Bird (surname)

Bird (surname)

Bird is a surname, and may refer to:

* Aaron Bird
* Alan Bird (1906-1962), Australian politician
* Albert Bird (cricketer)
*Alfred Bird (1811 - 1878), food manufacturer and chemist
*Alfred Frederick Bird (1849 - 1922), food manufacturer
*Andrew Bird, American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
* Antonia Bird
* Bill Bird
* Billie Bird
* Brad Bird, American director and writer
* Brandon Bird
* Bud Bird (born 1932), Canadian politician
* Carmel Bird
* Charlie Bird
* Christopher Bird
* Colonel Bird Colonial Secretary, Cape Colony
* David Bird
* Dickie Bird (born 1933), English cricket umpire
* Doreen Bird
* Doug Bird
* Drayton Bird
* Edward Bird
* Edward Wheeler Bird
* Eugene K. Bird
* Florence Bird
* Forrest Bird
* Frederic Mayer Bird
* George Bird (1850-1940), Major League Baseball outfielder
* Golding Bird
* Greg Bird
* Henry Edward Bird (1830–1908), English chess player
* Ian Bird (ice hockey)
* Ian Bird (software developer)
* Isabella Bird
* Jackie Bird
* Jackson Bird
* John Bird (actor) (born 1936)
* John Bird (astronomer) (1709–1776)
* John Bird (entrepreneur), Big Issue founder
* John Bird (politician), Canadian politician
* Kai Bird
* Larry Bird (born 1956), American basketball player
* Lester Bird
* Lloyd C. Bird
* Martina Topley-Bird
* Michael J. Bird
* Morice Bird
* Nancy Bird-Walton
* Norman Bird
* Peter Bird, ocean rower
* Richard Bird
* Richard Ely Bird
* Richard Bird (actor)
* Robert Bird, various, including
**Robert Bird (Welsh politician)
**Sir Robert Bird, 2nd Baronet
**Robert Montgomery Bird
* Ronnie Bird (footballer), English footballer
*Rose Bird (1936 - 1999), Chief Justice of California, ousted in a 1986 recall election
* Sharon Bird
* Sue Bird
* Tony Bird
* Tony Bird (footballer), Welsh footballer
* Vere Bird (1910-1999), prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda
* Victor Bird (born 1982), Puerto Rican volleyball player
* Wallis Bird

ee also

* Bird (disambiguation)
* Byrd

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