Äynu language

Äynu language

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Map showing locations of Äynu (red) within Xinjiang

Äynu is a Turkic language spoken in western China known in various spelling as Aini, Aynu, Ainu, Eyni or by the Uyghur Abdal (ئابدال), in Russian sources Эйну́, Айну, Абдал, by the Chinese as Ainu. Some linguists call it a mixed language, having a mostly Turkic grammar, essentially Uyghur, but a mainly Iranian vocabulary [Citation
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] . Other linguists argue that it does not meet the technical requirements of a mixed language. [Johansson 2001] . It is spoken by the Äynu, a nomadic people. The Äynu people call their language Äynú (ئەينۇ) [unicode|ɛjunicode|ˈnu] . Due to the variant "Aini" it has to be distinguished from the Ainu language of Japan and Russia, to which it is not related. [Johansson 2001]

Geographic distribution

Äynu is spoken in Western China in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert in the Tarim Basin.

Use as a secret language

The only speakers of Äynu are adult men. Uyghur is spoken with outsiders and with women, who do not speak Äynu. Uyghur is spoken at home when it is not necessary to disguise one's speech. [Johansson, pg. 22.]





Äynu numerals are borrowed from Persian:

1 yäk, 2 du, 3 si, 4 čar, 5 pänǰ, 6 šäš, 7 häp(t), 8 häš(t), 9 noh, 10 dah, 20 bist, 100 säd, 1000 hazar



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* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=aib Ainu in Ethnologue]
* [http://www.srii.org/Map.pdf Discoveries on the Turkic Linguistic Map]

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