List of flute makers

List of flute makers

The following flute makers produce or have produced flutes.
* Abell
* Altus
* Armstrong
* Arista
* Artley
* Azumi
* Brannen Brothers
* Brio!
* Buffet
* Burkart
* Cabaili
* Dana Sheridan
* diMedici
* Emanuel
* Emerson
* Gemeinhardt
* Hammig
* Haynes
* Eva Kingma
* Jupiter
* Koregelos
* Louis Lot
* Manke
* Mateki
* Matit
* Miyazawa
* Muramatsu
* Myall-Allen
* Nagahara
* Pearl Flutes
* Powell
* Robert Bigio
* Romano
* Sankyo Flute Company
* Sonaré
* Trevor J. James & Co. Woodwinds
* Rudall Carte
* Venus
* Weissman Flutes
* Wessel
* William Simmons
* [Williams Flutes]
* Yamaha

The following flute makers produce or have produced headjoints.

* Albert Cooper
* Andrew Oxley
* Dana Sheridan
* David Williams
* Drelinger
* Eldred Spell
* Full Circle
* Howell Roberts
* Ian McLauchlan
* LaFin
* Martin Gordon
* Michael J Allen
* Nagahara
* Oleg
* Peter Worrel
* David Wimberly []

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