Big Three

Big Three

The term Big Three may refer to:

Government and education

* Big Three (colleges), Harvard, Yale, and Princeton
* The Big Three Allied leaders of World War I, the dominant diplomatic figures at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson; initially The Big Four (WWI) with Vittorio Orlando
* The Big Three Allies of World War II, the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom
* The Big Three Allied leaders of World War II, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill
* Big three North American countries, United States, Canada, Mexico


* Big Three automobile manufacturers, describing major manufacturers in different countries
* Big Three Government Sponsored Enterprises in Housing Finance: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Banks
* Big Three tire manufacturers: Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin
* Big three game consoles:
**Between 1982-1984: Atari 5200, ColecoVision, Intellivision
**Between 1985 and 1991: Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System, Atari 7800
**Between 1991-1993: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16
**Between 1996 and 1998: PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn
**Between 2001 and 2005: Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2
**Present day: Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
* Big three handheld subset of the game consoles:
**Between 1992-1994: Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx
**Between 2004-Present: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP
* Big three home computers
**Between 1982-1985: IBM PC, Apple II, Commodore 64
**Between 1986-1992: IBM PC compatible, Apple IIGS, Commodore Amiga
**Between 1992-1994: IBM PC compatible, Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga
**2006-Present: The big three home computer market has merged into PC-compatible derivative x86 hardware. And now consists of the big three operating system families: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
* Three largest mobile phone service providers in Vietnam: MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel Mobile


* Big Three television networks
* The Big Three (musical group), Liverpool music group created by Johnny Hutchinson
* "The Big Three Killed My Baby", a song by The White Stripes referring to the Big Three automobile manufacturers (see above)
* Big Three, a group in The Boys (comic book)
* "The Big Three in Economics", a book by Mark Skousen
* A prank/comedy team consisting of comedian Don Barris, comedian/writer Tony Barbieri (as character Walter "Mole" Molinski), and "comedian" Perry Caravello who star in the film "Windy City Heat".
* The Big Three manga of the late 80's and early 90's, those being Dragon Ball (Manga), Yu Yu Hakusho, and Slam Dunk (manga).
* The Big Three superheroes of the DC Universe, those being Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman
* The Big Three Teutonic thrash metal bands: Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction
* The big three music genres:
**Between 1920 and 1949: Blues, Jazz, Country
**Between 1950 and Present: Pop, R&B and Rock
* The big three classical musicians
* The big three hard rock groups of the 1970s
**Led Zeppelin
**Deep Purple
**Black Sabbath
* The big three early 1980s Hardcore punk bands: Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Minor Threat
* The big three R&B musicians
**Motown R&B: The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Supremes
**2000-present: Usher, Rhianna, Beyonce
* The big three country musicians:
**1955-1965 Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Johnnie Wright
**2000-present Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley
* Big Three media companies
**Note: Real name (common attributed name)
**Time Warner (Warner Brothers)
**CBS Corporation (Viacom; used to be the parent company of CBS, but now a company of its own)
**Walt Disney Company (Buena Vista)


* Big Three (Portugal), sports clubs
* The three classic ballparks of Major League Baseball, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field.
* The three biggest market teams in Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago Cubs.
* Boston Celtics team members Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale
* The starting rotation of the Houston Astros: Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, and Andy Pettitte
* The starting rotation of the Oakland Athletics: Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito
* Boston Celtics team members (2008) Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce
* The Montreal Canadiens triumvirate of All-Star defencemen Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe, and Larry Robinson
* The Tampa Bay Lightning's previous top offensive line of Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, and Martin St. Louis
* The San Antonio Spurs key players: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginóbili
* Chicago Bulls Teammates Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman
* AFC Ajax, Feyenoord Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven are called the Big Three of Holland, but the good results of AZ Alkmaar the late years, so sometimes they're speaking of the Big Four.
* Fenerbahçe S.K., Galatasaray S.K., Beşiktaş J.K. are called the Big Three of Turkey.


* Rule of three (C++ programming), also known as the Law of The Big Three or The Big Three
* The Big Three of science fiction, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein
* Big three diseases: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria
* Big three languages: English, Spanish and FrenchFact|date=October 2008
* Big three operating system families: Microsoft Windows (Windows XP/Windows Vista), Mac OS (Mac OS X), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)
* Big Three "Insull interurban" railroads: Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad, Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD: passengers, CSS: freight), and Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad

ee also

* Big One
* Big Two
* Little Three
* Big Four
* Big Five
* Big Six
* Big Seven
* Big Eight

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