Sea Service Ribbon

Sea Service Ribbon
Army Sea Duty Ribbon Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon Navy Reserve Sea Service Ribbon Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon
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A Sea Service Ribbon is an award of the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and the United States Army which recognizes those service members who have performed military duty while stationed on a vessel at sea.

Additional awards of the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon, Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon and the Army Sea Duty Ribbon are annoted by bronze service stars on the ribbon. For the Army Sea Duty Ribbon, the tenth and final award is annotated by a GOLD, (Navy Style) award star.


Army Sea Duty Ribbon

The Army Sea Duty Ribbon was created in 2006 and is awarded to those members of the Active United States Army, United States Army Reserve, and Army National Guard for completion of sea duty on Class A or B United States Army Vessel. To be awarded the ribbon, Active Duty members must complete two years of cumulative sea duty aboard Class A or B vessels. For Members of the Army Reserve, and National Guard, soldiers must have two creditable years in a U.S. Army Watercraft unit. In addition to being assigned to a qualifying unit, reserve component soldiers must spend at least 25 days during each of the qualifying years underway, along with two annual training exercises on a Class A or B vessel. A ninety day deployment on board a class A or B vessel also qualifies. For mobilized National Guard, and Army Reserve soldiers, one year of active duty is creditable for the 2 year requirement, as long as the minimum underway requirement is met. [1]

Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

The Sea Service Deployment Ribbon is a service award of the United States Navy which was established in May 1980 and retroactively authorized to August 1974.

The Sea Service Deployment Ribbon is granted to any member of the U.S. Navy or United States Marine Corps assigned to a deployable unit (e.g. a ship, aircraft squadron, detachment, battalion, or other unit type that operates away from its assigned homeport) and is forward-deployed for a period of either 90 consecutive days or two periods of at least 80 days each within a given 12-month period; or 12 months stationed overseas.

When a ship's crew qualifies for the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, the ship is authorized to paint and display the ribbon and award stars on the port and starboard side of the bulwark aft to designate the number of deployments conducted throughout the commissioned life of the ship.

Navy Reserve Sea Service Ribbon

The Navy Reserve Sea Service Ribbon was created in May 1986 and is awarded to any member of the U.S. Navy Reserve who, while serving as a drilling reservist, completes twenty-four cumulative months of duty on board a U.S. Navy Reserve Ship.

The term “Navy Reserve Ship” refers to any self-propelled Navy Reserve ship, boat, or craft operated under the operational control of fleet or type commanders.

The Navy Reserve Sea Service Ribbon is also granted to members of embarked Navy Reserve staffs, provided that at least half of the embarked reserve drills qualified as underway drills. The Navy Reserve Sea Service is not eligible for service performed by reservists who were called to active duty. In such cases, the active duty service would qualify towards the award of the Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon

The Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon was created in 1984 and is awarded to those members of the Coast Guard who serve more than twelve consecutive months of sea duty on board a Coast Guard cutter, attached to a Fleet Training Group, or on board certain other Coast Guard and non-Coast Guard vessels that are under official Coast Guard orders. Additional awards, displayed as service stars, may be awarded for a further three years of sea service[citation needed].

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Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual (SECNAVINST 1650.1H) [1]

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