Rebecca (disambiguation)

Rebecca (disambiguation)

Rebecca is a biblical matriarch from the Book of Genesis and a common first name. As a name it is often shortened to Becky or Becca; see "Rebecca (given name)".

Rebecca (and related names) may also refer to:


Given name

* Becky (talento) (born 1984), a popular tarento in Japan
* Rebecca De Mornay (born 1959), an American actress
* Rebecca Night (born 1985), a British actress
* Rebecca Romijn (born 1972), an American film and television actress and former fashion model
* Rebecca Schaeffer (1967–1989), an American actress who was stalked and murdered by a fan
* Rebecca Knox (born 1987), an Irish professional wrestler


*Rebecca Abrabanel, a character in the science fiction novels and universe 1632 series
*Rebecca Buck, aka Tank Girl
*Rebecca "Becky" Conner, a character from the TV series "Roseanne"
*Rebecca Chambers, a character in the video game "Resident Evil"
*Rebecca Cunningham, a character from the animated TV series "TaleSpin"
*Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis, a character from the TV series "Full House"
*Rebecca Howe, a character from the TV series "Cheers"
*Rebecca Miyamoto, from "Pani Poni Dash!"
*Becky Thatcher, from Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" series
*Rebecca de Winter, the unseen antagonist in Daphne du Maurier's eponymous novel (see below)
*Rebecca Welsh, a character in the video games "Rumble Roses" and "Rumble Roses XX"
*Rebecca, a character in ""
*Rebecca, the Jewess, in Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe
*Rebecca, a major character in the Japanese anime "Kiba"
*Rebecca, a character from the animated TV series "Oscar's Orchestra"
*Rebecca, an immortal girl in "So Weird"
*Becky Sharp, a character from the book "Vanity Fair"
*Rebecca Dopplemeyer, a character in the film "Ghost World"
*Rebecca, a character in the film "Thumbsucker"
*Rebecca, one of the zombies in the 2007 film I Am Legend

Arts and entertainment

*"Rebecca" (novel), a 1938 novel by Daphne du Maurier
*"Rebecca" (1940 film), a 1940 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock based on the du Maurier novel
*"Rebecca (TV miniseries)", a 1997 miniseries directed by Jim O'Brien based on the du Maurier novel
*"Rebecca" (musical), a 2006 musical by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay based on the du Maurier novel
*"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", a 1903 children's novel


*Rebecca, Georgia, USA

Other uses

*The Rebecca Riots of 19th century South Wales
*Rebecca/Eureka transponding radar, a Second World War aircraft homing and distance measuring system

ee also

*Becca, a female given name
*Rivkah (disambiguation)

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