Popliteal lymph nodes

Popliteal lymph nodes

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Latin = nodi lymphoidei poplitei
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Caption = Lymph glands of popliteal fossa.

Caption2 = Regional lymph tissue
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DrainsTo = deep inguinal lymph nodes
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The popliteal lymph nodes, small in size and some six or seven in number, are imbedded in the fat contained in the popliteal fossa.

One lies immediately beneath the popliteal fascia, near the terminal part of the small saphenous vein, and drains the region from which this vein derives its tributaries.

Another is placed between the popliteal artery and the posterior surface of the knee-joint; it receives the lymphatic vessels from the knee-joint together with those which accompany the genicular arteries.

The others lie at the sides of the popliteal vessels, and receive as efferents the trunks which accompany the anterior and posterior tibial vessels.

The efferents of the popliteal glands pass almost entirely alongside the femoral vessels to the deep inguinal glands, but a few may accompany the great saphenous vein, and end in the glands of the superficial subinguinal group.

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