List of Australian dinosaurs

List of Australian dinosaurs

The following list refers only to non-avian members of the Dinosauria. It does not include Aves, or non-dinosaurian reptiles, such as the Pterosauria, Plesiosauria, Ichthyosauria or Mosasauridae.

Dinosaurs known from skeletal remains

*"Allosaurus" sp.(Theropoda; probably represents a basal allosauroid like "Fukuiraptor", not "Allosaurus")cite journal |last=Azuma |first=Yoichi |coauthors=and Currie, Phillip J. |year=2000 |title=A new carnosaur (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Japan |journal=Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology |volume=37 |issue=12 |pages=1735–1753]
*"Atlascopcosaurus loadsi" (Ornithopoda)
*"Austrosaurus mckillopi" (Sauropoda)
*"Austrosaurus" sp. (Sauropoda) (Elliot and Mary)
*"Fulgurotherium australe" (Ornithopoda)
*"Kakuru kujani" (Theropoda)
*"Leaellynasaura amicagraphica" (Ornithopoda)
*"Minmi paravertebra" (Ankylosauria)
*"Muttaburrasaurus langdoni" (Ornithopoda)
*"Ozraptor subutaii" (Theropoda)
*"Qantassaurus intrepidus" (Ornithopoda)
*"Rapator ornitholestoides" (Theropoda)
*"Rhoetosaurus brownei" ("Rhaetosaurus", "Rheteosaurus") (Sauropoda)
*"Serendipaceratops arthurclarkei" (Ceratopsia)
*"Timimus hermani" (Theropoda)
*"Walgettosuchus woodwardi" (Theropoda)

*"Agrosaurus macgillivrayi" had been thought to be an Australian prosauropod, but is apparently a mislabled "Thecodontosaurus" or "Thecodontosaurus"-like animal from Bristol, England [Vickers-Rich, P., T.H. Rich, G.C. McNamara and A. Milner 1999 "Agrosaurus": Australia's Oldest Dinosaur? Records of the Western Australian Museum Suppliment No.57: 191-200.]

Dinosaurs known from material insufficient to determine genus

*Ornithopods 7, including two hypsilophodonts.
*Sauropods: 6, including a possible titanosaurid and two possible brachiosaurids.
*Theropods 17, including two dromaeosaurids, one possible caenagnathid, one possible therizinosaurian, and two possible ornithomimids.

Dinosaurs known only from footprints

"These are names of the footprints, and not of the dinosaur genera which made them. Their identity is unknown. See ichnology".
*"Anomoepus gracillimus" (Ornithopoda)
*"Changpeipus bartholomaii" (Theropoda)
*"Eubrontes" (Theropoda)
*"Grallator" (Theropoda)
*"Megalosauropus broomensis" (Theropoda)
*"Skartopus australis" (Theropoda)
*"Tyrannosauropus" (Theropoda)
*"Wintonopus latomorum" (Ornithopoda)
*"Wintonopus" sp. (Ornithopoda)

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Long, J.A., "Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand", UNSW Press 1998

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