The Amazing Race 6

The Amazing Race 6

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show_name = The Amazing Race 6
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first_aired = 2004-11-16
last_aired = 2005-02-08
filming_started = 2004-08-13
filming_ended = 2004-09-12
num_episodes = 12 (13 including recap)
countries_visited = 11
continents_visited = 4
cities_visited = 24
winning_team = Freddy & Kendra
miles_traveled = 40000
number_legs = 12
previous_season =The Amazing Race 5
next_season = The Amazing Race 7

"The Amazing Race 6" was the sixth installment of the popular reality television series "The Amazing Race". It premiered on November 16, 2004, and concluded on February 8, 2005.


Development and Filming

Filming began on August 13, 2004 and finished on September 12, 2004.

In May, 2004, CBS offictially ordered the sixth installment of the show, despite the fact that "The Amazing Race 5" hadn't even aired yet. The early renewal was likely due to the success of the changes made in Season 5.cite web|url=|title="CBS orders sixth 'The Amazing Race' edition"|author=Rogers, Steve|publisher=Reality TV World|publishdate=2004-05-18|accessdate=2008-06-21] CBS also delayed the airing of Season 6 until late in the fall, to create a "cool down" period between races, in the hopes that this would help continue the newfound ratings success.cite web|url=|title="CBS delays 'The Amazing Race' until late October or November"|author=Rogers, Steve|publisher=Reality TV World|publishdate=2004-09-14|accessdate=2008-06-21]

In this installment of the show, the rules were changed so that no individual may perform more than 6 Roadblocks throughout the race. This Roadblock limit rule has been used in all subsequent seasons but the Family Edition. Also, only 3 legs had the Yield option available.


This season's cast included married pro-wrestlers, dating actors, Jewish high school buddies, engaged models, and a team of married entrepreneurs. cite web|url=|title="Engaged Models Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley win 'The Amazing Race 6'"|author=Rogers, Steve|publisher=Reality TV World|publishdate=2005-02-09|accessdate=2008-06-21]


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcasted on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

fnb|1Don & Mary Jean had arrived in 7th place in Leg 2, but they mistakenly drove the car that belonged to Adam & Rebecca. They left in 8th place at the beginning of Leg 3 after they were assessed a 30 minute penalty. So Freddy & Kendra will now depart in 7th place.
fnb|2Freddy and Kendra had arrived 6th, but they were assessed a 30 minute penalty for taking an extra clue. After the 30 minute penalty, they now arrived in 8th place.
fnb|3Lena took the Roadblock in Leg 3, but she struggled to find a clue, and after 8 hours had passed with no success, Phil came over to the area and informed the sisters they were eliminated.
fnb|4Leg 6 was double-length, with two Detours and two Roadblocks, and broadcast over two episodes. The users of the Fast Forward received it just after the midpoint, and thus were only permitted to skip the second set of challenges.
fnb|5Hayden & Aaron arrived 3rd, but since they quit the Roadblock without completing it, they were assessed a 4 hour penalty and were eliminated.

*Red means the team was eliminated.
*An underlined Blue team's placement means the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race. They were forced to give up all their money, did not receive any money at the beginning of the next leg, and could not acquire any money in the time in-between.
*A Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue.
*A yellow > means that team chose to use the Yield; < indicates the team who received it. A <> indicates there was a Yield available but not used.

Episode title quotes

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

#The Game's Afoot &ndash; "Gus"
#I'm Not His Wife, He Doesn't Need to Scream At Me &ndash; "Meredith"
#Counting Bears Is Not Rocket Science &ndash; "Don"
#What If It Isn't Sanitary &ndash; "Kendra"
#Quit Following Us &ndash; "Jonathan"
#They Should Probably Have Some Counseling &ndash; "Kris"
#Phil Is A Choo-Choo Charlie "(recap)" &ndash; "Kristy"
#One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half &ndash; "Freddy"
#Tell My Mom I Love Her &ndash; "Adam"
#Are There Instructions on Donkey Handling? &ndash; "Rebecca"
#It Always Comes Down to Details &ndash; "Kris"
#You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate &ndash; "Hayden"
#4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles &ndash; "Phil Keoghan"

Notable race events


*This season featured many Olympic themed challenges such as water polo, track and field, swimming, and archery. The race also visited past Olympic cities including Oslo, Stockholm, and Berlin. This was due to the fact that the race was filmed during the same time as the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
*Season 6 was the first season to award first-place prizes on every leg.


