Abdy Baronets

Abdy Baronets

There have been four Abdy baronetcies:

Abdy Baronets of Felix Hall, Essex

:Created in the Baronetage of England 14 July 1641
*Sir Thomas Abdy, 1st Baronet (1612 – 14 January 1686), was an English lawyer and landowner, the son of Anthony Abdy and Abigail Campbell. Abdy was baptized on 18 May 1612, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, to which he was admitted in 1629 as a Fellow Commoner. He became a member of Lincoln's Inn in 1632. Abdy married Mary Corsellis on 1 February 1638 at St Peter Le Poer, London, by whom he had three children, James (b. 1639, d. young), Rachael (b. 1640), and Abigail (b. 1644). Abdy inherited the family seat of Felix Hall, Essex, upon his father's death in 1640, and was created a baronet in the following year, on 14 July 1641. Mary died on 6 April 1645 and was buried at Kelvedon. On 16 January 1647, Sir Thomas made a second marriage, at St Bartholomew the Less, London, to Anne Soame, daughter of Sir Thomas Soame, an alderman of London. They had ten children: Anthony (1655–1704), Thomas (d. 1697), William (d. 1682), Joanna (1654–1710), Alice (b. 1661), Anna (d. 1692), Mary, Judith, Sarah, and Elizabeth. In 1651, Abdy was named High Sheriff of Essex, but continued to prosper after the Restoration, seeking a lease from the Crown soon afterwards of the sugar duty. He inherited the property of his cousin Sir Christopher Abdy of Uxbridge in 1679, the same year in which his wife Anne died, on 16 June 1679. Abdy died on 14 January 1686 and was buried at Theydon Garnons, Essex, being succeeded by his son Anthony. His monument at Theydon Garnons was, perhaps, designed by William Stanton.
*Sir Anthony Abdy, 2nd Baronet (1655 – 2 April 1704) was an English landowner, eldest surviving son of the 1st Baronet. Baptized on 4 July 1655, he was educated, like his father, at Trinity College, to which he was admitted in 1672. He married Mary Milward, daughter of Rev. Dr. Richard Milward, on 9 June 1682, by whom he had thirteen children: Thomas (d. young), Joanna (1686–1765), Elizabeth (b. 1687), Anthony Thomas (1688–1733), William (1689–1750), Rachel (b. 1690), Charles (b. 1693), Richard (b. 1694), Alice (b. 1695), Margaret (1696–1779), Martha (1700–1780), Anna (d. 1738), and Mary (b. c.1703). Anthony succeeded to the baronetcy in 1686 on the death of his father, and died on 2 April 1704. He was buried at Kelvedon, where his monument was designed by Edward Stanton, and was succeeded by his son Anthony Thomas in the baronetcy.
*Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, 3rd Baronet (1688 – 11 June 1733), English lawyer and landowner, was the eldest surviving son of the 2nd Baronet, and succeeded to the baronetcy in 1704. Abdy was admitted to Lincoln's Inn on 9 October 1708. His first wife was Mary Gifford, by whom he had no children. By his second wife, Charlotte Barndardiston (d. 19 February 1731), daughter of Sir Thomas Barnardiston, 3rd Baronet, he had one daughter, Charlotte, who married John Williams, son of Sir John Williams, Lord Mayor of London. By his third wife, a Miss Williams, he likewise had no male issue, and upon his death in 1733, was succeeded in the baronetcy by his brother William.
*Sir William Abdy, 4th Baronet (1689 – 25 January 1750), English landowner, was the second surviving son of the 2nd Baronet. He married the daughter of Philip Stotherd, and by her had three sons, Anthony Thomas (c.1720–1775), Rev. Stotherd (d. 5 April 1773), and Capt. William, and several daughters, including Charlotte Elizabeth, who married Rev. Dr. Thomas Rutherforth on 11 April 1752. He succeeded to the baronetcy upon the death of his brother in 1733. On his own death in 1750, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Anthony Thomas.
*Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, 5th Baronet, KC (c.1720 – 16 April 1775), English lawyer and landowner, was the eldest son of the 4th Baronet. He became a king's counsel, and represented Knaresborough in the House of Commons from 1763 until his death. He left his estates to his nephew, Thomas Abdy Rutherforth, while the baronetcy passed to his brother William.
*Captain Sir William Abdy, 6th Baronet (c.1732 – 21 July 1803), English landowner and naval officer, was the third surviving son of the 4th Baronet. He became a captain in the Royal Navy before inheriting the baronetcy from his brother Sir Anthony in 1775 (the second brother, Rev. Stotherd, having died in 1773). He married Mary Gordon, by whom he had one son, William (1779–1868).
*Sir William Abdy, 7th Baronet (1779 – 16 April 1868), English landowner, was the only son of the 6th Baronet. He was educated at Eton, and succeeded to the baronetcy in 1803. Abdy served in the militia and was an active magistrate for Surrey, and briefly served as a Member of Parliament. He married Anne Wellesley in 1806, but the two were divorced in 1816, without issue. The baronetcy became extinct upon his death.

