Blowhard (comics)

Blowhard (comics)


species=Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=X-Factor vol. 1 #11 (Dec 1986)
creators=Louise Simonson
Walter Simonson
alliances=Morlocks The Tunnelers
powers=Ability to exhale superhuman gusts of wind|

Blowhard is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in "X-Factor vol. 1 #11" (December, 1986).

Publication history

Blowhard appeared in "X-Factor" vol. 1 #11 (December 1986), and was created by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr.

Blowhard appeared as part of the "Morlocks" entry in the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition" #18.

Ficitional character biography

During the Mutant Massacre, The Tunnelers successfully fought off the Marauders, at the cost of seven of their number, including Cybelle. For some reason, most of the Tunnelers seemed to despise the Drain Dwellers faction of the Morlocks.

The Beast and Iceman carried Leech and the wounded Caliban to safety following the Mutant Massacre, they entered the territory of the Tunnelers, and were promptly attacked. The Tunnelers were understandably apprehensive, and believing them to be Marauders, engaged in a short battle, Blowhard punched Beast, knocking him down, and then blew Beast and Iceman together into a mini-tornado. When Cyclops and Jean Grey arrived with Artie and the severely injured Angel, Berzerker recognized them as members of the X-Terminators, Mutant Freedom Fighters, (and X-Factor’s alter-ego), and ceased fighting. The Tunnelers scornfully refused any help and started to walk off but Scaleface persuades them to accept refuge with X-Factor. On their way to safety, Blow-Hard and the entire group are almost slain by Thor, who not knowing the survivors were in danger, had created a funeral pyre for the slaughtered Morlocks. They manage to find safety behind a thick door.

As X-Factor was posing as a team of mutant hunters, the Tunnelers naturally felt even less reason to trust them, and refused to listen to the advice of the rescued Drain Dwellers, (Ape, Erg, Skids and Tar Baby), who tried to convince them that X-Factor was trying to help them. "And like sniveling Drain Dwellers you’ve accepted it!" Blowhard remarks to Erg. As night fell the Tunnelers had Masque alter their appearance and snuck out, hoping to make a new home in New Jersey. On the way they ran into the Savage Wolf street gang, who, thinking the rag-clad mutants “a pack of well heeled yuppies”, tries to rob them. When the Tunnelers revealed themselves as mutants and attempts to defend themselves, the Savage Wolf Gang leader shoots Blowhard, killing him. The gang leader then got a really bad face-lift from Masque. A drawn-out battle ensues; the gang members are slain, the cops shoot and kill Scaleface and Berzerker, mad with grief, is seemingly destroyed by his own powers.

Powers and abilities

Blowhard possessed the ability to draw in and focus oxygen molecules, using his pipe, called a "wind pipe", as a template, to create powerful bursts of wind. He also possesses sufficient physical strength to knock Beast off his feet.

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