia (1-3)
*Quarterfinals:* Defeated Argentina (3-1)
*Semifinals:* Defeated Russia (3-0)
*Final:* Lost to Brazil (1-3) → Silver Medal
*Team Roster:*Matej Cernic:*Alberto Cisolla:*Paolo Cozzi:*Alessandro Fei:*Andrea Giani:*Luigi Mastrangelo:*Samuele Papi:*Damiano Pippi:*Andrea Sartoretti:*Venceslav Simeonov:*Paolo Tofoli:*Valerio Vermiglio
*Head Coach: Gian Paolo Montali

Women's Indoor Competition

*Preliminary Round (Group A):* Defeated South Korea (3-0):* Defeated Japan (3-0):* Lost to Brazil (2-3):* Defeated Kenya (3-0):* Defeated Greece (3-0)
*Quarterfinals:*Lost to Cuba (2-3) → Fifth place
*Team Roster:*Jenny Barazza:*Antonella Del Core:*Paola Cardullo:*Nadia Centoni:*Francesca Ferretti:*Manuela Leggeri:*Eleonora Lo Bianco:*Paola Paggi:*Francesca Piccinini:*Simona Rinieri:*Manuela Secolo:*Elisa Togut
*Head Coach: Marco Bonitta

Women's Beach Competition

*Daniela Gattelli and Lucilla Perrotta
** Prelims: 1-2
** Round of 16: Won 2-1 against Susanne Lahme and Danja Müsch, Germany
** Quarterfinal: Defeated 2-1 by Natalie Cook and Nicole Sanderson, Australia

=Water polo=

Men's Team Competition

*Preliminary Round (Group B):* Lost to Spain (4:5) :* Defeated Australia (8:4) :* Defeated Germany (10:5) :* Defeated Egypt (13:4) :* Lost to Greece (4:6)
*Classification Matches:*7th/10th place: Defeated Croatia (11:7):*7th/8th place: Lost to United States (8:9) → 8th place
*Team Roster:*Stefano Tempesti:*Francesco Postiglione:*Leonardo Binchi:*Fabrizio Buonocore:*Marco Gerini:*Roberto Calcaterra:*Goran Fiorentini:*Alberto Angelini:*Maurizio Felugo:*Alessandro Calcaterra:*Bogdan Rath:*Carlo Silipo:*Fabio Bencivegna
*Head Coach: Paolo de Crescenzo

Women's Team Competition

*Preliminary Round (Group A):* Lost to Australia (5:6) :* Defeated Greece (7:2) :* Defeated Kazakhstan (8:6)
*Quarterfinals:* Defeated Hungary (8:5)
*Semifinals:*Defeated United States (6:5)
*Final:* Defeated Greece (10:9) → Gold Medal
*Team Roster:*Francesca Conti:*Martina Miceli:*Carmela Allucci:*Silvia Bosurgi:*Elena Gigli:*Manuela Zanchi:*Tania di Mario:*Cinzia Ragusa:*Giusy Malato:*Alexandra Araujo:*Maddalena Musumeci:*Melania Greco:*Noemi Toth
*Head Coach: Pierluigi Formiconi


*President: Gianni Petrucci
*Secretary General: Raffaele Pagnozzi

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