Popliteal fossa

Popliteal fossa

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Caption = Lateral aspect of right leg.

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The popliteal fossa is a space or shallow depression located at the back of the knee-joint. The bones of the popliteal fossa are the femur and the tibia. Colloquially, it is referred to as a "knee pit."


The boundaries of the fossa are:


The popliteal fossa houses:
* popliteal artery, which is a continuation of the femoral artery
* popliteal vein
* tibial nerve
* common peroneal nerve
* Six or seven popliteal lymph nodes are embedded in the fat

The roof contains a portion of the small saphenous vein and posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh.

ee also

* hamstring
* fossa


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* (NormanAnatomyFig|poplitealfossabones, NormanAnatomyFig|poplitealfossacontents, NormanAnatomyFig|poplitealfossafloor)
* [http://www.med.nus.edu.sg/ant/e-museum/docs/l7.html Diagram at nus.edu.sg]

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