Snakebite (beer cocktail)

Snakebite (beer cocktail)

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Snakebite is a cocktail made from cider (the alcoholic drink known as "hard cider" in the United States) and lager beer. In the United States, it has evolved from common patrons in many bars to mean a beer cocktail of half-Guinness, half-cider.

Basic snakebite

The basic snakebite is a mixture of equal parts of lager and cider (or alternatively a 1:2 mix), typically served in pint or half-pint servings. Though it is often served mixed, some variants "float" the beer atop the cider in separate layers.


With blackcurrant cordial

In the Snakebite and Black (confusingly also known as Blueharts, Snakebite, Diesel, Purple PEP, Snakey B, Sas, Purple Nasty, Purple, Black, or Red Beer) variation, a shot of blackcurrant cordial (or crème de cassis) is added to the lager and cider. Alternative variations can be made by using Bénédictine or green Chartreuse liqueurs. With or without blackcurrant cordial, this version of snakebite and black is stereotypically associated with several post-punk subcultures, most notably Goth. Snakebite and Black is the drink of choice for field hockey players and supporters, especially during hockey festivals, and is also popular among university students in the United Kingdom. In the UK, the Diesel name comes from the similarity to the way in which "untaxed" diesel is marked with red fuel dyes for identification purposes.

With orange cordial or fresh orange

Snakebite and Orange or Snakey O is the drink of choice for field hockey players during hockey festivals who want a refreshing change and have one of their 5 a day.

With stout

The name "snakebite" is commonly mistakenly applied to a combination of stout (often Guinness ) and cider. This is properly referred to as a Poor Man's Black Velvet or a "crown and float". Although, it is not uncommon to see it referred to as such on a restaurant menu.

With Newcastle Brown Ale

This variation replaces the lager with Brown ale and is called a dog bite, referring to a nickname for the ale. Newcastle Brown Ale.

Guinness & Harp

This combination is commonly known as a Half and Half or, erroneously, Black and Tan, which is made with Guinness and bitter.

Unblended variations

A variation on the Snakebite involves not blending the beer and cider, such that the two ingredients form distinct layers in the glass. This is commonly done by pouring the first layer into the glass and then pouring the remaining ingredient onto a bent spoon held just above the rising top of the liquid. A Black Adder is cider on the bottom, stout on the top. A Crown Float is a branded version of this with Strongbow cider on the bottom and Guinness stout on the top.

Red Witch

As with many variants of Snake Bite, this name actually applies to two drinks. During the 1980s and 1990s, it was the name given by the Goth music community of West Yorkshire to a snakebite and black with a shot of pernod added. The second, more potent variation adds vodka to that mix.

With grenadine

In the popular Australia backpacker pub, Scubar Downunder 4 Rawson Place, a Snakebite consists of beer, Cider and grenadine only. This concoction was created by Senior George Booth and is available in many other Australian pubs.Fact|date=February 2007 This same mixture is commonly called a "grenadine" or a "Monaco" in the French-speaking parts of Europe. When ordered in France, most bars will make a "Monaco" with half beer/half limonade then adding the grenadine syrup. Fact|date=February 2007 It is also known as "grena-beer" or "Christmas beer."

With stronger beer

A higher-alcohol version of the snakebite, known by names such as turbo diesel, deadly diesel, super snakebite or power snakebite is made by combining a super lager with an ABV of at least 8% (usually Special Brew or Tennent's Super) with a cheap cider such as White Lightning.

With distilled spirits

Another variation (Snakebite with Venom, Poison Snakebite, Sharkbite, Turbo Diesel) involves adding a shot of a spirit to the mix (usually vodka). Vodka can also be added to the Snakebite and Black variant, this is generally known as a Turbo Snakebite and Black, Viper Bite or a Snakebite and Black GTI. When a shot of vodka and blackcurrant cordial is added to a Poor Man's Black Velvet, it becomes known as a Turbo Kenny in Scotland, or Hooligan's Soup in Northern Ireland. A variation of the Snakebite and Black, is Snakebite Blackjack, which involves mixing in a shot of Jack Daniels after the blackcurrant cordial.

With Red Aftershock

Essentially the same drink as the Snakebite and Black, only substituting blackcurrant with 50ml of Red Aftershock liqueur, of the cinnamon variety. This is also known as a 'Shockbite'.

With Blue Sourz

Popular in the North East of England, this cocktail is known as either a "Blue Mod" or an "I supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War".

nake Bomb

A traditional Snake Bite with blackcurrant cordial with an added twist, a Jagerbomb is placed in the middle of the drink. This drink was developed in London by the less wealthy, money saving, back packing Upperclass British community.


Cider (Usually Strongbow) with a lager (Any) mixed with Jack Daniel's and Coke.

Champagne Snakebite

A form of snakebite consisting of champagne, lager (traditionally Stella Artois) and blackcurrant or creme de cassis.


Popular in metro Atlanta, GA. A form of snakebite consisting of Strongbow and Stella Artois (instead of Harp)


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