List of knots

List of knots

This list of knots includes many alternate names for common knots. Knot names have evolved over time and there are many conflicting or confusing naming issues. The overhand knot, for example, is also known as the thumb knot. The figure-of-eight knot is also known as the savoy knot or the Flemish knot.



*adjustable bend
*adjustable hitch
*adjustable loop
*albright knot
*alpine butterfly bend
*alpine butterfly knot
*alpine coil
*alternate ring hitching
*anchor bend
*angler's knot
*angler's loop
*arbor knot
*artillery loop aka manharness knot
*Ashley's bend
*Ashley's stopper knot
*axle hitch


*bachmann knot
*bag knot
*bait loop
*bale sling hitch
*barrel hitch
*barrel knot
*barrel sling
*becket hitch
*beer knot
*bimini twist
*blackwall hitch
*Blake's hitch
*blood knot
*blood loop knot
*boa knot
*boom hitch
*bottle sling
*bowen knot
*bowline on a bight
*bumper knot aka egg loop
*buntline hitch
*butterfly knot


*carrick bend
*carrick mat
*cat's paw
*chain stitch
*clove hitch
*common whipping
*constrictor knot
*continuous ring hitching
*corned beef knot
*cow hitch
*cow hitch and bowline
*cowboy bowline


*diagonal lashing
*diamond knot
*directional figure eight
*double bowline
*double carrick bend
*double constrictor knot
*double Englishman's knot
*double figure eight bend
*double figure eight
*double fisherman knot
*double loop
*double overhand
*double pile hitch
*double sheet bend
*double windsor (for use in neckties)
*dropper loop
*Dutch marine bowline


*egg loop aka bumper knot
*Englishman's knot
*eskimo bowline
*European death knot
*eye splice


*falconer's knot
*farmer's loop
*Farrimond friction hitch
*fiador knot
*figure-of-eight follow through
*figure-of-eight knot aka savoy knot, Flemish knot
*figure-of-eight loop
*fireman's chair knot
*fisherman's bend
*fisherman's knot
*Flemish bend
*Flemish knot aka figure-of-eight knot, savoy knot


*gordian knot
*granny knot
*grief knot
*ground-line hitch


*half blood knot
*half hitch
*halter hitch
*handcuff knot
*hangman's noose
*harness hitch aka Artillery loop aka manharness knot
*heaving line bend
*highwayman's hitch
*hitching tie
*honda knot aka lariat loop
*Hunter's bend aka rigger's bend


*icicle hitch
*improved clinch knot
*in-line figure 8 loop
*Italian hitch


*Jack Ketch's knot


*kamikaze knot, as seen in Man vs. Wild, season five, episode four. see sheepshank
*killick hitch
*klemheist knot


*lariat loop aka honda knot
*lark's foot
*lark's head
*left-hand bowline
*ligature knot aka surgeon's knot
*lighterman's hitch
*lineman's loop
*lobster buoy hitch


*magnus hitch
*manharness knot aka Artillery loop aka harness hitch
*Matthew Walker's knot
*marlinespike hitch
*midshipman's hitch
*miller's knot
*monkey's fist
*munter friction hitch


*nail knot


*one-sided overhand bend
*overhand bend
*overhand knot with draw-loop
*overhand knot aka thumb knot
*oysterman's stopper knot


*packer's knot
*palomar knot
*pile hitch
*poldo tackle
*pratt knot
*prusik knot
*Portuguese whipping
*power cinch


*racking bend
*reef knot
*rigger's bend aka Hunter's bend
*ring bend
*ring hitch
*ring knot
*rolling hitch
*Rosendahl bend
*round turn and two half hitches
*round turn
*running knot

*sailor's hitch
*savoy knot aka figure-of-eight knot, Flemish knot
*sheet bend
*simple knot
*single carrick bend
*single hitch
*slip knot
*slipped buntline hitch
*slippery eight loop
*slippery hitch
*span loop
*Spanish bowline
*square knot
*square lashing
*square turk's head
*stein knot
*stevedore knot
*strangle knot
*strap hitch
*surgeon's knot aka ligature knot
*surgeon's loop


*tarbuck knot
*taut-line hitch
*tent hitch
*thief knot
*thumb knot aka overhand knot
*timber hitch
*tom fool's knot
*trident loop
*triple bowline
*trucker's hitch
*true lover's knot
*tug boat hitch
*turle knot
*twined turk's head
*two half hitches
*two strand overhand knot


*uni knot


*versatackle knot


*wagoner's hitch
*water bowline
*water knot
*waterman's knot
*west country whipping


*yosemite bowline


*zeppelin bend
*zeppelin loop

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