Abdy Baronets of Albyns, Essex (1st creation)

:Created in the Baronetage of England 9 June 1660
*Sir Robert Abdy, 1st Baronet
*Sir John Abdy, 2nd Baronet
*Sir Robert Abdy, 3rd Baronet MP for Essex 1727-1748
*Sir John Abdy, 4th Baronet MP for Essex 1748-1759 :Extinct on his death

Abdy Baronets of Moores, Essex

:Created in the Baronetage of England 22 June 1660
*Sir John Abdy, 1st Baronet :Extinct on his death

Abdy Baronets, of Albyns (1850)

:Created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom 8 January 1850
*Sir Thomas Neville Abdy, 1st Baronet (1810–1877) was a British politician. He represented Lyme Regis in Parliament from 1847 to 1852, and was created a baronet in 1850. Abdy was chosen High Sheriff of Essex in 1875. By his wife Hariot Alston, he had one daughter, Grace (d. 1923), who married Lord Albert Leveson-Gower, and four sons, William (1844–1910), Anthony Charles (1848–1921), Robert John (1850–1893), and Henry (1853–1921).
*Sir William Neville Abdy, 2nd Baronet (18 June 1844 – 9 August 1910) was the eldest son of Sir Thomas Abdy, 1st Baronet. He succeeded his father in 1877. Educated at Merton College, Oxford, he served as a Justice of the Peace for Essex, and was named High Sheriff of the county in 1884. He married three times, but had no children, and was succeeded by his brother Anthony.
*Sir Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy, 3rd Baronet (19 September 1848 – 17 May 1921) was a British soldier, the second son of Sir Thomas Abdy, 1st Baronet. He served in the 2nd Life Guards, rising to the rank of captain, and fought in the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War. Abdy was a military attaché in Vienna in 1885. He married Hon. Alexandrina Victoria Macdonald, daughter of Godfrey Macdonald, 4th Baron Macdonald and Maria Anne Wyndham, on 11 November 1886. They had three daughters: Grace Lillian (1887–?), married Henry Butler, 8th Earl of Lanesborough in 1917, Violet (1892–1957), married Hugh Godsal in 1925, and Constance Mary (1895–?), married Harold Frederick Andorsen in 1941. Upon the death of his elder brother William in 1910 without children, Anthony succeeded to the baronetcy.
*Sir Henry Beadon Abdy, 4th Baronet (13 July 1853 – 1 December 1921) was the fourth son of Sir Thomas Abdy, 1st Baronet. He married Anna Adele Coronna (d. 21 March 1920) on 22 March 1891, and had two sons by her: William Neville (1895–1911), who predeceased him, and Robert (1896–1976). He succeeded to the baronetcy when his brother Anthony died in May 1921, leaving only daughters, but Sir Henry died that December, and was succeeded by his only surviving son.
*Sir Robert Henry Edward Abdy, 5th Baronet (11 September 1896 – 17 November 1976) was the second son of Sir Henry Abdy, 4th Baronet. He was educated at Charterhouse School and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and subsequently became a lieutenant in the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars. Sir Robert married Iya De Gay on 23 June 1923, but they were divorced in 1928. Two years later, on 10 February 1930, he married Lady Helen Diana Bridgeman, daughter of the 5th Earl of Bradford. They had one son, Valentine (b. 1937), before being divorced in 1962. Sir Robert's third wife was Jane Noble, whom he married on 5 September 1962 and divorced in 1973.
*Sir Valentine Robert Duff Abdy, 6th Baronet (b. 11 September 1937) is the only son of Sir Robert Abdy, 5th Baronet. Educated at Eton College, he was a European Representative at the Smithsonian Institute, 1983–1995, serving in 1995 as a member of the National Board. He was Special Advisor to the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture, UNESCO in 1991. He has been a member of the Organising Committee, Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse since 1999. Valentine married Mathilde Marie Alexe Christianne de la Ferté in 1971, and they had one son, Robert Etienne Eric Abdy (b. 1978), before divorcing in 1982.

The Heir Apparent is the present holder's son Robert Etienne Eric Abdy (b. 1978)


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