*Models Freddy & Kendra knew other models from previous editions of the race: Derek and Drew from Season 3 and Kelly & Jon from Season 4. Freddy and Kendra actually used the same backpacks that Kelly & Jon used in Season 4.
*Don & Mary Jean were chosen for the race after an open casting call in San Diego.
*Victoria had a cameo appearance on Whose Line is it Anyway?
*Early Show hosts Harry Smith and Dave Price ran the first leg of the race (USA-Iceland) with the actual teams. This was for a special segment on their morning show. []


*7 new countries were visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Senegal
*Lena & Kristy were the third team to be eliminated by way of not being able to complete a roadblock (but not giving up); Phil told Lena & Kristy that the last team had checked in over 2 hours previous, and Lena still had not found the clue after rolling out 100 haybales over the course of 8 hours.
*Aaron of Season 3 accidentally stumbled upon one of the Pit Stops while backpacking in Europe.
*There were 36 hour pit stops in Stockholm, Sweden (after Lena & Kristy were eliminated at the farm on the night); Budapest, Hungary; Ethiopia and Xi'an, China.
*Leg 2 featured the first task ever on "The Amazing Race" that required interteam cooperation. The ten teams had to split themselves into two groups of five, each of which had to row a Viking boat across a fjord to a marked dock with a clue box. The next time teams had to work together didn't come until the tenth season, when a task called an "Intersection" required two teams to work together.
*In Leg 5, one of the show's most controversial moments occurred at the Pit Stop when Jonathan, angry at his wife Victoria for running too slow, shoved her. He was modestly rebuked by Phil Keoghan at the mat.
*Leg 6 was originally planned as two separate legs with the first leg being a non-elimination point (with the losing team being stripped of their money), but combined into one after producers realized that begging was prohibited in Hungary.
*In Leg 8, the check-in mat was a tan colored mat made of cloth with a map of the world shown in black, instead of green.
*In Leg 11, Hayden & Aaron arrived third, in front of Adam & Rebecca, but were eliminated because they had taken a four hour time penalty for not completing the roadblock. Both Rebecca and Hayden almost had to quit the roadblock because the last gondola down the mountain was about to leave. The task was to search approximately 3,000 locks and find the one that opened with a key they were given. At the last moment, when Hayden & Aaron decided to quit, Rebecca opened her lock.
*At the Pit Stop of Leg 11, Aaron proposed to Hayden. She accepted.


*Post-game interviews suggested that Kris & Jon were less than a minute behind winners Freddy and Kendra before a train held them up at a railway crossing. At [] , Bolo suggested that Kris & Jon were only 30-40 seconds behind Freddy & Kendra to the finish. At RealityReel, Kristy said that "Right after Freddy & Kendra started running, literally within 30 seconds or a minute later the train came, and Kris & Jon arrived. Otherwise it would have come down to a neck to neck race." This would be the Race's second closest finish ever, after Season 2. []
*The trains that carried the teams in Sri Lanka and the town of Galle were heavily damaged by the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
*Kristy (of Lena & Kristy) appeared in Disney's made for TV movie "Read It And Weep" as soap star Cadyn Christopher.
*After the controversy sparked by the shoving episode, Jonathan and Victoria appeared on a Dr Phil special to try and improve their marriage. Later in a celebrity version of the show Fear Factor, Victoria attacked contestant Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton (of ""), and Jonathan attacked the host Joe Rogan. This resulted in their premature departure from the show.
*The Amazing Race 6 was one of the three seasons not represented in , the other two were The Amazing Race 4 and The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition. It is not clear, however, if TAR8 members were even considered for All-Stars because of the four-team structure of the teams; it is possible that a new two-person combination was considered along the lines of the Eric-Danielle team, but whether this was an option is unknown.
*Hayden & Aaron got married on April 21, 2007. Kristy was a bridesmaid, and Kris and Jon were present among the guests. [ [ People: Race to the altar ends right here ] ] .
*Freddy & Kendra got married, and now have a child named Jaxson.
*Victoria (a former Playboy model) and Jonathan appeared on an episode of the E! series The Girls Next Door (which chronicles the lives of the three girlfriends of Hugh Hefner) in which the Playmates through a baby shower for Victoria.


Individual prizes were awarded to the first team to complete a leg.

