Cookie (disambiguation)

Cookie (disambiguation)

A Cookie is a small edible cake.

Cookie may also refer to:

  • HTTP cookie, a small parcel of information stored on computers by websites
  • Cuculoris, device for casting shadows
  • Magic cookie (or simply "cookie"), a token or short packet of data passed between communicating programs, where the data is typically not meaningful to the recipient program
  • Cookie (game), a video game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • Cookie (bomb), World War II RAF (slang) name for a type of blockbuster bomb
  • A nickname for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, given by the Duchess of Windsor
  • LG Cookie (KP500), a mobile phone by LG Electronics
  • Cookie (cockatoo), a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, the oldest of his species in captivity
  • "Cookie", a stage name for professional wrestler Rebecca "Becky" Bayless

Music and media

  • Cookie (novel), by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Cookie (cat), a cat on Blue Peter
  • Cookie (film), a 1989 film starring Peter Falk, Dianne Wiest, and Emily Lloyd
  • Cookie (magazine), for mothers, published by Condé Nast Publications
  • Cookie (manga), a Japanese manga magazine
  • Cookie (album), by Scottish band 1990s
  • Cookies (band), a Cantopop music group
  • The Cookies, a 1950-60s girl music group
  • Cookies (New York band), an electro-pop group
  • Simon Nelson-Cook, (Cookie), one of the characters in TV show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
  • Cookie Kwan, a character from The Simpsons
  • A nickname for the Cookie Monster from the preschool educational program Sesame Street

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