Products based on refined oil

Products based on refined oil

In our current economy there is hardly a place where one will not find a product that is a result of oil. Direct (e.g. fuel) or indirect (e.g. medicine) created from crude oil.

Even though more and more scientists are speaking about the end of cheap oil, the amount of products that are based on this oil, is still increasing.

*a product
*"that undergoes an action or process"
**becomes another product

*Crude oil
**Lubrication oil
**Industrial fuel oil
**Heating oil
***"(boil water)"
***"(turn turbine)"
**Kerosene, Jet Fuel
***"(turn turbine)"
**Gasoline or Petrol
**Petroleum gas
**"(unknown process)"
**"(unknown process)"
***"'Styrene-butadiene (SBS) rubber"
***"'Styrene-butadiene latex"
**"(steam cracking)"
****"(several processes)"
****poly-ethylene resin
*****"(injection molding)"
*****"(blow molding)"
*****bags found in retail shops
****(several processes)
****poly-propylene resin
**"hydroentanglement ("Spunlace")"
***NOMEX [ brochure]
**" [pressurized cracking)"
***solvents -- aromatic, alkyl, ...

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