Vanity Fair (disambiguation)

Vanity Fair (disambiguation)

Vanity Fair was a location in The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.

The name was used by William Makepeace Thackeray as the title of his novel "Vanity Fair".

Vanity Fair may also refer to:

Film and television adaptations of the novel:
* "Vanity Fair" (2004 film), starring Reese Witherspoon
* "Vanity Fair" (1932 film), starring Myrna Loy
* "Vanity Fair" (1967 TV serial), a BBC miniseries starring Susan Hampshire
* "Vanity Fair" (1998 TV serial), a BBC miniseries starring Natasha Little
* "Vanity Fair" (1987 TV serial), a BBC miniseries featuring James Saxon

In periodicals:
* "Vanity Fair" (magazine), a contemporary American magazine of culture, fashion, and politics
* "Vanity Fair" (magazine, historical), the name of four notable former British and American magazines

In other uses:
* "Vanity Fair" (Mr. Bungle song)
* "Vanity Fair", a song by Squeeze from "East Side Story"
* "Vanity Fair" by The Ocean Blue from the album The Ocean Blue
* Vanity Fair Mills, a former name of the American apparel corporation VF Corp.
* Vanity Bonfire Fair, a fictional character from the novel "Orphans of Chaos" by John C. Wright

ee also

* Vanity Fare, a 1960s UK pop/rock group
* "Becky Sharp" (film), a 1935 adaptation of Thackeray's novel starring Miriam Hopkins

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