*Leg 1 - A trip to Hawaii, compliments of American Airlines' website, [] .
*Leg 2 - A seven-night cruise in Alaska, courtesy of Royal Caribbean International.
*Leg 3 - A seven night cruise vacation to the Mexican Riviera provided by Royal Caribbean International.
*Leg 4 - A seven-night cruise vacation to the Western Caribbean provided by Royal Caribbean International.
*Leg 5 - A trip to Mexico, compliments of American Airlines website,
*Leg 6 - A vacation to Europe, compliments of American Airlines website,
*Leg 7 - A trip to the Caribbean, compliments of American Airlines' website,
*Leg 8 - A vacation to the Mexico, compliments of American Airlines' website,
*Leg 9 - A vacation to Europe, compliments of American Airlines' website,
*Leg 10 - A vacation to Hawaii, compliments of American Airlines' website,
*Leg 11 - A trip to the Caribbean, compliments of American Airlines' website,
*Leg 12 - $1,000,000

Race summary

Leg 1 (United States → Iceland)

*Chicago, Illinois, USA flagicon|United States (Buckingham Fountain) (Starting Line)
*Seljalandsfoss waterfall
*Vatnajökull (Overnight rest)
*Jökulsárlón (Glacier River Lagoon) TAR clue|Detour|Ice Climb or Ice Search
*Grindavík ( [ Blue Lagoon] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|1

The first Detour of Season 6 was Ice Climb or Ice Search. In Ice Climb, teams had to use ice axes to climb the face of a steep ice wall. In Ice Search, teams had to find a glacial lagoon, then choose a boat and a driver and search a seven square mile lagoon for a buoy containing their next clue.

Leg 2 (Iceland → Norway)

*Holmenkollen district, Oslo (Holmenkollen ski jump) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's ready to perform an Olympian feat?"
*Brandbu (Viking Village)
*Voss (Bridge) TAR clue|Detour|Endurance or Accuracy
*Voss (Neisheimstunet Village) TAR clue|Pit Stop|2

In Norway, the Roadblock was to climb to the top of Holmenkollen Ski Jump, the highest ski jump in Scandinavia, then ride a zipline 1,000 feet to the bottom. The Detour required teams to choose between Endurance or Accuracy. In Endurance, teams had to roller ski downhill on a one and three-quarter mile course. In Accuracy, teams had to throw sticks to knock over a circle of eight logs called kubbs before knocking over the king in the center. After knocking over the king, one team member had to throw an axe into a tree trunk target and make it stick. Once the axe stuck, the other Team member had to shoot an arrow into a target 30 feet away.

;Additional task
* At the Viking Village, teams split themselves into two groups of five teams and rowed across a fjord to their next clue.

Leg 3 (Norway → Sweden)

*Stockholm, Sweden flagicon|Sweden ( [ Nordic Sea Hotel] )
*Stockholm (World's Largest IKEA) TAR clue|Detour|Count It or Build It
*Häggvik (Farm) TAR clue|Yield|Not used) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's got Hay Fever?"
*Stockholm ( [ AF Chapman] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|3

The Detour for Leg 3 was a choice between Count It or Build It. In Count It, teams had to count the number of soft toys and kitchenware in 3 large bins. Once they finished counting they must tell a supervisor how many items there were in the bins (2304). If they got the number right they would get their clue. In Build It, teams had to assemble a desk using the provided parts. In the Roadblock, one team member had to unroll large bales of hay to find clues rolled up inside them.

;Additional tasks
* At the Nordic Sea Hotel, teams had to enter the nightclub made entirely of ice. Once inside, they had to slide a shot glass along the bar to hit a target. Only one member of the team would have to hit the target. If they missed, they would have to go to the end of the line and try again.
* Before the Roadblock, Teams had to ride two miles to the farm from the train station on a tandem bicycle. After the Roadblock, they had to ride back.

Leg 4 (Sweden → Senegal)

*Stockholm (Town Hall Tower)
*Dakar (Bel Aire Cemetery)
*Kayar TAR clue|Detour|Stack 'Em Up or Pull 'Em Up
*Lac Rose TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who wants to bathe in Rose water?"
*Goree Island TAR clue|Pit Stop|4

The Detour offered teams the choice of Stack 'Em Up or Pull 'Em Up. In Stack 'Em Up, teams had to carry baskets of fish sufficient to properly cover a drying table. In Pull 'Em Up, teams traveled out on fishing boats and used traditional fishing gear to catch four fish. In the Roadblock, one team member had to harvest enough salt from the bed of Lac Rose to fill a 25 gallon basket.

