Acinic cell carcinoma

Acinic cell carcinoma

Acinic cell carcinoma is a tumor most commonly found in the parotid gland. The disease presents as a slow growing mass, sometimes associated with pain or tenderness. Many people don't have the tumor though

These tumors which resemble serous acinar cells vary in their behavior from locally aggressive to blatantly malignant.

It can also appear in the breast.cite journal |author=Coyne JD, Dervan PA |title=Primary acinic cell carcinoma of the breast |journal=J. Clin. Pathol. |volume=55 |issue=7 |pages=545–7 |year=2002 |month=July |pmid=12101208 |pmc=1769684 |doi= |url=]


Prognosis is gooda) 5-yr survival rate is 89%.b) 20-yr survival rate is 56%.


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