Canadian Para Smock

Canadian Para Smock

Parachutist Smock issued to the Canadian Airborne Regiment from 1975 until the regiment was disbanded in 1995 and all units of 1 SSF Brigade including the 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment based in London, Ontario. Made of 'Reverse DPM' camouflage, it is very similar to the British issue para smock but with more features.

It replaced the Denison smock in the 1950's but the first issue post war para smock was olive green until the arrival of DPM in 1975.

* [ Olive Green Para Smock]

* [ OG Para Smock, User Modified]

It can still be worn in British service since the regiment has been disbanded and Canada is part of the British Commonwealth.

* [ Pattern DPM Para Smock]

* [ Pattern DPM Para Smock]

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