Leg 5 (Senegal → Germany)

*Goree Island (Slave House)
*Berlin (East Side Gallery)
*Berlin (Broken Chain Sculpture) TAR clue|Detour|Beer or Brats
*Berlin (Devil's Mountain) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's got a need for speed?"
*Berlin (Brandenburg Gate) TAR clue|Pit Stop|5

Teams chose between [ Beer] or Brats in this leg's Detour. In Beer, teams distributed steins of beer in a beer hall while searching for coasters bearing their pictures. In Brats, teams travelled to a sausage factory and made eight inch bratwursts. In the Roadblock, one team member had to complete a soap box derby course within a specified time.

;Additional task
* At the opening of slave house, Teams must give to opportunity to enter the Slave House and place a single rose as a tribute upon the threshold of this historic archway.

Leg 6 (Germany → Hungary)

*Berlin (Checkpoint Charlie)
*Berlin (Olympic Stadium) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's ready to be stretched to the limit?"
*Eger (Eger Castle) TAR clue|Detour|Catapult Crash or Cannonball Run
*Budapest ( [ Net Klub Internet Kafé] )
*Budapest (Heritage Rail Museum) (Leg Midpoint)
*Budapest (Buda Castle) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Drink a goblet of pigs blood
*Budapest (Hajos Alfred Nemzeti Sportuszoda) TAR clue|Detour|Swim or Paddle
*Budapest ( [ Gundel Restaurant] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's ready to spice up their life?"
* Budapest (Fisherman's Bastion) TAR clue|Pit Stop|6

In the first Roadblock for this leg, one team member was strapped into a "hot rocket bungee", launching them from the ground via a crane. In the Detour, teams chose between Catapult Crash and Cannonball Run. In Catapult Crash, teams had to launch a melon by catapult into a wooden target to retrieve the clue hidden within. In Cannonball Run, teams first had to haul a cannon up a hill, then transport and stack 55 cannonballs in a pyramid next to it.

In the Fast Forward, teams had to travel through an underground labyrinth and drink a goblet of pig's blood, recalling when Transylvania was part of Hungary.

In the second Detour, teams chose between Swim or Paddle. In Swim, teams participated in a water polo game until they scored a goal. In Paddle, teams inflated a raft and paddled across the Danube River to receive the clue. In the second Roadblock, one team member had to eat a 24 ounce bowl of a very spicy soup.

Leg 7 (Hungary → France)

*Budapest (Budafok)
*Ajaccio ( [ Napoleon's Birthplace] )
*Ajaccio (Harbor) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Dive in Old-Style Diving Suits
*Calvi (Camp Rafalli) TAR clue|Detour|Climb up or Fly Behind
*Zilia (Winery) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's ready to have a barrel of fun?"
*L'Île-Rousse (La Pietra) TAR clue|Pit Stop|7

In this leg's Detour, teams could choose between Climb Up or Fly Behind. In Climb Up, teams had to use a mechanical ascender to climb a 45-foot rock wall. Once at the top, they had to find the terrace, where a French legionnaire would give them a medal. After receiving the medal, the Teams had to rappel 75 feet down to receive their next clue. In Fly Behind, teams had to choose a Zodiac boat. One teammate had to ride behind on an inflatable raft while the other rode inside the Zodiac and directed the driver to search among 25 buoys for one with a clue attached. Only 12 contained a clue. In the Roadblock, a team member had to stomp 55 pounds of grapes with their feet. After squeezing out enough juice to fill five wine bottles, the team member had to drink a glass of their wine. In the second Fast Forward of the race, the team had to locate a harbor in Corsica, and dress in old-style diving suits weighing more than 100 pounds each. Both team members had to walk across the ocean floor to a lobster trap containing their next clue.

Leg 8 (France → Ethiopia)

*Nice (City Garden of the statue of Albert I)
*Lalibela (Lewz Village) TAR clue|Detour|Raise the Roof or Mud the Hut
*Lalibela (St. George's Church) TAR clue|Yield|Adam & Rebecca yielded Freddy & Kendra) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who has an eye for detail?"
*Lalibela (Lookout) TAR clue|Pit Stop|8

The Detour in Leg 8 was a choice between Raise the Roof or Mud the Hut. In Raise the Roof, teams would work with locals to carry a thatched roof two-thirds of a mile and place it on top of a house. In Mud the Hut, teams would need to cover an entire wall of a house with a traditional plaster. The Roadblock required the member of the team with "an eye for detail" to descend into St. George's Church to match a pendant given to them with one worn by one of the hundreds of worshippers standing outside.

