The Incredibles (video game)

The Incredibles (video game)

Infobox VG
title= The Incredibles

developer= Heavy Iron Studios
publisher= THQ, D3Capcom (Japan)
released=PC & Mac
NA October 29,2004
EU November 5,2004
NA October 31,2004
EU November 5,2004
JP December 2,2004
genre= Action-adventure game and Beat em' up for GBA Version
modes= Single player
ratings= ESRB Teen- for Cartoon Violence
platforms=Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Mobile phone, GBA
media= DVD-ROM CD-ROM, Cartridge, GOD
requirements=Windows 800 MHz Processor 256 MB RAM 660 MB Hard disk space 32 MB Graphics card Windows 95/98/ME/XP Macintosh 800 MHz Processor 384 MB RAM 670 MB Hard disk space 32 MB Graphics card Mac OS 10.2.6
input= PC & Mac Keyboard and Mouse Console Gamepad

"The Incredibles" is a video game based on the eponymous movie, released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PC, Apple Macintosh and mobiles.


The game features 18 levels, and has five playable characters. They are:
* Mr. Incredible: Used for most of the game, he spans 11 of the levels. While his techniques are the same, his clothes change:
** Young Bob Parr (his first two levels, blue suit)
** "Keeping Identity Secret" Bob (one level; burning building)
** Old Bob Parr (three levels; old blue suit)
** Old Bob (five levels; new "i" suit)
* Elastigirl spans three levels (she appears in two more as either a guest or a helper)
** Elastigirl (one level; original suit)
** Elastigirl (two levels; new "i" suit)
* Dash (two levels, both of which have a time limit). Two suits: secret identity and supersuit.
* Violet: Used once. She sneaks past guards invisibly; the supersuit is her only costume. Unlike the others she is defeated with one hit.
* Incredi-Ball: Dash and Violet together in a force field.

On the GBA version, Incredi-Ball is absent. However, the character of Frozone is playable, and in addition, the form of Elastigirl as a boat from the plane crash scene is playable.


The game starts off when the evil Bomb Voyage begins to make a bank heist during the Golden Age of Superheroes. Mr. Incredible comes in and takes out many of Bomb Voyage's men, as well as foiling his plot. Once this happens, Bomb Voyage flees away to another part of Metroville where Mrs. Incredible begins to track him down, as well as avoiding many other obstacles and taking out other men of Bomb Voyage's, but still, Bomb Voyage escapes again.

Mr. Incredible and Bomb Voyage finally confront each other in a building but when Mr. Incredible's fanboy, Buddy Pine, had called himself a superhero without powers known as Incrediboy, planning to become Mr. Incredible's sidekick but once he tries to fly away to tell the police about Bomb Voyage's capture, the villain throws a bomb on Buddy's cape and Mr. Incredible jumps on his cape, where the two go on a wild ride in mid-air thanks to Buddy's rocket boots as Mr. Incredible tries to remove the bomb from Buddy's cape on time while Buddy thinks Mr. Incredible was trying to stop him from becoming a hero. Mr. Incredible then finally succeeds getting the bomb off Buddy's cape as both he and the bomb fall on top of the building where the bomb finally explodes a short explosion away from him and then Bomb Voyage comes in with his helicopter, challenging Mr. Incredible to a final showdown. Mr. Incredible succeeds in defeating Bomb Voyage by throwing the bombs Bomb Voyage was shooting at him at his helicopter, as well as avoiding missiles and lasers Bomb Voyage was trying to shoot at Mr. Incredible, and the helicopter flies off, presumably crashes somewhere and kills Bomb Voyage. Unfortunately, with all these acts, superheroes have been sued by citizens of the world for millions of dollars of damage to the public while fighting evil and saving lives. So heroes are then forced by the government to quit but there are still superhero sightings fifteen years later.

In those next fifteen years, Mr. Incredible, now a middle-aged overweight man named Bob Parr, and Frozone, who is also retired as Lucius Best, listen to a police scanner about a burning building and they drive off to save the people trapped inside while they are followed by a mysterious silver-haired woman. After Mr. Incredible and Frozone don their ski masks so they won't be recognized, Frozone saves the people trapped inside the burning building while Mr. Incredible is following him and fighting off the criminals who are causing the fire. Mr. Incredible and Frozone finally succeed in getting to the end of the building with all the citizens still alive and Mr. Incredible bashes a hole in the building, as Mr. Incredible and Frozone drive off back home but the mysterious woman, who was targeting on Frozone about something, changes targets on Mr. Incredible.

The next morning, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible's son, Dash, who has the ability of super speed, is late for the school bus so he decides to use his super powers to speed off to school before he's late. He succeeded.

Mr. Incredible is then approached by Mirage, the mysterious woman who tracked down Mr. Incredible and Frozone earlier, tells Mr. Incredible that she runs a secret organization on an island caled Nomanisan and that their latest machine, the Omnidroid 08, is off wreaking havoc on the island. Mr. Incredible goes to Nomanisan and after going through numerous machines that are trying to kill him, he finally confronts the Omnidroid 08 where the battle leads to a volcano and Mr. Incredible finally defeats the machine, walking away victorious. Meanwhile, the entire fight was witnessed by a robotic bird by Mirage and her anonymous employer, where her employer comments about Mr. Incredible's return surprising.

Months later, Mr. Incredible returns on another mission for Mirage for him to meet with her and he goes through numerous security guards and other systems but once he gets to the meeting room, he is confronted by another Omnidroid and they fight on the island, where Mr. Incredible is defeated and thrown into the ocean where the Omnidroid's leader, Syndrome, who was Buddy Pine and Mirage's current employer, forces Mr. Incredible to jump off a cliff and into the water, where he almost kills him by dropping a bomb into the water as well, but Mr. Incredible avoids the bomb with a lot of effort.

Later on, while Mr. Incredible is considered dead, he sneaks into Syndrome's base but is then captured by the base's systems.

Mrs. Incredible goes off to Nomanisan to save her husband and safely stores Violet and Dash, her son and daughter, in a cave and she sneaks into Syndrome's base. But the next morning, Violet and Dash accidentally activate a system and they use their powers to avoid Syndrome's guards and robots. They then run into each other and form the Incredi-Ball to go through more Syndrome's advantages. They run into Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible and they all go off to get pieces of machinery to put together the rocket to get off Nomanisan Island. They succeed and return to Metroville, only to find Syndrome's tenth Omnidroid is wreaking havoc to the city and Syndrome's original plan was to stop the Omnidroid 10 so he can be called a hero to the public, but is knocked unconscious now that the Omnidroid is too powerful. So the newly formed Incredibles, along with the help of a returned Frozone, fight off the Omnidroid and the fight ends when Mrs. Incredible retrieves the remote Syndrome intended to use to control the Omnidroid and Mr. Incredible targets the broken arm of the Omnidroid at the robot's core. Once they get their right target. the arm is fired through the Omnidroid and knocks out many of its sistems. The game finally ends with a sequence from the movie where the Omnidroid falls over into the river and explodes, Syndrome hates the heroes even more now that they've foiled his plans and the heroes are loved by the public again.

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