Piast dynasty

Piast dynasty

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Piast dynasty is the name used since the 17th century for Polish Royal dynasty Encyklopedia Powszechna PWN Warsaw 1975 vol. III page 505 ] that ruled Poland from its beginnings as Duchy ruled by Mieszko I in the 10th century, until 1370 which is the date of death of king Casimir the Great.

Branches of the Piasts dynasty continued to rule in the Duchy of Masovia and in the duchies of Silesia, until the last Silesian Piast died in 1675.

Piast Kołodziej (Piast the Wheelwright) was the legendary founder of the Piast dynasty. His name is first mentioned in the "Cronicae et gesta ducum sive principum Polonorum" of Gallus Anonymus, written c. 1113. Although the early dukes and kings considered themselves Piast's descendants, the term "Piast Dynasty" was invented in the 17th century by historians, working for a number of rulers who governed duchies in Silesia. The last Silesian Piast George William of Liegnitz-Brieg-Wohlau (Brzeg and Legnica) died in 1675, although numerous families link their genealogy to the Piasts. His son August Freiherr von Liegnitz (1628) and Graf von Liegnitz (1664), the last legitimate male, died in 1679 and the last male through illegitimate line Ferdinand Freiherr von und zu Hohenstein of the Dukes of Teschen died in 1725.

A White Eagle was used about 1295 as arms by Przemysł II, which was later referred to as Piast coat of arms (see depiction) or as Piast Eagle.

For more information about the history of Poland under the Piasts, see History of Poland (966–1385).

Piast kings and rulers of Poland are listed in the following table. For a list of all rulers, see List of Polish monarchs.

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* [http://slaskwroclaw.info/indexe.php Establishment of Silesian (Piast) Duchies] 1157, 1163 by Emperor Barbarossa

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