;Additional tasks

* At Bole International Airport, Teams must sign up one of two scheduled charter flights to Lalibela, 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM.
* Before the Roadblock, Teams had to deliver two donkeys to St. George's Church.

Leg 9 (Ethiopia → Sri Lanka)

* Lalibela (Lalibela Airport) to Addis Ababa (Bole International Airport)
*Addis Ababa (Stadium)
*Galle (Fort Galle) TAR clue|Detour|Tree Trunks or Elephant Trunks
*Kandy (Kandyan Art Association)
*Dambulla (Bus Station)
*Sigiriya (Lion Rock) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who has strong legs and a keen eye?"
*Sigiriya (Hotel) TAR clue|Pit Stop|9

For this leg's Detour, Teams had to choose between Tree Trunks and Elephant Trunks. In Tree Trunks, Teams had to make their way to a coconut plantation, and climb up a tree to take down enough coconuts to empty their contents in order to fill a jug. In Elephant Trunks, Teams had to make their way to an elephant polo field, and each Team member must ride an elephant and play polo and score 1 goal. For the Roadblock, one team member had to ascend 1,000 steps to the top of Lion Rock. There, using binoculars, they had to search for a flag, descend Lion Rock, and swim the length of a pool before arriving at the Pit Stop.

;Additional tasks

* At the stadium, teams had to choose a pair of Ethiopian runners and complete a four-man relay on the stadium.
* In Kandy, teams had to purchase a bowl of rice at the Kandyan Art Association and then take it to the Temple of the Tooth where a monk would give teams the next clue.
* At the Hotel, teams had to swim across a pool to the Pit Stop.

Leg 10 (Sri Lanka → People's Republic of China)

*Shanghai ( [ Yu Yuan Gardens] )
*Shanghai (Huaneng Union Tower) TAR clue|Yield|Freddy & Kendra yielded Adam & Rebecca) TAR clue|Roadblock|"The HuaXia Bank Tower is 40 stories high - but someone has to wash it!!"
*Huangpu District, Shanghai (People's Heroes Monument)
*Shanghai (Jiangpu Road) TAR clue|Detour|Bricks or Ice
*Shanghai (Peace Hotel South) TAR clue|Pit Stop|10

The Roadblock in Leg 10 had teams choose who would wash a window 40 stories above the ground on the Huaneng Union Tower. Washing the window would reveal a message, and they would have to report the message to the supervisor to receive their next clue. The Detour had teams choose between Bricks or Ice. In Bricks, teams had to use a traditional device to transport 300 clay bricks off a barge to receive their clue. In Ice, teams had to load two 220-pound blocks of ice onto flatbed tricycles and deliver them to a fish market, where they would have to break them into smaller pieces.

Leg 11 (People's Republic of China)

*Xi'an, Shaanxi (Drum Tower) TAR clue|Detour|Spray or Scroll
*Xi'an (Terra Cotta Warriors Museum)
*Mount Hua (North Peak) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Which of you is more methodical?"
*Xi'an (Xi'an City Wall) TAR clue|Pit Stop|11

The Detour on this leg was Spray or Scroll. In Spray teams need to find a car factory and use spray paint to paint the shell of a car. In Scroll teams had to go to a textile factory and search through 10 bolts of fabric with a light table to find two Chinese characters which they could trade for their next clue. The Roadblock was to use a key to find the 1 out of 3,000 locks it opened.

Leg 12 (People's Republic of China → United States)

*Honolulu (Puu Ualakaa State Park) TAR clue|Detour|Outfits or Outriggers
*Honolulu ( [ Kamaka Air] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who's ready for an ocean dive?"
* Honolulu (Honolulu International Airport) to Chicago, Illinois (O'Hare International Airport)
*Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Water Tower)
*Chicago ( [ Gino's East Pizzeria] )
*Chicago (Ping Tom Memorial Park) TAR clue|Pit Stop (Finish Line)

The Detour on this leg was Outfits or Outriggers. In Outfits teams searched racks filled with 135,000 articles of clothing for ones matching the outfit of a mannequin. In Outriggers, with the help of a steering person, teams had to outrigger a canoe down a two-mile river. The Roadblock was to tandem skydive from 11,000 feet into a sandbar below.

;Additional task

*At Gino's East Pizzeria, teams had to eat a deep dish pizza to receive their final clue.


External links

* [ Official website]
* [ TARFlies Times (Season 6)]
* [ Final Four interview video (The Early Show)]
* [ Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley] official site
* [ Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller] official site

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