1730 in art

1730 in art


* Pope Clement XII commissions Nicola Salvi to renovate the Trevi Fountain




* July 12 - Josiah Wedgwood, English potter (d. 1795)
* September 19 - Augustin Pajou, French sculptor (d. 1809)
* Dorning Rasbotham, English writer and painter (d. 1791)
* Min Zhen - Chinese painter and seal carver born in Nanchang in Jiangxi (d. 1788)
* Niccolo Carissa - Italian painter of still-life specimens of flowers, vegetables, and birds (d. "unknown")
* George Barret, Sr. - Irish landscape artist best known for his portraits of the British countryside (d. 1784)
* Robert Carver - Irish painter especially of theater scenery (d. 1791)
* Mauro Antonio Tesi - Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active mainly in Bologna (d. 1766)
* Johan Edvard Mandelberg - Swedish-born painter (d. 1786)
* Solomon Gessner - Swiss painter and poet (d. 1788)
* Franz Edmund Weirotter - Austrian landscape painter (d. 1771)
* (b. 1730/1738): Aleijadinho - Colonial Brazil-born sculptor and architect (d. 1814)


* October 25, Johann Michael Rottmayr, Austrian painter (b. 1656)
* François de Troy, French painter, father of Jean-François de Troy (b. 1645)
* Luca Carlevarijs or Carlevaris, Italian painter of landscapes (vedutista) (b. 1663)
* Giuseppe Alberti - Italian painter of the Baroque period (b. 1664)
* Giovanni Antonio Bouzas - Italian painter of the Baroque period, active as a painter of quadratura (b. "unknown")
* Luca Carlevarijs - Italian painter and engraver of landscapes ("vedutisti") (b. 1663)
* Giovanni Paolo Castelli - Italian painter, active in Rome painting still-life paintings of bowls of fruit and flowers (b. 1659)
* Antonio Cifrondi - Italian painter of genre works (b. 1655)
* Tommaso Dossi - Italian painter from Verona of the late-Baroque period (b. 1678)
* Gregorio Lazzarini - Italian painter of religious subjects and those from history and mythology (b. 1657)
* Pietro Nelli - Italianportrait painter (b. 1672)
* Michele Pagano - Italian painter of landscapes or vedutista (b. "unknown")
* Alida Withoos - Dutch botanical artist and painter (b. 1661/1662)
* Huang Ding - Chinese landscape painter and poet during the Qing Dynasty (b. 1650)

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