Deep inguinal lymph nodes

Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Lymph: Deep inguinal lymph nodes
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1. Superomedial superficial inguinal
2. Superolateral superficial inguinal
3. Inferior superficial inguinal
4. Deep inguinal lymph nodes
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Regional lymph tissue
Latin nodi lymphoidei inguinales profundi
Gray's subject #179 702
Source superficial inguinal lymph nodes, popliteal lymph nodes
Drains to external iliac glands

The deep inguinal lymph nodes are located medial to the femoral vein and under the cribriform fascia. There are approximately 3 to 5 deep nodes. The superior-most node is located under the inguinal ligament and is called Cloquet's node.


The deep inguinal lymph nodes drain superiorly to the external iliac lymph nodes, then to the pelvic lymph nodes and on to the paraaortic lymph nodes.

Clinical significance

The presence of swollen inguinal lymph nodes are an important clinical sign because swelling may indicate an infection (such as orchitis in males) in the lower extremities or spread from cancers, such as anal cancer and vulvar cancer.

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